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Huz Farooq claims he is a professional money manager, an algorithmic trading system programmer, a multimillionaire day trader. But is he really? We dug a little deeper and uncovered a web of what I would consider being dishonest promotions. Let us take a closer look…

Prior to being a”professional futures trader” he operated a series of now-defunct websites that catered to the bottom of the low, get rich quick scam artists. He had a company named HF Marketing and What has been Huz Farooq advertising? A better question is, what was that he not selling!

Thanks for reading today’s review of Tradeciety

Tradeciety is an online trading academy that is “dedicated to helping others to reach their full potential and becoming professional traders.” So says the promotional website.

The company is offering two trading products as follows:

A) $497 Forex trading course. This course supposedly offers step-by-step, swing trading and day trading plans that are sure to work on daily pubs, 4-hour bars, 1-hour bars, 15-minute bars, and 5-minute bars.

The course asserts that only 30-minutes daily must be a full-time professional dealer. Furthermore, the business asserts that each the strategies also operate on Futures contracts.

B) $497 Stocks trading course. This course supposedly offers swing and breakout trend trading strategies that are also guaranteed to work on monthly, weekly, daily, and 4 hour bars.

The course claims that it applies on ALL STOCK MARKETS globally. Including those stock markets of Venezuela and North Korea. Once again, only 30 minutes are required each day to achieve your wildest trading dreams.

Tradeciety: Rolf and Moritz

The owners of Tradeciety are a couple of guys located in Germany. Their names are Rolf and Moritz.

Moritz Czubatinsky claims to be a former professional poker player. In fact, he claims that he spent the prior 10 years earning an astounding living at the poker tables of Monaco, Las Vegas, Macau, and hundreds of online and offline poker tournaments around the world. If true, this would be absolutely wonderful.

We all know that there are many similarities between playing poker and market speculation. But is Moritz Czubatinsky really a 10-year professional poker player?

To answer this question, reached out to Global Poker Index, which is the premier ranking agency for poker players located throughout the planet. In fact, they currently track the live play of over 550,000 poker players on all of the major online and offline poker venues. To date, they have recorded over 194,000 poker events. Quite simply, they know everyone involved on the tournament poker scene.

We asked Global Poker Index for the official championship history and as well as any additional information that they could provide about Moritz Czubatinsky. We explained that he is proclaiming himself a professional poker player with a 10-year history of championship play. The reply from Global Poker Index wasn’t encouraging. In reality, their reply was downright disheartening. Apparently, they don’t have any listing of Moritz Czubatinsky.

Moritz Czubatinsky appears to be a legendary poker player within the confines of his overactive imagination.

The co-owner of Tradeciety is Rolf Schlotmann. Everything you want to know about Rolf can be found on his extremely active social media accounts. In fact, Rolf states the following “I trade Forex and travel the world.”

His social media accounts play to all of the tired old ‘trader porn’ cliches including how Rolf travels the world with only his laptop computer. A life of complete freedom, exotic locations, and unlimited shrimp cocktail. It all looks so dreamy.  Every day he spends approximately 30-minutes lounging by the pool of 5-star mega resort, where he can be seen placing his trades and stroking his laptop computer as if it were some sort of personal ATM machine. It can all be yours for only $495

Folks, is any of this real?

The Lion and the Lamb email

My next step was to discover whether either of these supposed trading guru’s is the real deal or just a couple of butthole internet marketers?

Do they have a verifiable track record that supports their supposed incredible lifestyle of world travel and unlimited shrimp cocktail? And so, I next sent out an official email directly from The email was gentle and kind. I was looking to write an official review. But the review needed to be accompanied by actual trading performance. I needed to see account statements.

Each of my emails is embedded with tracking links. So I can watch in real time as the emails are opened. Did either of these knuckleheads respond? Absolutely not. However, they had no problem opening and reading my string of gentle and kind emails. All were deleted.

I call these emails ‘the lion.’ Because if you don’t respond, then you know that there will be a negative consequence.

Concurrently, I sent several anonymous emails where I describe myself as a hapless, and desperate trader. A person with money to spend, but with nothing but failure to show. That I was desperately seeking the knowledge that would give me the incredible lifestyle of poolside day trading, and unlimited shrimp cocktail.

The response? No problem! These knuckleheads took that bait faster than a stripper snags a $100 bill from her underwear. Just amazing.

Truth be told, I know of no better method of smoking out frauds and phonies than using ‘the lion and the lamb’ series of emails. The scammers always take the bait.

Am I calling these buttholes scammers and frauds? No. But it sure looks like a complete and total fraud.

Wrapping things up

Another day, and yet another negative review.

I recently read that “journalists are natural skeptics.” Which gave me a great pause…am I a journalist? LOL. Oh that’s funny. I certainly didn’t expect to be in this position–writing about investment fraud. In fact, when I first launched this stupid blog, I thought that finding credible investment advice was going to be fun and easy. Boy was I wrong.

In retrospect, I have only learned that humans are basically prone to deception. We take from each other with such callousness. There is very little compassion and honesty outside of family and friends. The internet has only exacerbated and exaggerated our base instincts.

Sorry to be so mean. Thanks for reading.