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We have written a review of Follow Me Trades previously. The review was highly positive.

TradingSchools.club readers have been asking for an updated performance outline. Here you go. Everything was confirmed with real brokerage statements.

Customer feedback has been quite great.

The refund policy was iron clad–no complaints.Up to now, no issues. That has been a significant relief.

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Thanks for reading today’s update of Follow Me Trades

In the past, TradingSchools.club published a highly positive review of a swing and position trading service named Follow Me Trades. This article is serves as an update; with a brief history of the company and the person behind Follow Me Trades, as well as an update regarding verified performance since the last review.

Follow Me Trades is founded and managed by Dean Jenkins, settled in Olympia, Washington.


Dean Jenkins of Follow Me Trades

After 20 decades of being a pitiful numbers cruncher, and as he’d explain it (a servant laborer) he eventually cashed out and retired. As you can probably imagine, his inventory Intel was worth more money that most people could imagine. He had been at the ideal location, at the perfect moment.

In 2006, after retiring from Intel Corp, Dean chose to trace his heart…he chose to be a Christian minister. Generally, at this time, we could begin rolling our eyes at cynicism, disbelief, and extreme care. The reddish shades of hucksterism never seemed so pleasant, when worn with a slick speaking investment guru. In reality, each time a trading pro starts speaking Jesus…anything remains in my tummy usually curdles with stomach upset.

However, with Dean Jenkins, everything regarding his supposed faith checked out. After retiring from Intel Corp, he went on to earn an MA in Pastoral Ministry from Northwest Nazarene University and then started a church. If you want to call it that.

It’s more of a soup kitchen and a refuge for people with a boatload of personal problems. Considering that Dean is pretty new to that whole minister thing, I suppose it’s easier to find folks willing to listen to his message of redemption when he is offering a kind hand and a warm meal.

Anyway, let’s talk about the performance of the trading service.

Follow Me Trades Performance Figures

On our original review, we were able to confirm the following performance, based upon a $100k portfolio:

  • 2013 a return of 57%
  • 2014 a return of 37%
  • 2015 a return of 28%

The original review did not include the year 2016. The following are the updated trades for 2016: ($100k portfolio)

  • 2016 a return of 24%.

The following link will give you a highly detailed breakdown of each and every trade.

What I find interesting is the mix of both long and short trades. As you probably already know, we have been in a bull market for nearly 8 years. So a performance summary heavily slanted towards long only trades should be highly suspect. In a bull market, a monkey throwing darts at a newspaper is proven to outperform even the smartest ‘hedge fund experts’.

Follow Me Trades

Hedge Fund Geniuses

We are now half-way through 2017, and so I also want to include the performance summary for the 2017 closed trades, as well as trades that are currently active and open.

The following performance table has been confirmed and verified as authentic:

Follow Me Trades 2017 Performance

Up 10%, pretty darn good.

For 2017, there are also a handful of trades currently open. The following trades are ‘mark to market’ as of June 26, 2017. They are current and actively moving…

FMT Open Trade P-L Snapshot 6-26-17

As so, for the year, Dean Jenkins is currently up $21k on the $100k portfolio. Looks pretty good to me.

However, these currently active trades could quickly take a turn for the worse. You also need to understand this…

Affiliate and Promotional Relationship

As I stated during the original review, TradingSchools.club has a sales and affiliate relationship with Dean Jenkins of Follow Me Trades. This is obviously a conflict of interest. The audience needs to be aware of this. With a spirit of full transparency, I want to also inform the audience that I have earned a total of $5,724 in total revenue since this relationship began.

Some may snort with disdain regarding this relationship. However, the audience needs to also realize that running this stupid blog has been a massive time suck. With little pay. Lots of headaches. And a multitude of unpublished and unmentioned legal battles with charlatans attempting to suppress free speech. In short, I am not getting rich. More like barely breaking even.

With this in mind, this cute little link is an affiliate link, with a ‘special offer’ for TradingSchools.club readers:

SPECIAL OFFER for Follow Me Trades

Customer Complaints and Refund Policy

Thus far, the complaints regarding Dean Jenkins have been refreshingly few. In fact, there has only been one complaint. Every business is going to have a few complaints. Even Jesus had a few complaints regarding the quality of the free wine and fish.

Dean has a liberal refund policy. If you are not happy, for any reason…your money is promptly returned. Period. End of discussion.

Interviews with Current and Former Subscribers

TradingSchools.club has been in contact with several parties that have been subscribers of the service. Several current, and a couple of former. All of the feedback was good.

The one complaint that did stick out–the trading was boring. Quite simply, the customer was looking for “more action”.

If you are looking for lots of action, a fast pace, and scalping of stocks…this service is not going to work for you. Its slow work. Dean likes to let his trades run. And then run some more. He is the model trend trader.

Wrapping Things Up

Its really nice when I can write an updated review and people are actually doing well. It seems like the moment I write a positive review, the service turns to crap. But with Follow Me Trades, things have been working out really well. Hopefully, the trend continues. When stuff I recommend takes a dive, it makes me look terrible. Maybe that’s why I might recommend one or two trading services per year. And with extreme caution.

When stuff I recommend takes a dive, it makes me look and feel terrible. Maybe that’s why I might recommend one or two trading services per year. And with extreme caution.

If you have spent any amount of time reading this blog you know that we only write great reviews once in a blue moon.

Thanks for reading. And I would love to read your opinions below. Even the haters and trolls will find some love.