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Quite an intriguing trading service which specializes in day trading choices from many highly liquid stocks. Owner of the business trades interior of their live trading area using an actual trading accounts, risking real money on each transaction. 100% clear, honest and open. This is a great learning experience for anybody seeking to understand how to day trade and scalp mostly stock choices. A confirmed track record of many thousand transactions. An extremely smooth, up sloping equity curve. Highly suggested.

Pros: Great for smaller accounts and trading beginners. Owner of company is 100% transparent and trades in real time, with a real account. All performance is verified. Very consistent upward slope of equity curve. A lot of value for only $99 a month.
Cons: Owner of company prefers to trade very small size. Not for those looking to take larger risks.

Thanks for reading today’s review of WatchHimTrade.Com

What’s WatchHimTrade.Com? WatchHimTrade is a daily trading instructional company that’s specially geared towards day trading stock choices. The expense of this service is $99 per month and features a live day trading room, over 1000 hours of documented live trading footage, educational videos, in addition to 1-on-1 educational sessions together with the business owner. The business was established by Kevin Kleinman, age 25, yes you’re reading this properly. Age 25. The business is relatively new.

Whatever you buy from makes me a 30% commission of gross earnings, for the whole life cycle of their client. It’s important to me that each reader is totally conscious of each single promotional arrangement I have with numerous sellers. In reality, each month I print a record that’s quite comprehensive and explains the specific amount I earn from every relationship. Some readers may find these promotional connections as a portion of my heart promise to always supply the most unbiased and honest reviews as you can. However, because the monthly income and expense report spells out in fantastic detail, there’s quite a lot of work and costs associated with exploring this vast swamp of trading teachers. Ok, lets move ahead.

My number one request, and a few others

I want to take a moment and speak to the audience about the number one request I receive from readers. Each week, I will receive at least 10 emails from readers with the same sort of request. They ask me, “I have very little trading experience, and $2,000 in my trading account, whom do you recommend?”. I am usually quick to reply that they are underfunded and that their chances at surviving the markets is slim to none. This is the hard cold reality. The financial markets are quick to destroy the underfunded and under educated. In the financial animal kingdom, the weakest quickly become a tasty snack for the seasoned killers.

The vast majority of these trading newbies will often gravitate towards penny stocks. Which of course is a suckers game. The only people that make money on penny stocks are the penny stock promotional companies that pump and dump via massive email blasts, BS news stories, outright manipulation, front running, and straw man purchases. I should know, penny stock scamming landed me in a Federal Prison. I understand the game of penny stocks very well. Avoid it. You may think that you are smart and will avoid being a sucker and will only short those scammy penny stocks…don’t be a fool. 99.9% of those that attempt to play these unregulated fiestas of fraud and manipulation will quickly become sausage meat.

Many of my readers also send me emails requesting my best recommendation for a trading mentor. Someone that can show them “the secret” of the market. A wise old person filled with wisdom, goodness of heart, and willing to divulge all of their secrets. Sort of like a financial Jedi master, an Obi Wan Kenobi of the stock market. Well, if you have read my blog, and you have checkedStockMarket Guruthe Mentors page on my blog then you have probably noticed that nobody appears. In the year that I have spent researching and writing about trading products, I have not found a single professional mentor that I would recommend. The closest thing to a trading mentor would be Kevin Davey, a World Cup champion that focuses on developing trading systems that perform in the retail market. This is really the only guy that I would personally spend money on, or recommend.

Too many of my readers send me private emails asking me for “the best indicators for day trading”. This too drives me nuts. There is literally a Chinese Army of indicator salesman willing to take thousands of dollars for their “magic trading indicators” that are  supposedly miraculous predictors of the stock market. A good example of these types of magic indicators would by Michael Lydick’s Back To The Future Trading Indicators. These types of people are absolute masters of trading in hindsight. However, the very moment you ask for any proof that their indicators actually earn profits? Well, they have no proof to offer. My god, try and ask for an account statement that proves any sort of trading success and they scurry like vampires before the rising sun. The sad and simple truth is that the vast majority of indicator salesman are failed traders. They cant make a profit at trading and so they bag their magic horse shit and sell it to naive newbies. Why don’t these losers simply trade with their magic horse shit indicators themselves and pocket massive profits? Keep it all for themselves? Think about it folks. If it sounds too good to be true…

Next, I get requests and spend a great deal of time recording, researching and reviewing live day trading rooms. Wow, this has been an amazing endeavor. After a year of writing and researching, I have flat discovered that 99.9% of the live day trading rooms are either one of two varieties.

The first variety would be the day trading room where the moderator quickly, and using only verbal instruction, will very quickly enter and exit trades using a limit orders for entry an exit. Total scam. One of the biggest scammers in this category would be the world famous architect from NY (whom lied and is not actually an architect) Mr. Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading. A scam artist extraordinaire that refuses to show live trading via trading DOM, live trading account or otherwise that he has ever earned a nickel from day trading stocks.  He specializes in a form of electronic slight of hand. Where he always gets filled on his limit orders, while the rest of the suckers that trusted him and subscribed to his service are forced into and out of trades at terrible prices because of the lack of liquidity.

The second variety of day trading rooms are the type where the vendor simply creates a spreadsheet of “real trades” and then uses this as marketing bait to lure in newbies into watching them trade on a simulator. Unfortunately, many of the trades are mystery meat, where they will populate the spreadsheet with pure fantasy, often after the market closes in the dead of night when nobody is watching. The subscribers, using live accounts and trading with live money will follow the moderator whom is using a simulated account and risks absolutely nothing. At the end of the day the moderator cant trade for shit and loses on a simulator while the subscribers lose real money. The subscriber usually discovers the fraud within a month or two and then cancels the subscription. The moderator knows this and could care less. Always looking for the next sucker that is willing to pay him to watch him trade on a simulator.

One thing all of these shady trading hustlers all have in common is that they cannot produce a real brokerage statement, and they always have an army of suckers that are willing to provide “testimonials”.  These poor suckers purchased a product and are quick to defend the educator and write all sorts of glowing stories on how the educator changed their lives and how they are now full time professional traders because of the amazing wisdom bestowed upon them by the educator. However, the very moment that I ask for proof of their amazing success stories in the form of account statements, they will then scurry like cockroaches before a can of Raid. Some of these folks become quite belligerent when confronted with the hard cold reality that their trading educator is nothing more than a crafty charlatan. Once they are dealt with the ugly reality that their dreams of day trading success are built upon a faulty foundation of fraud and deceit, they become angry and lash out at anyone that could possibly tamper with the fantasy world that will soon be theirs. Some even call me on the phone and send emails that threaten to shoot me, run me over, make me disappear, sue me into oblivion, and go after every member of my family. Laughable. Ridiculous drivel.

Why So Many Traders Fail

I have a buddy that is a real estate inspector/appraiser. I ask him the single most important thing he looks for when inspecting a home or writing an appraisal. He say’s that the number one thing is the foundation. Everything starts and ends with the foundation. He can tell stories all afternoon of homes that looked gorgeous and perfect from the outside, but once he found that the foundation had a crack or was sloped, or had water lines running underneath…then he knew that it would only be a matter of time before the entire structure would have to be razed.

This analogy applies perfectly to trading educators, indicator salesman, trading rooms, trading books, and trading systems. So much of the stuff in the trading world is pure crap that has been created by people that have failed at trading. And so they package up their trading failures and sell it to us as a “foundation product”. They want us to believe that we can take their collective failures and build a foundation in which we can then become successful traders. Their pitch seems so enticing, so hot and sexy, so alluring. But what they are really offering is a sort of trading education venereal disease…where stupid, unproven ideas are handed down from trader to trader. Failure built upon failure, built upon failure, built upon failure. Sort of like how medical doctors once believed that leaches and bleeding could cure most diseases. Trading is full of nutty, unproven quakes and their predictive indicators.

A Proven Foundation

Always come back to the foundation. How does this relate to trading? Very simply, if a trading educator wants you to buy his magic indicators, trading course, mentorship, then simply ask for proof that they actually trade. No, you don’t want to see testimonials or interviews from happy customers, or any of the other BS that these frauds pump out….you want to see real, live account statements that prove that they can personally earn a profit with their trading product.

If an indicator salesman say’s, “this indicator predicts the future with 80% accuracy”. Then simply reply, OK great, now show me a minimum of three consecutive months of trading performance from a live trading account. If you can, then I would be more than happy to pay you thousands of dollars. This is a foundation in which you can build a trading career.

If a trading room promises to teach you a method that earns a consistent monthly profit. Then simply reply, OK great, please show me a minimum of three consecutive months of trading performance from a live trading account.

If a trading system vendor says that they have a system that produces profits and it can be purchased for a fee, then say OK great, now show me some account statements from a live trading account.

You would think that this would be so easy. And so painfully obvious. If you are going to purchase a trading product, make sure that the person is actually trading with a live trading account and can prove that their method is, or has worked. Its common sense. But you would be so surprised at how many people that I talk to have spent thousands of dollars on trading products but are too afraid to ask for proof that the vendor actually trades. Its almost as if the perceived dream of becoming a successful trader is so intoxicating that they lose focus on the obvious.

The last rat hole of every fraudulent trading vendor

If you ask a trading vendor for an account statement that verifies trading success and they say, “I cannot show a trading statement because it is illegal”, then avoid this vendor like your financial life depends upon it. This is the lamest, most bullshit riddled excuse in the trading world. It is true that a vendor cannot mass market account statements without certain disclosures, but there is absolutely nothing illegal with a trading vendor giving a private viewing of an account statement. They can publish it on their website with proper boiler plate disclosures, they can email it over to you, they can screen share, they can authorize their broker to speak with you about individual performance. There are a multitude of paths. Dont ever fall for the bullshit, “I have spoken to my lawyers and they said that I cannot disclose my trading performance”. Complete nonsense.

As some of my readers are aware, I cooperate with both Federal and State regulators. I provide all sorts of information, including video recordings to both civil regulatory bodies such as the CFTC and the SEC, as well as criminal investigators like local law enforcement agencies, state law enforcement agencies, and the FBI. In addition, I have also provided information to Canadian regulators. In addition to governmental agencies, I have also provided video recordings to private lawyers representing individuals in over a dozen civil fraud cases now working their way through both state and federal courts. Folks, one thing I can assure you of…the regulators, both civil and criminal are watching and reading everything that appears on this blog. Trust me when I tell you…the regulators want full disclosure. Any trading vendor that says that they cannot disclose individual trading performance because “their attorney said its illegal” is in the process of scamming you.

Now that we got that out of the way

John Carper

John Carper – JC Surfboards

Ok, so I have spent a massive amount of time talking about the bullshit in this industry and how you should avoid the army of failed traders looking to sell you a load of horse shit. Now, I want to get your focus back on you and your success. If you want to be successful at trading, or just about anything else in life, there is no shorter route than to find someone that is doing it successfully and copy them to perfection. Emulate them. Suck every bit of knowledge out of them. Master what they know. Perfect it. Make it your own. One of my readers is a world famous surfboard shaper named John Carper. You can read about this amazing guy here. If you are a world champion surfer, and you surf the largest waves in the world, then you are most likely riding a JCHawaii surfboard. John has dedicated his life to his craft. John and I talk via email. He has had tremendous financial success with his surfboard business, but he is also just like you…he has the trading bug. He wants to now master trading. John and myself have talked about the passing of critical knowledge down from person to person. John tells me stories of men that he brings into his workshop and he mentors them on how to properly craft a surfboard. The very moment they diverge from his methods, he is all over them and ready to toss them out. John say’s, “They can do whatever they want after they leave my shop, but while they are learning from me, they will do EXACTLY as instructed. No exceptions”.

John has passed his knowledge down to others. They have taken it and made it their own. Expanded upon it and perhaps pushed the craft to new boundaries.  But only after they have learned a proper foundation. This is exactly what John and I talk about, he has been searching for years to learn trading from someone that is a master. Unfortunately, he has only found trading failures looking to sell a faulty foundation. I know how John feels, my job is to sift through the mountain of frauds and fakers and find those special few gems with something valid to offer. To date, and after a year of searching, I have only found a few worthy trading educators.

Introducing Kevin Kleinman from WatchHimTrade.Com

For the past two months, I have been keenly watching Kevin Kleinman at I have to admit what is most obvious and unsettling, and that is his young age. This kid is only 25 years of age. I have read his life story, and he caught the trading bug at a very early age. His story is interesting and not what you would expect from someone that I would normally recommend.

One of the things that you will find noticeably absent from his resume is that he has never spent any money on a magic trading indicator or a trading guru. He is truly self taught. A fresh faced kid with an actual account statements, thousands of verified trades, and a proven track record. In addition, I have watched him trade live and recorded enough video to know that what I am watching is truly unique. Think about this a moment, he is self taught. His mind has not been corrupted by purchasing trading products from trading vendors that do not trade, or have no proven record of success. His foundation has never been corrupted by a “trading guru”. He came into the markets and had to learn his own approach from scratch, with no help whatsoever. He could not afford to spend money on fancy trading products. I know this might sound nutty, but the Renaissance era was ushered in by new thinkers, by people that were not “traditionally trained” or bound to the old medieval prejudices. The renaissance period ushered in an era of new thinkers that were ready to apply fact and common sense and were willing to challenge long held beliefs in things like mysticism, religious orthodoxy and alchemy.

Oh Alchemy! The dark ages equivalent of today’s technical analysis movement. What is alchemy? This was the belief that common, earthbound elements could be combined to form gold. Of course, we all now know that gold cannot be formed by combining common elements(all the gold in the world arrived via asteroid), but think for just a moment that during the dark ages, there were entire universities devoted to the science of alchemy. Crazy! People actually spent money to learn how to turn lead, combined with other common elements into gold. Just like today’s purchasers of trading products, didn’t any of these folks attending these schools teaching alchemy ever stop and ask the teacher to see actual gold? Pretty crazy, but it true. Think about it, these nutty charlatans with their magic trading indicators are really just like the nutty charlatans of the dark ages, selling university degrees on alchemy. “Make your own gold for only $5,995!”

Kevin’s Trading Performance

Kevin Kleinman does not know that he is a special rarity in the trading educational world. Until now, Kevin did not know how highly I regard not only his trading abilities, but some other qualities that are extremely hard to find, namely unwavering honesty. For instance, have a look at the following equity curve…this equity curve, I can definitely confirm and have verified was taken directly from Kevin’s TradeStation Account.Watch Him Trade Equity CurveThese are not simulated trades, this is the equity curve AFTER commissions are paid. If you like to look at real account statements, then have a look at Kevin’s account records and performance page. Every single trade is there, from a real account statement, highly detailed at every level.

In my opinion, this is a really nice looking equity curve of over 2000 real “scalping style” trades. However, the overall profit is tiny! Its midget sized. I have gone over each and every one of his account statements going back to April 1, 2014 until present. His average losing trade is only $35 and an average winning trade of $40. Yes, you are reading this correctly, on average Kevin is losing only $35 per trade and winning $40 per trade, after the commission is paid. When I looked over these numbers, the very first thing I thought was how in the heck am I going to write this review about a kid that averages only $200 a week in profits? And so I went back to Kevin, and I told him plainly that even though you have an extremely nice looking equity curve, have executed thousands of trades profitably, the weekly and monthly profits are so meager that the majority of my audience is simply going to laugh. Kevin just laughed and explained that he likes taking on very little risk. He is perfectly happy taking in small profits, doing it very often, and doing it with a high degree of consistency. He explained that there is nothing worse that losing thousands of dollars each trading day, and his style is to trade the smallest amount possible. Next, he went on to explain that he primarily trades highly liquid options contracts, so if a person wants to earn more, then simply trade more contracts.

The more I thought about how Kevin trades with such tiny risk, the more my mind kept coming back to that consistent and pesky stream of people that email me each week. Every week, I get loads of emails from people with only a few thousand dollars and are looking to learn and is the perfect place for the person with the small account, as well as the large account. Kevin’s method is proven to work on a micro risk level, his style of trading is the missing piece for so many people that are looking for a bonafide, proven approach to day trading, taught by a REAL trader, and in such a way that the micro account holder can easily participate. And the best part of Kevin is that he is fanatical about teaching complete newbies. He is 24 and full of energy. When I watch him trade live in the trading room, and talk to people about how to properly trade and what to look for, what I am hearing is the voice of a person with a high degree of emotional investment. This guy cares. And at $99 a month, I know of no other service where you get a bonafide trader that is willing to pour his heart into your success. Most of these trading rooms offer a commentary service for $300 a month, and $5,000 to $10,000 in order to get highly detailed care taking. With Kevin, for only $99 a month, you get EVERYTHING he has to offer. In my opinion, once word gets out, the price is going to have to rise simply because he wont have time to provide individual attention to everyone.

Day Trading Options?

I have to admit, when I first started recording the live day trading sessions of, I was very leery and intimidated of stock options. I basically knew nothing about them. They seemed very foreign, exotic and confusing, but after a week of studying and immersing myself…I now get it. This is the perfect venue for the small account day trader. In fact, I am really surprised that others have not picked up on it.

Another thing that really helps is that Kevin displays his full trading screen. You will very clearly see him place his trades on the screen. He also tells you exactly what he is doing. There is no guesswork or fantasy trades or limit order chicanery. The trades are executed in real time and you can watch his live account balance adjust as the market changes. Nothing is hidden. Its is so refreshing to have such transparency.

Another thing that I really like about day trading options is that traders can trade the big cap stocks with high prices, momentum and liquidity and avoid having to maintain a minimum balance of $25k to day trade those stocks. That Pattern Day Trading Rule is real pain in the ass. Day trading options avoids all of that nonsense. Want to buy and sell 100 share blocks of Apple or Tesla, but don’t have $50k laying around? No problem, with a tiny account you can trade it with options, usually risking $200-$600 per trade.

Yet another advantage of day trading stock options is that traders can avoid having to deal with unregulated, offshore prop trading firms. I have written on this extensively and can attest to the absolute horror stories of people that sent $2k to 5k to a random person, located on a tropical island, in order to get 20X margin and avoid that pattern day trading rule. What a nightmare when these people cannot get their money out, or the stock prop trading firm refuses to pay for jackpot trades. Unregulated markets are very, very scary places for the small trader. Most traders get fleeced. Day trading stock options allows a small account holder to get more than enough leverage, all with the protections of United States financial regulators and the United State criminal justice system. The United States financial regulators and our robust criminal justice system are the envy of the world. Of course, we all hate the regulators and the criminal justice system until someone rips us off! Believe me, the regulators are not there to hurt you, rather to protect you. Trade in markets where the regulators are vigilant. Stock options are highly regulated, can be highly liquid, and safeguards are in place to protect your capital from theft.

More About Kevin

Besides Kevin being a very good day dealer of alternatives, he’s some other attributes that I think are also favorable. He’s individual. He loves getting on the telephone and speaking with folks. I found it refreshing he is readily reachable. In addition, he answers email messages fast and does his very best to offer the info which you want.

The man is fair. In reality, I gave him an chance to puff his resume up somewhat. He refused. I was very surprised.

He is engaged and lives with his girlfriend of three years and is very close to his parents, both literally and figuratively. They live 15 minutes away, in the same house that he was raised. These types of influences, in my opinion keep a person grounded and accountable. The financial education business tempts people into puffery and self aggrandizement (Timothy Sykes). He is also a Big Brother and has been mentor in that program for the past 8 years. His story is simple and yet interesting. I recommend that you read his biography page, which goes into detail about his life and trading influences.

Wrapping Things Up

This was a long review. And I talked about a lot of things. Mostly how people set themselves up for failure by investing money, time, and emotional capital into trading vendors that cannot trade successfully themselves. These vendors package their failures into trading products and then these faulty ideas are sold to us as a valid foundation in which to build our trading careers. Its no wonder that so many people fail, they buy crappy products from failures and then expect a different result. Many of the purchasers of these failed methods blow up their trading accounts and then become cynical about trading…and then they ultimately become trading vendors themselves. Taking the crap that they purchased from someone else, repackaging and renaming it, and then selling it to the next fool down the line. A venereal disease of bad ideas.

Kevin is different. He has not been polluted and corrupted by so many of these faulty ideas. His approach and his proven track record is proof that something special is happening. And the success appeared not from a crusty old person with 50 years of trading success, but it appeared in a place that nobody was looking. Much like the renaissance, young people appeared, with their boundless energy and willingness to see things differently, and set a new path for the rest of us.

The fundamental idea of is to not just introduce the frauds, charlatans, and colleges of gambling alchemy. However, to finally bring to the forefront those which possess the evidence of success and also the methods, for the rest of us to view. To draw the curtain on so a number of the frauds and failures, and bring transparency and light to this dark sector. Things are gradually changing. Some of the worst enemies in this industry are now coming to the light, requiring transparency, and committing to openness.

Sorry this review become a mega rant. Thank you for making it this way. The trolls and haters will discover a warm response in me, and also the very sour voices are constantly heard.