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Trade Empowered is a day trading instructional company owned and run by Jason Stapleton. The company is offering a smorgasbord of trading goods; such as three live trading rooms, magical trading signs, software, and various courses.

Jason Stapleton is a long-time day trading instructional ace. Unfortunately, he’s also the subject of much controversy and many shuttered trading companies where many persons have whined and allege fraud.

Jason Stapleton also claims to be some type of ex-military commando that shielded world leaders and informed them on economics, geo politics, and all manner of huff-puffery. This also appears to be’restart inflation’ run wild.Neither Jason Stapleton nor some of his supposed trading teachers have a verifiable track record of making a nickel at trading. Rather, this appears to be an instruction mill in which the new and the naive are ramrodded through an obstacle course of magical trading products and services.

Jason Stapleton appears to be a world class’bullshit artist’ and high level salesman. Quite honestly, he’s very good at what he does. And this trading crap is a waste of the ample talents.

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Pros: Jason Stapleton is a top-level communication artist. A very talented person.
Cons: No track record of ever trading successfully. A history of failed trading websites. A personal resume bordering the ridiculous.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trade Empowered

Trade Empowered is a Forex and Futures day trading educational company that is owned and operated by Jason Stapleton. The company appears to be based out of Lenexa, Kansas.

Trade Empowered is currently offering the following products and services:

  • Live Futures Trading Room at $297 per month. Hosted by Mark Sedlak.
  • Live Forex Trading Room at $297 per month. Hosted by Akil Stokes.
  • Live Forex Trading Room (London Session) $297 per month. Hosted by Jason Graystone.
  • The Syndicate trading signal service. $582 per year.
  • Forex Basics Course: $247
  • Advanced Pattern Trader: $849
  • Ultimate Trader Transformation: $3,997
  • Dynamic Support and Resistance Indicator: $297
  • Constellation Pro Indicators: $2,497
  • Price Pattern Trading Indicators: $3,497
  • Balance Beam Trading Indicators: $1,497

About Jason Stapleton

Jason Stapleton is a long time, day trading educator. He appears to have appeared as a day trading ace in about 2008. He claims to be a”full-time professional trader”, but the truth about Jason Stapleton seems to be much more complicated, questionable and riddled with hyperbole.

An overview of Jason Stapleton’s personal website, which can be found in, he asserts that he is a former military commando and a member of an elite special operations unit. He describes himself as a type of’Captain America’ that roamed Iraq and Afghanistan, kicking in doors and only handily rooting out terror cells. He describes himself as some type of Rennaissance man/elite warrior/forex trader.

His stated aim is to”help the frequent man comprehend the murky realms of warfare, foreign policy, economics, politics, and ways to get wealthy trading Forex”.

Jason also claims to be a “dark warrior, hired by private security firms to protect the world’s most powerful diplomats.” And supposedly, these elite diplomats and world leaders were highly impressed with his knowledge in the craft of warfare, philosophy, forex trading, innate understanding of science, calisthenics, mixed martial arts, regulatory policy, horticulture, aeronautics engineering, beer making, and international business.

All of this sounds so wonderful and astoundingly impressive. But for the purposes of this review, we are going to only focus on the Forex trading products.

Jason Stapleton: the early days, 4X Traders Live

After high school, Jason joined the marines. This is probably true. The ‘dark warrior’ and ‘international Captain America persona’ appears to be an extreme case of resume padding.

It appears that Jason got out of the marines and probably worked as a security guard at one of the many different private contractors that the State department hires for all sorts of security tasks. For instance, my brother is a former marine that eventually went to work for Blackwater. He was hired to follow trucks around Iraq and make sure nobody stole anything or chopped off the head of the truck driver.

Total shit work. But it pays well. Definitely not a long term career. Many ex-military guys take this route. But eventually, these guys need to reintegrate themselves back into normal society. And this can be difficult because all they know is military life. So they have to reinvent themselves. Figure out what they are good at, and run with it.

Jason Stapleton describes his initial journey into Forex trading, while he was overseas. I can just imagine Jason working as a security guard in some miserable country, thinking to himself–“what in the hell am I going to do with my life!” We have all been through this. A career crossroad.

Anyway, after the military, it appears that Jason created a Forex trading website that offered a live trading room and Forex education through a business named You can view old copies of the website through this link. This business launched in 2009, during the heyday of live trading rooms.

Eventually, complaints started to stack up and the reputation of the business was sullied beyond repair. If you Google search ‘4XTradersLive’ you will quickly see the ugly complaints, the allegations of fraud, the desperate attempt by Jason to save the business. But in the end, the website was pulled down and forgotten.

Jason Stapleton: Triple Threat Trading

In the trading education business, there is a sucker born every minute. Once a trading educator figures out the game, they are nearly impossible to uproot.

After the 4XTradersLive fiasco, Jason Stapleton created yet another trading educational business named Triple Threat Trading (2010). As you can see from Archive.Org, its pretty much the same old trading education and live trading room pitch.

Sure enough, the complaints and allegations of fraud started to stack up. Just like the last business. A quick Google search of ‘Triple Threat Trading’ will reveal all the sordid details and negative online chatter.

Eventually, after a series of complaints, even Ninja Trader Ecosystem had heard enough. They were pulled from the Ninja Trader Ecosystem and shortly thereafter, the website was pulled down.

Jason Stapleton: Trade Empowered

After Triple Threat Trading, yet another day trading educational business…Trade Empowered. As per Archive.Org, this latest Jason Stapleton venture was launched in 2013.

As you can see, they have ramped things up. And have a literal buffet of trading rooms and trading products. And of course, if you Google search ‘Trade Empowered’, you will see the complaints and allegations of fraud.

Since 2014, has received dozens of requests to review Jason Stapleton. Truth be told, we didn’t even want to write about this guy. His reputation is so terrible that a review should not make much of a difference.

However, the sheer volume of requests triggered a review. So, we went into the review with a fresh perspective. Maybe Jason Stapleton had changed for the better?

Contacting Trade Empowered

During the months of March 2017 – July 2017, sent out direct emails to Jason Stapleton, Akil Stokes, Mark Sedlak, and Jason Graystone. We were open and honest in that would be writing an official review of the company. We called several times and made over a dozen attempts to speak with any of these individuals. None would respond to a request for an interview.

At the core of our request, we wanted to see verifiable proof that any of these characters were live trading. We wanted to see verifiable proof that any of these dudes were actually full-time professional traders. We just wanted to see a track record. All refused. also sent out or infamous ‘Lamb email’ where we hide our identity and portray ourselves as a desperate student, with money, and looking to learn how to day trade.

With the quickness of a fly to a fresh turd; Trade Empowered quickly responded to our inquiries to purchase their trading products.

At that moment, our indictment of Trade Empowered was complete. They were exhibiting the tell-tale signs of fraud.

Wrapping Things Up

Jason Stapleton is a master salesman. You really need to look past the fraud of the Forex scheme and take a closer look at this individual. In addition to running this ridiculous Forex educational scheme, he also runs a daily podcast.

The guy can really talk. And he sounds so fucking good that it is hard to see how this guy has become stuck in the mud of selling BS magical trading products.

Truth be told, I love Jason’s daily show. You can listen through the following link. He talks about the daily news, politics, economics, the whole enchilada. It is highly entertaining stuff. And he does it daily. Which probably takes a huge amount of effort and extreme dedication to pull off. Over 600 episodes.

Jason Stapleton is a future star. Maybe as a politician, motivational speaker, or a satellite radio talk show. He has this way of simplifying things and then adding his own sauce and spices which create an interesting narrative that is highly consumable. It’s pretty sad watching him pitch the trading products, it is way beneath his talent.

Regardless, I can see this guy blossoming into something special. Just not as a trader. That’s just a bunch of bullshit.

Thanks for reading. Would love to read your comments below.