Thanks for reading on update about TopStep Trader

Previously, I published a gushing, candy coated review of TopStep Trader. You can read the original review here. Part of my motivation was monetary. TopStep Trader has an affiliate program that pays companies and individuals a commission of sales that are referred to them through a third party webpage. I was paid a grand total of $2,150 in affiliate commissions. In addition to the affiliate commissions, I was also sent two frozen pizza’s from TopStep Trader, as a thank you gift.

I decide to discontinue my relationship with TopStep Trader. Why?

TopStop Trader Unofficial Complain Department

Soon after publishing the review of TopStep Trader, I began to receive multiple and unending complaints. The complaints were usually the following:

  • It’s a hamster wheel
  • I thought that once I passed the combine, I would receive a trading account that was identical to the combine
  • I didn’t know that I had to pay the exchange $85 to $200 a month in “professional” exchange fee’s
  • Nobody told me about the Trader Prep Period
  • They only give you 10 days to make money
  • I wasted money on a TopStep Trader recommended mentor
  • They intentionally confuse to keep collecting monthly combine fee’s

I am not going to go into the details of these very common complaints. But these complaints represent the bulk of complaints. How many complaints have I received? Plenty. If you Google search any term related to TopStep Trader, you will find my review on page one of Google search. As a result, approximately 2 to 3 thousand people, each month, read the original review, and continue to do so. As continues to grow, yet more people are continuing to read the highly positive review.

The side effect of the web traffic is that I have sort of become the central, unofficial complaint department of TopStep Trader. When the complaints from the original review started to consistently hit my email inbox, I knew it was time to pull the plug on TopStep Trader. Although, I still like the general idea of qualified traders receiving funding, the complaints left me vulnerable to criticism.

Now that I have cleared the air. The real reason for this post is because I need the help of the trading community. In the past few months, I have spoken to approximately 30 ex-TopStep Traders and have accumulated quite bit of useful data. However, there are hundreds of people taking the combine each month and the really big question that everyone wants to know is whether anyone is actually making money with this concept?

I did reach out directly to TopStep Trader and attempted to curate this data. But what I was given can only be described as a highly skewed and colorful representation of statistical fiction. In short, it was crap. And so I here we are…I need people to complete the survey at the bottom of this page. If you have ever paid for a combine at TopStep Trader, then I need your input. Even if you only paid $1 for a combine, I need your input. I NEED YOUR INPUT.

If you know of anyone that completed the combine, is currently a funded trader, or was a funded trader…then please encourage them to participate in this survey. The data that I currently have represent only the “super complaints”, what I need is more data and more input so that a follow up review can be published. The follow up review should give us a much clearer picture of TopStep Trader.

Once again, thanks for your input and participation.