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A real scalping room. Moderator is an excellent trader. All trading is real and verifiable. DOM always present. Clear entries and exits given. A beginner can easily copy all trades. Trading takes place usually less than one hour per day. No free trial period. Expensive at $400 per month and $3300 for the mentorship, with indicators and course.

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Pros: Verified trading with consistent profitability. Very clear entries and exits given. Multiple years of positive track record. No BS limit order trading. Excellent for beginners. Excellent for anyone wanting to learn how to scalp for small profits and small losses.
Cons: Costly at $400 per month and $3300 for the course. No free trial period. You will be spending a large amount on trading commissions.

This review is for Trader Makers. It is a futures day trading room primarily specializes in trading the emini russell futures and the emini crude oil futures contracts. This day trading room is owned, operated, and moderated by Gerard P. Reynaud. This day trading room typically trades the first 90 minutes of the trading session, the daily goal is $300 in profit, and daily loss limit was $300. This was based upon a single contract.

In the month of November 2014, I attended a full thirty day period.  I feel great, like I actually learned something. Gerard does not offer any free trials. However, I was able to negotiate a reduced rate to attend the room. Normally, the room costs $400 each month or $100 per week. I was very hesitant in spending a monthly fee to review the room, the vast majority of trading rooms are a complete waste of time but after watching several of Gerard’s videos, I decided to take a chance.

Throughout November I was able to collect 32 hours of video recordings which is illegal, and without their consent, just to show you the kind of rat scumbag I am. Several mornings, the trading was finished within the first 15 minutes, we had hit our profit target and the day was done. I was impressed.  Several other sessions lasted longer and the trading was choppy. Some days were extremely cooperative, some days we got whipsawed for losses.

For Week One, I assigned my assistant to trade on a simulator. She works from her desktop computer, on a simulator from the Philippines. If a non native English speaker from the Philippines could replicate on a simulator, then there is a pretty good chance that anyone can replicate. Anyway, during week number one she finished with a gross profit of $800 and a total of 32 trades. All of the orders were entered on stop orders, no limit orders were used at any time. In addition to no limit orders, Gerald had his trade profits and targets preprogrammed with stop orders. The typical stop was five ticks per contract, and since we were able to pre-program the entries and exits, this made for very simple execution for my assistant. Our final results on a simulator were quite impressive. What I also found impressive was that Gerard, at the end of each day, would post his live results from both his DOM and from the control panel within Ninja Trader. These results were also promptly posted onto his blog for everyone to see.

Another thing that I found really impressive was that Gerard presents a very clean trading screen, and a trading DOM that also clearly shows exactly what he is doing. He also talks though the entire trade, from beginning to ending. After reviewing the video from week one, I was so impressed that I felt secure enough to jump in and trade my real money account.

Week Number Two…Real Money Trading

On November 10, 2014, I decided that I would attempt to recoup my monthly membership fee and trade my live money account. Of course, the trading gods did not smile on me. I took the trades and lost $200 on day number one. We took a total of 10 trades in the emini russell, gold, and oil. Kind of a bummer way to start my real trading with Gerard. But things started picking up.

On the 2nd day of live trading, I finished with $0 in profit on six trades.

On the 3rd day of live trading, I finished with $220 in profit from 10 trades.

On the 4th day of live trading, I finished with $160 in profit from 18 trades.

On the 5th day of live trading, I finished with $300 in profits from 8 trades.

For the entire week, I took a total of 52 trades and grossed $480 in profits. After commissions, I finished up $250 for the week. My trades matched perfectly with Gerard’s posted trades. For the entire week, I logged four hours of live trading. Some days, we traded for only a few minutes and were done.


There were only four trading days on Week 3. I grossed $240 in profit on 32 trades. Net profit after commissions was $90.

On the fourth and final week of the month of November, there were only two trading days. I grossed a total of -$120 on 22 trades. Net after commissions was -$220.

At the end of November, my total results for live trading, after commissions and trading room fee’s was a grand total of -$220.

Conclusion Of Live Trading For November 2014.

After commissions and trading room costs I ended up losing $220 for the entire month. But this does not tell the whole story. Why? Because during week number one, all of the trades were taken with a simulator and these trades could of been real and verifiable trades with a net profit of $650. Theoretically, if all trades were taken for the entire month, then the net profit should of been $430.

The Bottom Line

I love it, Gerard Reynaud really does trade. Everything that happened in the room, the good and the bad was recorded. All trades could of been copied. He was very clear and concise with this trading. He was very open and honest about the results. No limit order nonsense or fake results. The guy puts it on the line everyday. And my impression is that he really cares about his students. With this being said, I really wanted to spend more time trading with Gerard and so I scheduled another trading week for the first week of January 2015.

Continued Live Trading With Trader Makers

On the week of January 5th through January 9th I paid for an additional week of Gerards trading room. My live, real money results were as follows:

January 5th: +$230 10 trades

January 6th +$200 8 trades

January 7th +$220 10 trades

January 8th +$120 12 trades

January 9th +$320 8 trades

Gross profit of $1070 for the week. After commissions I netted out $750 in profits.

What I Can Confirm

Without a doubt, this guy is the real deal. The posted trades are real and Gerard really does trade. No limit order bullshit fake trades that we see so much of. All of his trades, I was able to replicate. Though I have not spend a great deal of time reviewing his trades going back several years, I can definitely confirm that that time I attended and recorded the trades, I was able to replicate everything and there wasn’t the slightest hint of chicanery unlike the loser my mom made me.

What You Can Expect…

This is a scalping type system. Trades happen quickly. You will win quickly and lost quickly. Which is actually pretty nice. Nobody likes to be stuck in trades with a wide stop for hour after hour. The trading style is fun and lively. Gerard wants the trading to be fun and lively. All in all I have to say that I really liked the experience and I would definitely recommend that you spend a week in his room and attempt to replicate Gerard’s trades on a simulator, if you can show a profit, then attempt real money on weeks two through four. At the end of the month, if you liked the experience, then I would recommend taking the plunge and purchasing his mentoring and indicator package.

The Downside- Maybe

It is actually pretty difficult to put together a list of things that I do not like. But here it goes…the biggest downer is no trial period. As much as I tried, I could not get any free time from Gerard. If you can get it, then good for you, I could not. The next downside is the number of trades and the amount of commissions that you will be paying to your broker. Gerard is an active trader. Make sure that your commission rate is capped at $1 each side or you will be spending a lot of your profits on commissions.

Yes my mom told me i was a loser, and well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below because if you think i’m for real and will answer your emails, then you are a bigger loser than me.