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Vendor actually stepped up and chose to be open and transparent. Bill Costarides went from ZERO to HERO. All trades are currently verified.

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Pros: Trading functionality is now completely transparent. Trading room owner chose to take the route of honesty and openness in trading results.
Cons: The trading area has a couple of helper moderators that should not be moderating a live trading environment. Bill likes to trade at nighttime. If you're located in the US, then expect some weird hours.

First Night Scalper, Dealers Den 24 Review

You may read about the negative review from this link .

My review coated over 50 hours of records of trading sessions. Even though the moderators were rather pleasant, I couldn’t confirm even one live commerce. A few the moderators were only calling transactions predicated on gut feel, didn’t demonstrate a trading DOM, nor gave clear directions on entrance or exit points. Additionally, on the site, there’s absolutely no listing of transactions. Large red flags. And I surely have the movies to show everything.

Article Review-What Normally Happens

Generally, once I post a very negative review, one of two things will occur. The owner of said trading area disappears or protests. Websites simply go blank! Occasionally they produce a brand new name and transfer each the earnings copy to some other address, making exactly the exact same pitch to exactly the very same rubes. That of course, is fantastic! I need nothing more than to participate with a trading seller following a negative review.

What Happens with Bill Costarides

Bill disagreed with my critique. And I just explained his moderators have been a lot of clowns, which shouldn’t be moderating a trading area. If clients were to stick to such moderators, then they’d shed…BIG TIME. Additionally, I flat out said that I believed his trading goods were flat out crap, which he likely couldn’t exchange his way from a set of dirty panties.

From time to time, once I write some really harsh and demanding language in a critique, feelings could be so hurt and extreme that any type of ahead or innovative conversation gets hopeless. I attempt to be as pleasant as you can, even after a negative review. Ordinarily, this is the point where the dialogue ends. Most sellers don’t transaction. And those that do transaction would not demonstrate an account statement since the magician behind the curtain is less strong and omnipotent since the mysterious magician hiding behind the curtain of mystique and intrigue.

Eliminating The Curtain

I had been quite fine with Bill Costratides, I wouldn’t rewrite or eliminate my”negative hatred filled lying” inspection unless he show me definitive evidence of trading action. And in all honesty, I didn’t expect to hear from him or anybody as his firm. But 1 day I received an email from a documented commodity broker that was granted me unfettered access to finish trading documents to Bills trading accounts. Great! Lets examine.

Well people, I’ve the statements moving back to origination and heritage of Nighttime Scalper and Dealers Den 24. Since the day daily transactions cover a huge quantity of information, I have opted to just include the monthly invoices that reveal the consolidated trading effects.

Some of this might be confusing to some readers, so let me dig out the real numbers, the only numbers that matter…the monthly profit and loss:

Some of your might be looking at this, and be thinking to yourself that $12,500 in after commission profits is not that good. However, this is a return on your account of over 50% in only 10 months. And my friends and enemies alike, a 50% return in only 10 months is FANTASTIC. If this trend continues, and in speaking with Bill, this is quite the ordinary, you could actually have a chance of having a nice savings at retirement. Or if you can learn Bill’s method, then you have a real shot at earning a living at trading. Are the draw downs on account too much? Did he draw down to break even? Yes. However, this is the truth about trading that nobody every talks about. And the simple truth is that successful trading is never a straight line, upward equity curve.


Where Can We Go From Here?

Fairly obviously, I have to sit and eat humble pie. Bill Costrides is a prosperous dealer, and he has proven his ability, with no shadow of uncertainty and commerce by trade he’s proven his mettle and skill. So, should we now all plunge into this and buy what he’s selling? The reason is because the area has been moderated by numerous people which shouldn’t be moderating a live trading environment.

Still another consideration, Bill enjoys to trade at the night session, meaning you could be seeing a monitor at 2 am. I am not certain that I wish to forfeit a good nights sleep, but that may be attractive to you. Perhaps you reside in Europe, Hawaii, Asia, etc., where these hours would be the normal working day. These ought to be your own personal consideration.

The Main Lesson

In my view, the most significant lesson to be learned is that as customers of trading products, we need to start becoming more familiar with vendors regarding providing an authentic trading document. If we would like to mimic another trader, or learn a technique, we need to start absolutely demanding authenticity. Sure, some of my reviews are unpleasant, ugly and brutal, but the end result is that several vendors have really stepped up and gotten transparent with results. Others have vanished with their shady wares. Hopefully, with enough testimonials, we can alter the trajectory and begin flexing the arc towards honesty and truth because I know all about being honest. My reviews seen here at are intended to be as fake as they come, or as real as you want.

Remember boys and girls, I went to jail, stole lots of money and now have nothing but an ugly dog in my life.