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Timothy Sykes is offering a venerable buffet of financial ridiculousness. This buffet is located deep in the sewer of our financial system. The focus of his admiration is the highly dubious and fraud-riddled world of penny stock investments.

For only $10k per year, he wants you to become his “next millionaire student” and he will “personally mentor you” in the art of penny stock investments.

According to Tim Sykes sales staff, “over 1 million students have paid $10k per year for personal mentoring.” Yet, TradingSchools.club can only verify that a single “millionaire student” exists.

Statistically, if you spend $10k on lottery scratcher tickets, you have a better chance of becoming a millionaire than becoming a millionaire Tim Sykes student.

Penny stocks are not investments. They are the exclusive domain of swindlers and conmen.

Tim Sykes outsized investment returns are likely the result of “front running” his own students. This is not illegal.

Don’t be a sucker. Avoid.

Pros: World class marketing and sales operation Tim Sykes really does trade Tim Sykes really is a millionaire Tim Sykes gives a tremendous amount to charity
Cons: Students have nearly zero chance of success Penny stocks are not investments, they are investment losses Tim Sykes is legally front running his students Educational products appear to be overpriced mumbo-jumbo Hundreds of consumer complaints

Thanks for reading today’s review of Tim Sykes.

Who is Tim Sykes and what is he selling? Currently, Tim Sykes is selling a venerable swap meet of products and services that exclusively focus on scammy “penny stock” investments.

Penny stocks investments is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as penny stocks investments. There is only “I lost all my money investing in penny stocks” and “my family is flat broke because I invested in penny stocks.”

Penny stocks are the floating turds within the financial sewer system. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does their best to warn investors to avoid unregulated and unregistered penny stocks. But there will always be a financial huckster somewhere, touting that the corn kernels contained within these financial turds are actually diamonds that can be extracted with magical financial chopsticks.

Of course, these “chopsticks” used to extract the “diamonds” from turds are revealed in the form of penny stock educational products and services. Lets now have a look at our favorite penny stock promotor and turdmeister extraordinaire Tim Sykes.

The list of Tim Sykes products and services is exhaustively long. However, for the sake of posterity and accuracy, we decided to list each and every product. Be forewarned, the list is long and hard to digest. My fingers were hurting from typing the list.

Afterward, I had to wash my hands. They felt dirty.

Timothy Sykes Products and Services

The Tim Sykes swap meet of financial ridiculousness actually encompasses two websites.

The first website is the well-known Profit.ly website. TradingSchools.club originally reviewed Profit.ly back in 2015 and our review can best be summed up as

A venerable housing project for stock trading Guru’s trying to make a quick buck from the carnival crowd. A few good traders do ply their wares at Profit.ly, but far too much chicanery riddled with outright fraud.

The second website is the outrageously notorious and fraud-riddled shit show named Agora Financial. This is a company well marbled with allegations of fraud, SEC violations, lawsuits, hundreds of consumer complaints, and outrageous financial conduct.

Surely, Bernie Madoff is sitting in a prison cell wondering “why am I sitting in prison for 50 years while Agora Financial is still in business?”

Anyway, let’s first take a look at the products and services offering on the Profit.ly website:

Tim’s Alerts $74.95 per month which includes the following:

  • Daily chatroom access
  • Daily 5-10 stock watchlist
  • Real-time SMS, Email, and Push Alerts

Penny Stocking Silver $149.95 per month which includes the following:

  • Daily chatroom access
  • Daily 5-10 stock watchlist
  • Real-time SMS, Email, and Push Alerts
  • 6000+ video lessons
  • Weekly video lessons

Tim Sykes PennyStocking DVD $397: “The original guide to high probability penny stock profits,” which includes 6 hours of learning material delivered through streaming service.

Tim Sykes PennyStocking Part Deux DVD $497: The “highly anticipated sequel” to PennyStocking focusing on intraday, 2007 and 2008 chart patterns.

Tim Raw 12-hour streaming course $597: A 12-hour course that provides an introduction to Tim’s Pennystocking strategies and some basic tips about trading.

Tim Spikeability $997: A 6-hour guide on how to profit from the hottest penny stocks that “spike 100-500% within a few days, weeks and months,” according to Tim Sykes.

TIMfundamentals Part Deux streaming course $697: a multi-disc DVD package that teaches viewers how to build a stock watchlist, which websites to use and which to ignore, and what research matters most, according to Tim Sykes.

Tim Sykes Learn Level 2 streaming course $397: a 6-hour multi-disc DVD package with a 150+ page instructional manual that teaches viewers how to use and read Level 2 quotes.

Tim Sykes ShortStocking 6-hour streaming course $397: “The only guide you’ll ever need to profit for short selling. 4 Discs, 6 hours of learning material with an instructional manual,” according to Tim Sykes.

Tim Tactics $497: 43 Penny Stock Trading Tactics Taught Over 8 Hours.

Read SEC Filings $397: A 10-hour multi-disc DVD package that teaches you how to read and analyze all sorts of SEC filings.

The total cost to purchase everything is $4,873.

Wow, that took awhile. Lets now talk about the Timothy Sykes products and services being sold at Agora Financial.

Tim Sykes: Agora Financial

Tim Sykes Weekend Profits costs $2,995 per year and includes the following:

  • According to Agora Financial, the distributor of Tim Sykes Weekend Profits, this is a standard trading alert service. The trading alerts are delivered via email on Friday and participants are expected to exit their positions on the following Monday. Agora Financial claims, “you will make thousands in profits every weekend.”

Tim Sykes Weekly Fortunes costs $2,995 per year and includes the following:

  • According to Agora Financial, “simply purchase these penny stocks during the week and experience huge investment gains in a matter of days.” The company claims that Tim Sykes is using a mystical investment technique called “Money Line.”
  • The “money line” is apparently a secret method that identifies when big players can no longer resist financial ejaculation and must immediately purchase these incredible penny stock investments. Of course, you will be notified before the big players are about to splash the cash.
  • One must be ready to accept this explosion of trading profits.

Tim Sykes Mega Profit Machine costs $2,995 per year and includes the following:

  • Like a machine gun that just won’t stop, these penny stock picks are like smart bullets that relentlessly pursue profits.
  • Quickly buy and sell these penny stocks for “rapid fire” profits.
  • Agora Financial chimes, “it’s like a broken ATM machine that keeps throwing off money.”

Tim Sykes Pot Stock Trader costs $2,995 per year and includes the following:

  • You will “get high” profits from these penny stock investments.
  • Marijuana stock picks that are so irresistible that Snoop Dog swoons with delight.
  • “Secret” companies that “Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about.”

According to Agora Financial, the annual cost to participate in all of these products and services is $11,980.

Additionally, and most damning, Agora Financial will not share a performance record of these “amazing advisory services.” We were instructed to contact Tim Sykes about any reported performance, or performance record.

Apparently, Agora Financial believes that a verifiable track record is totally irrelevant. Just hand over $12k and simply hope we are not being scammed.

Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

Amidst this sea of ‘get rich quick’ propaganda lays the crown jewel and grandest turd of them all…the Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge.

Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge. Suckers need only apply.

According to Tim Sykes, for an annual fee of $6,995 and $149 per month, you will be financially fondled exclusively by the maestro himself. There will be gentle talks, much hand-holding, rubbing of feet, longing whispers, and plenty of stroking.

I have even heard there is a special oil involved.

This ‘special treatment’ lasts a year, and Tim claims that he can turn you into a penny stock millionaire with his ‘special touch.’

TradingSchools.club, using an alias, applied for the Millionaire Challenge and was interviewed by a salesman located in Utah. The salesman did his best to convey that I was somehow very special to be considered for the Millionaire Challenge.

Of course, this was just a ridiculous boiler room where the salesman had only one goal…get my credit card wrestled from my pocket. His sales technique was actually quite clever, he asked “who wouldn’t spend $6,995 to become a millionaire penny stock ‘student’ like Tim Grittani or Steven Dux?

I sort of laughed to myself thinking that just a few weeks prior, I had published an article about Steven Dux and Steven was mortified to learn that Tim Sykes was claiming that Steven Dux was his star pupil. According to Steven Dux, nothing could be further from the truth.

Next, I began asking the boiler room salesman how many people have purchased the ‘Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge’ at $6,995 per year? I was surprised that he actually answered…

“We have over one million people that have purchased the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge.”

Additionally, he replied,

Tim Sykes receives between 7000 to 8000 applications each week, from persons that want to be considered for the Millionaire Challenge.

Think about this for just a moment…if the boiler room salesman was telling the truth, then Tim Sykes has probably sold over $100,000,000 in penny stock educational products and services. That is just mind-boggling.

Probably the most damning aspect of my conversation with the salesman was that he could provide absolutely no performance track record for ANY of the Agora Financial advisory services. I asked him, “Doesn’t this sound scammy? Tim is selling these services to the general public, yet he is providing no track record?” The salesman simply shrugged off the question and started talking about Tim Grittani, and Steven Dux.

Regardless, the performance aspect is irrelevant when evaluating Timothy Sykes. The next paragraph will explain why.

The Real Magic of Tim Sykes Profits

To understand how Tim Sykes is able to sell so much of these courses and advisory’s, then you need to understand the art of the penny stock “pump and dump.” Let me explain…

Tim Sykes specializes in nearly worthless penny stock securities. These securities are virtually ignored by the traditional investment community, like Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Pension administrators, Retirement planners, Wealth Management Professionals, Insurance Companies, IRA and 401k administrators, Annuity managers. These mainstream and legitimate institutions are looking to only invest in stable companies with proven management, stable cash flow, audited financials and established business models.

The ‘normal’ investment management crowd would never consider a shitty penny stock. These penny stock companies are nearly worthless and their only value is how well they can tell a wonderful investment story to the ignorant, the naive, or the greedy. Additionally, the volume of trading within these undesirable companies is ridiculously thin.

However, Tim Sykes has discovered that if he convinces enough ignorant folk to invest in these thin companies, he can easily manipulate and move the price in his desired direction.

Example: Dog Turds International is a penny stock company that claims to convert dog turds into biofuel. The company has no sales or verifiable financial history. But they are listed on the OTC or Over The Counter market at $1 per share. Hardly anyone purchases any shares in Dog Turds International.

Tim Sykes runs a daily chat room with thousands of daily visitors. Additionally, he sells a plethora of penny stock advisory services that tout the “Worlds Next Great Investment.” Everyone within the live chat room, and the people who have subscribed to the Agora Financial advisory services all anxiously await for Tim Sykes to issue an alert to buy.

Tim selects Dog Turds International and buys 10k shares at $1 per share. A few minutes after he has established his position in Dog Turds International, he then begins pumping the stock in the chat room and blasting the recommendation via email and text message. The reaction is predictable.

The naive and greedy eagerly pile into Dog Turds International. All of a sudden, the stock price for Dog Turds International experiences a huge price spike. Tim Sykes then quickly dumps his position for a fat profit. He then orders his army of lemmings to exit their positions and this sets off a mad scramble for the exits.

After the dust has settled, there will be a clear winner…and his name is Tim Sykes.

And there will be some clear losers. Those that were not able to beat the rest of the financial rubes into and out of Dog Turds International.

Later in the day, Tim Sykes will be all over social media, lounging in a pool at a 5-star resort, declaring his massive profits and amazing success at trading Dog Turds International. This promotional propaganda is yet more fuel for the fire,  the successes build fuel for the social marketing machine.

That’s the ‘secret’ to this gig.

Is Tim Sykes “pumping and dumping” penny stocks legal?

Yes. It is perfectly legal. Tim Sykes has committed no crime.

When is it not legal? It would be potentially illegal if Tim Sykes had a fiduciary duty to his students and subscribers. He does not. However, suppose Tim Sykes was a Finra registered stockbroker or financial advisor? He could not issue an alert and legally ‘front run’ anyone where he owed a financial responsibility.

Tim Sykes is essentially giving financial advice under the auspices of being an ‘educator.’ There are certain loopholes that Tim Sykes is gingerly traversing.

So let me repeat…Tim Sykes is breaking no law. There is no crime. He is simply “finding greater fools” to invest in companies like Dog Turds International and likely unloading his shares onto his own students.

Are pumping and dumping penny stocks morally and ethically reprehensible? Is it nice or fair to “fleece the flock” or “shorn the sheep?” In my opinion, it is absolutely horrible to feed financial foibles to the financially unsophisticated, the naive, the desperate.

But the truth is more complicated. The truth is that Tim Sykes customers only have themselves to blame. Sure, they are financially unsophisticated rubes and perfect targets. But it’s their own greed that leads them down the primrose path.

The simple truth about Tim Sykes… it’s complicated.

Tim Sykes is a world-class marketer. There is nobody better in the game. His Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages are viewed by millions of worshippers each year.

He flaunts world class vacations, a Rolls Royce, a couple of Ferarri’s, and mountains of cash. You only need to view his social media presence for just a moment before your eyes will glow with envy.

And his YouTube video’s are actually very good. He gives very good general advice on all matter of subjects and topics. He is a really fun and interesting guy.

Additionally, he is self-aware and understands that his marketing is pure baloney, shabby chic, and the ultimate douchebaggery. Yet, to counter this constant stream of financial pornography, he is also very generous.

Truth be told, I was quite surprised to verify that he has given away boatloads of money to various charities. There are schools in Asia, Africa, the Philippines, etc that all love his charity. I am sure that the kids in these videos are very happy. Surely the parents, who cannot afford to educate their children appreciate the donations of Tim Sykes.

Tim Sykes also supports a cause that I personally feel compelled to support: https://savethereef.org/

Yes, Tim Sykes is certainly ‘whitewashing’ his penny stocks financial ridiculousness. And he is certainly not getting fabulously wealthy from actually trading. He freely admits to “only making $250k per year from trading” and I do believe that he gives his trading profits to charity. When compared to his massive profits from selling courses and related crap, the trading profits are just a financial biscuit.

But on the other hand, you have to think about all the financial rubes that gladly fork over $10k per year to “learn the secrets of penny stock trading.” These folks are actually looking for value. They want to earn money and better their lives.

I am just not so sure that penny stock investing is going to benefit anyone, other than Tim Sykes.

Wrapping Things Up

Thanks for reading. This was a really long review. Surely Tim Sykes will call me a “hater” and probably be upset that I (yet again) shit on his trading products.

But the simple truth is that I must evaluate the evidence presented in the public domain. And the evidence suggests that the trading products are just overpriced crap. Way too many consumers have complained at multiple venues that the trading alerts are just “pump and dumps” and the “educational products are just regurgitated ideas.” In short, there is nothing magical or mystical with Tim Sykes. It’s just good marketing.

Additionally, I feel that Tim Sykes does deserve a tremendous amount of credit for the multitude of charities that he supports. Truth be told, I can write a huge blog post detailing just the charities that he supports. There are so many. I hope he keeps up these good works. The world is a much better place when people like Tim Sykes decide to take action and actually do something positive.

Once again, thanks for reading. Would love to know your opinion. Please comment below.