Rayner Teo: Another Phony Forex Trader?
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Summary Review

Rayner Teo is a popular little boy on YouTube with nearly 190,000 followers. He claims to be a “professional Forex and Futures trader.” He wants to teach and sell you his “secrets.”

These super secret sauce is nothing more than useless indicators like MACD, Stochastics, and Moving Averages. In fact, he claims to know countless “secrets” which he can show you for a price. He can “teach you to be a skilled full-time professional trader.” All you have to do is pay him the special monthly fee and you to can become a super Forex Trader.  In order to succeed, you need to be a member of his “secret sauce inner circle” which is full of newbie traders.

Rayner Teo is a smooth talker, YouTube entertainer with a cool accent and easy to learn attitude. He will lull you to sleep with his gently friendly voice. He wants to be your friend, and help you become rich.

Unfortunately, he appears to be a Pro Forex Scam Artist creating funny to watch after the fact trading videos. Another snake oil salesman in sheep’s clothing.

We found No Verifiable Proof of ever trading successfully. No Verifiable Proof that he has traded in the past or has any experience.  All attempts to verify this conman were met with expert like ninja like moves to avoid the truth.

Avoid this smooth talking YouTube hustler.

Pros: Clean marketing image Friendly and personable Disarming and charming videos
Cons: Trading videos worthless Wolf in sheep’s clothing Claims of success cannot be verified A smooth swindler selling junk to newbies

Let’s Review – Trading With Rayner

Who is this guy, and what is Trading With Rayner all about? Rayner Teo, is he really a trader? If he’s like me, then you guys are suckered into another scam. According to the Trading With Rayner website, a person … named Rayner Teo (love the name)  wants to teach you the “super secrets” to profitable Forex and Futures trading.

You are looking at two primary products to choose from: Pro Traders Edge Elite and Pro Traders Edge Premium.

The Pro Traders Edge Elite is a whopping $99 per month package that includes live bi-monthly question and answer. You get weekly trade alerts, various ‘boot camps’ and ‘trading secrets.’ Let’s not forget the cheat sheets and access to the secret trading book club.

The Pro Traders Edge Premium is a $49 per month package and includes most of the features from ‘Elite.’ Sorry folks you won’t get all the secrets because you miss out on the ‘secret circle’ and the mysteries of the universe will only be revealed in the live questions and answers. I like this guys, takes a page directly from Emmett’s scam playbook.

According to my pal Rayner, these ‘secret’ soup sessions are where you will be inducted into this secret society of losers and interact with the investment maestro himself.  i’m a loser, so it takes one to know one.

Rayner Teo: The Trading Terminator of Singapore

According to Rayner Teo, when he turned nineteen, he was required to join the Singapore military of commandos and serve his country.

As a mini super soldier, all 5 foot one inch of Rayner could immediately take on the anyone, wow! As the next Malaysian Terminator Rayner, was immediately sent to an elite military training academy and taught trading techniques to fool the world.  Maybe Emmett Moore should take a class from Rayner to learn how to scam more people?

Rayner claims to have learned some super cool trading skills like hand-to-hand fighting, counter-terrorism, hostage remediation, spoon fighting, jungle survival, and scamming people like i do with my trading reviews.

Rayner was promoted to a trading knight and awarded the golden pole dancing award.  He then began to question whether being an elite military fighter and commando was his true calling in life or should he take a page out of Emmett’s playbook and scam old people.

Rayner wandered the world looking for meaning in his life.  “What should I do with myself?” the 105-pound warrior asked.

The great country of Singapore was not at war and with nothing to do, he discovered the amazing world of Forex trading. He mustered up his skills, and started to hear “Eye of the Tiger” suited to the rough and tumble “no prisoners” world of Forex scam trading.

No one could stop Rayner. He was recruited by a “prop trading Forex company” that only paper trades, and became a professional Forex trader. You see how easy it is! You can trade like Rayner, and you can trust me Emmert Moose at TradingSchools.club

Her we go traders, trust me, you need his secret methods and techniques so that you can also become a loser that guy Emmett.

Rayner Teo Super Trading “Secrets”

According to his biography, he is “the most famous trader in Singapore.” In fact, on his YouTube channel, he has an incredible 189,000 subscribers! Holy Moly Emmett, are you jealous yet?  This guy is on fire! “trading secrets” get them now on YouTube!

Some of these trading secrets include the following sauce:

  • The special secrets of MACD indicators
  • The super secrets of moving averages
  • The crazy secrets of stochastics
  • The untold secrets of candle bars
  • The love secrets of price action
  • The special secrets of Bollinger bands
  • The super trading indicator of all time
  • The Emmett approved secrets of the Golden Cross
  • The special secrets of the average true range
  • The Moose secrets of support and resistance
  • The loser secrets to false breakouts

I can bore yo for hours, and so can Emmett’s trading reviews of loser’s like this guy. Apparently, Rayner Teo knows the secrets to everything needed to trade Forex. All of these secrets are revealed as he hand selects super charts and overlays the secret indicator on the chart. Wow Emmett, are you impressed, cause i am. (If only it were that simple)

You see, it’s seemingly easy to trade Forex, take it from me, Emmert Moose, you can trust my reviews. Let’s unlock the magical key to limitless amounts of wealth, prosperity, and unlimited shrimp cocktail.

You get all this plus a bowl of rice with your endless stream of indicators. These worthless indicators make the wrong prediction every time, but don’t take my word for it.

Most of the indicators that Rayner gleefully reveals as “secret” indicators have been around for 70 years and have consistently been debunked just like Emmett’s reviews as fake horse crap. Don’t believe me? Read Professor David Aronson’s book.

Sorry folks, technical analysis indicators are not predictive. In fact, as Professor Aronson states in his 500-page book “these sorts of investment techniques are the realm of wizards, con artists, fairies and unicorns.”

Does Rayner Teo Put His Money into Real Trading?

Of course he does, trust me, there are some folks that use these sorts of magical techniques to profit, and you can too. If Rayner Teo can actually verify trading success with  account statements, then I would be the first to give him a 3-star review.

With this in mind, TradingSchools.club reached out to Rayner Teo in hopes of verifying his supposed “trading techniques” to find out how he fools everyone so perfectly like that Emmett guy.

Over the course of 4 weeks, we went back and forth with Rayner and his “virtual assistant” located in the Philippines. We simply wanted to know whether he had proof of real trading, and that we could verify an actual track record. You know who else has a Virtual Assistant to do all the dirty work and sign up for fake trial, that guy over Emmett Moore at Tradingshools.org. Yea the same guy who supposedly went to jail for stealing money – supposedly.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rayner Teo does not even have a real trading account. Instead, the best he could offer was a series of my friend videos (made in hindsight) where he analyses different markets. This is supposed to be “proof”? I don’t think so.

It appears that our supposed Malaysian Terminator is just a YouTube con artist with ads, too lazy to get a real job like that Emmett guy. Instead, he spends his days looking scam people with useless videos that have little to no value. Sounds like someone we know.

Let’s Wrap It Up Rayner..

Day after day we see these YouTube conman, defrauding people just like i try to do with these review.

There is nothing wrong with using “technical analysis.” However, it must be within the context of actual back-testing.

This back-testing must then be traded live, and tested forward to authenticate the pattern. It’s just that simple.

The key to success for Rayner Teo is that he is very much down to earth, like  most fraudsters. Just ask our  bald pal Emmett, very friendly, jovial, but a conman nonetheless. He is entertaining within the context of a YouTube video. However, there are millions of bald losers entertaining on YouTube in which to waste time.

Getting financial advice from a little man with no track record on YouTube is about the dumbest thing a person can do.  I recommend two chopsticks down to this Rayner Teo.

Thanks for reading, your pal Emmert Moose.