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No trades that are verified. No trading DOM present. Released track record of excellent returns couldn’t be confirmed and borders on the outrageous. Trading area moderator became extremely agitated, and hyper competitive when confronted and asked for evidence of authentic trading. Moderator asserts to be a complete time professional trader and hedge fund manager, nevertheless managed to affirm is really the driver of an ice cream truck.

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Pros: Maria Roussos is one interesting entrepreneur. Well spoken, crafty salesperson.
Cons: Maria Roussos is definitely not a hedge fund manager as she claims, nor is she trading live. She makes exaggerated claims of trading success stories, but refuses to verify even a single live trade. Markets a spreadsheet of supposed trading success, but is pure fiction. A fantasy to lure in desperate newbies.

Thanks for reading today’s review about TradeOrderFlow.Com and TradeTheEminis.Com

What is and Both of these websites are owned operated by the same owner, Maria Roussos, from Long Island, New York. The trading room comes at a cost of $3,500 for six months, or a one year membership at a cost $4,500.

This trading room got my attention this past May. Several readers had sent me private requests to review the trading room. In the notes section of the intake request from, I was warned that the moderator was not actually trading, and was simply talking about trading. Of course, moderators that talk about trading and do not actually trade, is nothing new for me. In fact, I find that most trading rooms are just extended infomercials for the moderator to pitch their wares. Regardless, I went into this review with a clear perspective and an open mind.

My first observation of those sites were that both have been quite amateur and they seem to be approximately strewn together using a generic site builder. Their did not seem to be much investment in usability or appearance. But what caught my attention was that the proprietor of the business claimed she made $58,043 because the start of the 2015, together with her private trading accounts. Obviously, this interested me since her fearless claim of those profits would be quite simple to confirm and record. And I surely expected transparency.

Contacting Maria Roussos

My first contact with Maria was to request a trial to her trading room. I did not mention that I would be recording the trading session, nor did I mention that I write thorough reviews for my trading blog, TradingSchools.Org. I simply acted like a customer, that was very interested in what she was selling. She mentioned that she was a “Certified Educational Provider” for Ninja Trader. She also claimed that she was a hedge fund manager with many years of earning a full time trading through her trading. She explained that with her help, and with her special indicators, that I also would soon be a professional trader and be earning a living at day trading.

After talking with Maria Roussos for a few days through email, and collecting this info, I started to do a bit of research in an effort to find out more about her. Especially, I needed to understand about her background as a hedge fund manager.

Following a couple of days of study, I managed to detect that for the greater part of 20 decades, she was primarily used as a floral designer. You may find her regional company page on Facebook here.

Apart from her job as a floral designer, she also drives an ice cream truck. You can read about the ice cream truck business though the previous link. It is actually a prettyMaria Roussos Ice Cream Truck interesting story. Personally, I love ice cream trucks. As a kid, I remember the blaring sound of the truck as it quickly moved through the neighborhood. I would scrape together whatever spare change I could quickly find, and then jump on my bike and head towards the sound.

Ok, sure. So Maria Roussos is not actually a hedge fund manager as she claims. She designs flower arrangements for weddings and drives an ice cream truck around Long Island. Is that so bad? Personally, I enjoyed reading about her entrepreneurial exploits. Especially the ice cream truck. If I were her, I would drop the hedge fund nonsense and talk about the other pursuits. But apparently she feels that being a hedge fund manager gives her “Street Cred”.

The Trading Room Experience

My original visit to the trading room in earlier in May. Using an anonymous name, email address, and IP address, I requested a free trial. Normally, I spend several days recording the trading sessions. However, it became painfully obvious, and quite quickly that Maria was not actually trading. No DOM present on screen, no trading from the charts. Her approach to the trading room appears to be simply conversations about trading and where she should, could, or would get into a trading position. However, I have to give her credit, her years of providing customer service as a flower lady and an ice cream truck lady has afforded excellent conversational skills. She can talk. And she certainly understands the job of a trading room moderator is a lot about providing entertaining conversation. For this aspect, I have to give her a lot of credit.

The Track Record

After a few days of attending to the space, I asked that she provide evidence of her trading effects. She appears to have a string of well rehearsed and salty explanations on why she couldn’t or wouldn’t reveal personal trading functionality. She understood I wasn’t likely to convert to a $4,500 client due to my line of questions and she then just stopped answering my mails.

Originally, I wasn’t going to write this review and let her continue with the operation charade. I mean actually, she gets almost zero traffic. And her sole source of web traffic comes from being recorded as Ninja Trader Educator. Who would like to read about a woman operating a little hustle from the back of an ice cream truck? But I got a couple more requests, one in particular got my attention and I decided to go on and write this review.

Getting Closer To The Truth

One of things I do when writing a review is to lay a little trap. I will first go into the trading room and record, and collect all of the evidence that I need. Then after collecting all that I need, I will come back to the trading room and request a review…but this time using my real identity. The second time around, I explain that I will be writing a review based upon what I see inside of the trading room. The legit vendors always invite me inside and are happy that I am willing to review because they want the publicity. They usually will only request that they get a final edit, or address any negative issues before I publish. Which is fair. However, the vendors that realize that TradingSchools.Org is knocking on the door, they will barricade the door as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse for them than to get the scam exposed. But what they dont already know is that I have already collected the video and evidence.

After I revealed myself to Maria and requested admittance into her trading room, she turned immediately hostile. She threatened to call the police and report me for cyber bullying. She fired off a staccato of rapid fire emails threatening me from every direction. She wanted nothing to do with my review and threatened that if I published anything that she would report me to the US Attorney General and the California Attorney General, and whomever she could think of. As I read through this pathetic string of emails, I thought to myself…this lady is just to small to even bother with. Nobody even knows about her. I should just leave her alone and let her pull her little hustle to the occasional fool that wanders into the scam. But she just wouldn’t stop.

Her next, and final spasm was to have all of her customers start emailing me. Many talked about how Maria was their personal financial lord and savior. Some were angry and wrote nasty messages and threatened to beat me up. Stupid, juvenile threats.

When Financial Jesus Refuses To Walk On Water

I am was not upset that her customers sent me a batch of mean messages. I usually respond that I am simply trying to verify her claims of being a hedge fund manager and verify her claims of making $10k each month with nary a losing trade. Its nothing personal towards her, I just want to see proof.

One of the weird dynamics of trading gurus is when the students of the guru are faced with the reality that the guru might actually be a fake. The most typical response is complete denial at the evidence. I mean really, all Maria has to do is show her customers her trading records. But they refuse to press her, because in their hearts they know the truth, which is so plainly obvious to the outside observer. They next will typically respond angrily and lash out at the accuser, for they must protect the Guru, and all that the Guru represents.

Why protect the Guru? Because when a person spends thousands of dollars with a trading educator, and the emotional investment, and the time investment, what he has done is build a world in which he shortly expects to one day live in. Maria is selling the dream of day trading, and easily earning $10k each month with nary a loss. Her customers have bought the dream and all that represents. However, when someone like myself comes along and questions the foundation in which this dream is built upon, then the reaction is denial and anger.

Well that’s it for today. Another crappy trading product. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Even the haters will find that their voices are heard and admired.