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The Strategy Lab is a 497 trading guide that comes with a chat room with zero live trading. The owner of the business succeeds to be a multi millionaire dealer who has 14 successive years of enormous profits. No losing months. Claims a mean of just one losing day each month. When asked for evidence of trading success, the individual conducting the company gets dodgy, evasive, and extremely manipulative. To explain M.A. Perry as a scam artist is a understatement.

Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: Their claim of "100% verified track record" is completely untrue. The owner of the company makes wild and outrageous claims of trading success, yet is unwilling and unable to provide even the smallest morsel of evidence. Trading room is not a trading room, rather its a waste of time with no actual trading.

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The Strategy Lab is a website that sell a trading manual for $497. The trading manual aims to teach a volatility method of trading that is subjective and interpretive in nature. There is no defined rule set, or systematic method to the trading manual. Rather, it is an interpretation of how M. A. Perry views the market. The owner claims his method works in all markets.

The owner of the website is a person that prefers to be only known as M. A. Perry, living in Canada. This person also has a couple of other online alias names including WrbTrader and NihabaAshi. In addition to running the website,, this person also maintains a StockTwits page as well as a Twitter page.

Along with selling a trading guide for $497, the individual running the site also runs a free internet chat room. The chat room includes no live graphs. All you’ll discover inside the chat room is an inventory of many people speaking to each other. The chat room isn’t a sign calling chat space. There’s not any live trading at all. Its a primitive encounter, and to be very frank, I don’t know what’s the aim of the chat space. As there’s absolutely no live trading, and no possible way to monitor the trading of M. A. Perry, I’m not even certain why it is.

Track Record of M.A. Perry

On the website, you will find several years worth of trading results that Mr. Perry claims are 100% accurate, real money trades that are verifiable. You can spend several hours going from page to page adding up the results, or you can have a look at the following table that I created. The following table are reported results from January 2010 through April 2016, where Mr. Perry claims that he earned an amazing $3,520,342 in trading profits. Prior to 2010, as per Mr. Perry’s supposed track record, he claims to have earned several more million dollars in trading profits going back to 2002.

DatePerformanceDate Performance Date Performance
4/1/2016 $29,250.00 12/1/2015 $116,245.00 12/1/2014 $82,807.00
3/1/2016$61,300.00 11/1/2015 $59,780.00 11/1/2014 $22,170.00
2/1/2016$119,375.0010/1/2015 $73,250.0010/1/2014$84,717.00
8/1/2015$133,410.00 8/1/2014 $36,715.00
7/1/2015$67,937.00 7/1/2014$50,460.00
6/1/2015$67,551.00 6/1/2014$53,430.00
4/1/2015$62,837.00 4/1/2014 $60,925.00
12/1/2013 $42,900.00 12/1/2012 $26,920.00 12/1/2011 $31,610.00
11/1/2013 $43,612.00 11/1/2012 $37,717.00 11/1/2011 $43,600.00
10/1/2013 $75,687.00 10/1/2012 $29,702.00 10/1/2011 $56,000.00
9/1/2013 $58,700.00 9/1/2012 $14,960.00 9/1/2011 $63,320.00
8/1/2013 $50,897.00 8/1/2012 $20,820.00 8/1/2011 $88,850.00
7/1/2013 $55,912.00 7/1/2012 $23,100.00 7/1/2011 $14,090.00
6/1/2013 $102,462.00 6/1/2012 $24,000.00 6/1/2011 $15,900.00
5/1/2013 $63,550.00 5/1/2012 $29,570.00 5/1/2011 $19,220.00
4/1/2013 $73,660.00 4/1/2012 $22,000.00 4/1/2011 $13,420.00
3/1/2013 $30,395.00 3/1/2012 $23,300.00 3/1/2011 $13,370.00
2/1/2013 $27,690.00 2/1/2012 $19,920.00 2/1/2011 $20,000.00
1/1/2013 $21,950.00 1/1/2012 $20,530.00 1/1/2011 $18,320.00
$647,415.00$292,539.00 $397,700.00
12/1/2010 $5,370.00
11/1/2010 $10,670.00
10/1/2010 $9,470.00

As you can see these results are truly amazing. In fact, a review of Mr. Perry’s daily and monthly track record reveals that he averages only ONE LOSING DAY per month. In one particular string of trading results, he went several consecutive months without even a single losing day.

In my nearly two years of writing these trading reviews, this is by far the most outrageous and outlandish reporting of trading results that I have ever witnessed. In fact, I was so impressed that I simply had to sign up for Mr. Perry’s affiliate program that pays an amazing 25% of all sales of his trading manual! In some of Mr. Perry’s promotional materials, Mr. Perry also claims that many affiliates are, “earning hundreds of dollars each month as affiliate marketers”.

In addition to being able to earn an income selling Mr. Perry’s amazing trading manual, a person also has the opportunity to be a trading coach for Once a person purchases the manual, they might be given the opportunity sell the coaching program for $12,000 per person.

Certified by Dr. Dean Handley

On August 19, 2013, Mr. Perry was given an outstanding review and Dr. Dean described Mr. Perry as “Honorable”. In addition to writing a positive review, Dean also claims that he was able to record over $60,000 in trading profits, while following Mr. Perry over the course of 50 trading days.

Contacting Mr. Perry

During the first week of May, I began reaching out to Mr. Perry via email and telephone calls. In the email, I expressed my amazement at his sterling track record. In particular, how impressive to see someone earning millions of dollars trading and whom was offering to sell his secret method. In particular, I asked for any sort of performance verification where I could authenticate the results and make this part of my official written review. No response.

Next, I began calling Mr. Perry over the telephone and was finally able to get him on the phone. It was not what I was expecting. Truthfully, I was expecting to speak with a highly sophisticated person. A person with such an amazing track record of earning millions of dollars in trading, and never having a losing month for the past 14 consecutive years should have some very interesting things to say. However, the conversation was very strange. M. A. Perry is a middle aged, African American male that sounded very unsophisticated. I hope this does not sound racist, or biased, but Mr. Perry struck me as a very simple man. Once again, I dont want this to sound like I have a bias against African Americans, and surely I might offend some of my readers, but Mr. Perry was articulating and conversing in a manner that some would describe as “street slang”. Once again, many readers might take offense to my description of the way the Mr. Perry talks, and I apologize for this.

Regardless of how Mr. Perry communicates, or how simple he sounded, this is of secondary importance. What is important is whether the trading track record, and the claims of millions of dollars in trading profits could be verified. Unfortunately, Mr. Perry wanted nothing to do with verifying his track record. I asked for only a single month of redacted trading statements, where his name and identity would be hidden from public view. He flat refused. I then asked for only a single day of verifiable trading results. Once again, he flat refused. I asked whom he uses as his broker, he gave the names of a couple different brokers and came across as very evasive and dodgy. I asked if he could simply take a screen shot of one single day of fills from his trading platform. Once again, he refused. Not a good sign.

Mr. Perry is very evasive when it comes to talking about his trading results. As you press this button, he quickly and cleverly switches topics and tries to bring the conversation back to his amazing trading secrets. He attempts to push the conversation back to “my happy students, and Dr. Handley”. But I just kept pushing and pushing and going back to verification of his trading results…as you can imagine, we went back and forth in this pretzel of conversation that was meant to divert my attention away from the topic of verification. Very frustrating.

The land of fairies and unicorns

I know that this might come as a surprise to a lot of readers, but fairies and unicorns do not exist. I wish they did. And I wish that magic genies in a bottle existed. And I wish we had time machines and magical copies of tomorrows newspaper. I wish I had my hair back. I wish I didn’t waste my youth on running boiler rooms and selling scam investments. I wish I never went to prison for fraud. Wish I could of kept the millions of dollars that I stole from people. There is much that I wish for. Instead, I have to deal with the hard cold reality of myself, and the world as it is. I have been around for 47 years and have witnessed much. For the past 29 years, I have seen more financial fraud than I care to witness. I have been to prison and met more financial fraudsters than just about anyone on the planet Earth. I just get it. When it comes to money, humans are downright ugly. The internet was supposed to make us infinitely smarter. Instead, it appears to make fools of us daily.

Mr. Perry is living in a fantasy world. These imaginary profits are no more real than dancing fairies, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or a fountain of youth. But when we look at Mr. Perry’s record, we want to believe. We dream of profiting $100,000 each and every month. We only need to buy the secrets contained within the trading manual. A $497 trading manual. Does this pass the sniff test?

Of course, I could be wrong. Mr. Perry could be the worlds greatest trader and is generously giving away his secret trading method because he wants to make the world a better place. That everyone seeking the secrets to trading can simply buy the manual and all the world’s money problems will magically disappear. But think about it folks…

Wrapping Things Up

Yet another trading scammer out peddling useless garbage on the internet. Once asked for proof, Mr. Perry hustles and jives and dances in a lame pirouette of financial buffoonery. Some will see this lame dance and mistake him for an exotic dancer, willing to stuff their money down his G-string underwear. If you do, then best of luck! Please come back and write about your experience. Some readers might love Mr. Perry and believe him wholeheartedly. Your opinion is welcome. I encourage you to join the conversation.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.