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Anka Metcalf of Trade Out Loud claims that if you give her $4,995, she’ll quickly teach you to make $500 daily trading futures. The only problem is that she’s absolutely no verifiable history of ever trading successfully.

Is a really competitive webinar promotor making outrageous claims of massive profits, an 87% win record, earning $300k+ per year day-trading, and instructing you”how to live the dealer lifestyle.”

Anka Metcalf was completely stubborn with and made multiple lame reasons why she cannot verify her trading effects.

A ridiculous charlatan looking to fleece the naive and the dire. Avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trade Out Loud

Trade Out Loud is a one-person trading educational company owned by Anka Metcalf. Trade Out Loud is offering a variety of trading products which include the following:

  • $4,995 for a 30-day course which includes an e-book, an on-demand recording, and 30 days of trading signals.
  • $199 per month futures trading signals delivered via text or private twitter feed.
  • $199 per month swing trading signals which includes 2-5 weekly stock picks.
  • $400 per hour for private coaching.

Anka Metcalf is very active on various social media channels. Trade Out Loud currently occupies the following social media profiles:

Along with being active on social networking, Anka Metcalf also purchases many promotional webinars through various promotional stations. These are firms that specifically market to retail traders in the shape of promotional webinars that are paid. Anka pay’s a flat fee, and then the promotional company blasts out thousands and thousands of emails to people who want to”earn money at home” or”looking to learn how to exchange.” These firms have absolutely no vetting procedure and may care less if the product is real or fraudulent.

Anka pay’s a flat fee, and then the promotional firm blasts out thousands and thousands of emails to folks who are looking to”earn money at home” or”looking to learn how to exchange.” These companies have absolutely no vetting process and could care less if the product is real or fraudulent.

Some examples of these ‘shady’ companies include:

You may have noticed that the each of these companies is promoting a webinar that is tailor made to the newbie trader. The promotional video is specific, that Anka Metcalf will show you how to turn a $5k futures trading account into a $500 per day income. In fact, on her many promotional videos, she claims that nearly everyone that participates, within thirty days of her training…will be earning a 6-figure annual income.

Her promotional videos are replete with wonderful examples of how you can finally quit your day job and easily earn $500 per day. That you will no longer have to drive to work every day. That you will be able to buy a vacation home and live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

Supposed performance claims of Anka Metcalf

Anka Metcalf makes some amazing performance claims about herself. She claims to be a full time, professional trader and former prop trader with a “big company.” But whom is this prop



company? We are left to guess. According to Finra.Org, Anka Metcalf has never been registered in any capacity with any regulatory body. She appears to have simply and mysteriously appeared on the internet as a professional trading coach sometime in 2012.

She also claims a truly amazing track record of “100% authentic trading results”. In a most recent webinar recorded by a reader, Anka Metcalf claimed to have already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in only the 1st quarter of 2017. When asked for an account statement of these results, she refused and created a ridiculous excuse that account statements could be easily photoshopped. That we could not trust actual statements from anyone because of photoshopping.

That we could not trust actual statements from anyone because of photoshopping.

In addition to the lame excuse of not being able to provide verifiable account statements, she also is making some extremely outrageous and downright fraudulent claims, including:

Complaints from readers

In the past two years, TradingSchools.Club has received 9 complaints about Anka Metcalf. The complaints range from mildly upset to EXTREMELY upset. The number one complaint regarding the stock trading signals service is that she will use a “soft stop” or a discretionary stop. In other words, at the end of the trading day, she would report winning trades, but there was no way to authenticate whether she was stopped out, or held a winning trade.

The biggest complaint of the futures signal service is that she uses multiple profit targets. So at the end of the trading day, if the market was a trend day, then she would report the highest possible profit per trade. has witnessed this sort of chicanery before. Where wins and losses are cleverly disguised and hard to pindown. The only way to verify the actual trading results are to authenticate actual trading account statements. And Anka Metcalf has absolutely no interest in showing actual trading account statements.

A tale of two emails sent Anka Metcalf an official request to review her trading service. We really wanted to know if her claims of earning $500 per day trading futures were real or grossly fraudulent misrepresentations? We wanted to verify the supposed amazing swing trading alerts that reported massive yearly profits of $300k+ per year. Unfortunately, Anka Metcalf refused to engage with However, we embed all of your emails with tracking links and we can confirm that she opened and read our requests to review multiple times, from a location in Boca Raton, Florida.

We also sent another email to Anka Metcalf. But this email was sent from one of our many ‘persona’ emails accounts. These are emails that we send to a trading vendor, where we act like an older retired gentleman and we are desperately seeking to learn how to trade. Where we play a game that we are a newbie and we really want to learn how to trade and that we desperately need to earn that $500 per day that she promises in her webinars. Anka Metcalf is more than willing to speak with a newbie, know-nothing person with money to send her. But the very moment you ask for proof of her supposed trading success…her demeanor quickly changes from friendly to downright slippery. Excuses galore! Explanations like, “read my reviews” or “account statements can be photoshopped.”

It’s all pure nonsense.

Wrapping things up

Anka Metcalf is a very good salesperson. She knows just enough to sound authoritative and believable. And this is where many fall into her trap. People that know very little are easily softened and pressed. They want so badly to believe that you can “Earn $500 Per Day With A $5K Trading Account.” They willfully suspend common sense in the obscure hope that they can finally quit their miserable job at the pencil sharpening factory for the dream lifestyle of being a professional day trader. For most, it is a dream that quickly turns into a nightmare.

Thanks for reading. And if you have had any experiences with Anka Metcalf at Trade Out Loud, then please leave a note below.