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Mark Shawzin, as stated by the SEC and State of California, is a long time investment hustler. A number of his previous convictions contained a $6.3 million insider trading strategy, acting as an unregistered investment advisor, selling unregistered investment notes, an operating as an unlicensed and unregistered Forex merchant.

Since the 1990’s, the record of complaints and offenses is as gloomy as a Thanksgiving dinner–with no turkey.

It would appear that the only turkeys are those who were unfortunate enough to trust this guy and invest in his respective failed investment schemes. A long and sad collection of Forex investment schemes spanning many years.


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Thanks for reading today’s review of This Pattern Trader with Mark Shawzin.

In his own words, “They wanted a part of me.” He projects himself as a type of Forex investment management pro. And he wishes to control your cash.

But before you’pull the trigger’ on this so-called Forex investment ace that’s claimed to turn $3k to $1.5 million in under a year…there are a few things you should know. Let us talk about Mark.

A lot of the following information was obtained from interviews and information provided by the SEC, the State of California Department of Business Oversight, Archive.Org, mails sent straight to from previous customers, and multiple review websites.

Mark Shawzin: The early days

According to the SEC, Mark Shawzin personally profited from a $6.36 million dollar insider trading scheme relating to Motel 6 stock. The SEC issued a permanent injunction against Mark and he was ordered to pay $3.2 million in illegally obtained profits.

According to Finra.Org, Mark Shawzin is not a registered investment advisor, nor are there any listed investment credentials. It would appear that whatever his prior claims of being the Vice President of Merrill Lynch, Vice President of EF Hutton, Vice President of Drexel Burnham Lambert, and Vice President of Oppenheimer are simply a figment of his overly active imagination. None of these firms, according to Finra.Org, has ever listed Mark Shawzin as Vice President.

After or during the SEC investigation of the insider trading scandal, according to the State of California Department of Business Oversight, investigators discovered that Mark was involved in yet another investment scheme with a company named Brewer Investment Group.

According to the SEC, Brewer Investment Group was charged with fraud for the sale of unregistered promissory notes. How did these investment notes perform? Not so well.

The complaint described this so-called investment as a “purely fraudulent investment” where at least 74 investors were enticed into investing $5.6 million dollars into a shell company located on the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, for those that trusted, they lost nearly everything.

Mark Shawzin: Forex Trading Riches

Truth be told, it’s hard compiling a complete list of all of the companies that Mark Shawzin has founded and then subsequently shuttered because of complaints and regulatory violations. Lets take a look a several that have mysteriously disappeared. A now defunct Forex investment scheme where investors were enticed into opening offshore and unregistered Forex trading accounts. The pitch was simple, open an account and let Mark trade your account. Things apparently did not go so well. received 3 consumer complaints alleging “churning and burning.”

What is “churning and burning?” According to the State of California Department of Business Oversight, this is exactly the activity in which they have received consumer complaints. So what is it? Let me explain…Mark tells a wonderful story of how much investors will make trading his Forex signals. In the past, he’s promised 100% yearly returns. However, the catch is that the investor must open a Forex trading accounts with his advocated Forex brokerage.

When the account is opened and Mark obtains trading permission to exchange to the investor’s benefit, he reportedly starts to rapidly execute trades. Why quickly execute trades? Because Mark is getting the next financial benefit:

  • A hidden commission on every trade that is executed.
  • A percentage of the spread of every trade. For instance, the typical spread for a Forex account is 1-4 ‘pips’. Mark was not disclosing that he was receiving a percentage of the spread. According to the State of California. This activity is illegal in the United States.
  • A 25% fee of any trading profits.

The presence of this undisclosed relationship clearly demonstrates a conflict of interest. The more trades that Mark can execute, the more he profits from commissions and ‘pip’ spreads. The State of California was not impressed and issued a Cease and Desist order.

How much has Mark Shawzin earned from various investment schemes?

It’s hard to tell. Over the years there have been many Forex investment companies that have appeared and then suspiciously disappeared. Some of these companies included: A now-defunct “Forex Asset Management Company” rife with online complaints and allegations of fraud. Yet another defunct “Private Asset Management” company that promised big Forex profits and according to multiple online complaints; failed to deliver. Yet another “Professional Forex Asset Management” company that promised 40% – 100% annual returns which failed to deliver and has been the subject of multiple online complaints. A Forex asset management company this is currently promising 10% monthly returns and a one-time, upfront fee of $7,995 for some sort of “secret trading system.” An automated Forex signal service (now defunct) that promised huge gains, but only delivered huge losses to investors.

The re-occurring pattern

In my opinion, it appears that Mark is simply moving from hustle to hustle. Making big promises of investment riches, enticing unsophisticated investors into investing, and then quickly ‘churning and burning’ for quick profits. Why else would so many companies appear and then suspiciously disappear-like a fart in the wind?

And where is the proof that he turned $3k into $1.5 million in less than a year?

Where is the proof that anyone has ever earned 10% monthly or 100% annually from his various investment schemes?

He claims that he was the Vice President of nearly every major investment company in the United States. Yet, Finra.Org has no work history or registration for this guy.

The only thing provable and absolutely factual is that Mark Shawzin has developed a murderers portfolio of SEC and State securities violations dating back to the 1990’s. Is this really someone you want to trust with your investments?

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