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The Lincoln List is a daily trading instructional firm with a live day trading area that specializes in stock day trading.The”actual” track listing of presumed day transactions is absolute fiction. Not too often a day trading instructor tells the facts about functionality.I guess the person who owns the business probably does transaction. And likely does provide some fundamental and helpful day trading guidance. However, the assumed track record of transactions is indeed ridiculous and laborious that just the innocent and ignorant would consider it.Until Doug Rumer cleans up his act, and begins being real about real trading performance, readers ought to be serious as connected video.

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Pros: Some useful basic information about day trading.
Cons: The track record of trades is complete and total nonsense.

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What is The Lincoln List? The company is a one-man trading company, owned by Doug Rumer. The Lincoln List offers the following day trading products and services:

  • Live Day Trading Room $79.95 per month.
  • Trading As An Art DVD $99.
  • Champ Camp “How to make trading a career in less than 3 months” $999.
  • Clique Fund Access $2500.

The Lincoln List maintains the following social media profiles:

A review of reveals that The Lincoln List website originated sometime in 2010.

Trading Performance

Doug Rumer has made several claims as to profitability.

In 2013, he claims to have turned $25k into $1,700,000 in trading profits.

From mid-2010 through 2015 Doug reported the following trades on (self-reported) It appears that he went years without ever losing a single trade.

The Lincoln List

In addition, on The Lincoln List website, Doug claims that he has alerted his subscribers $1,722,631 in trading profits.

Doug also claims that since 2010, he has returned an average annual 150% return on investment.

On December 31, 2016, the attached blog post, Doug Rumer claims that his “Day Trading Account had gains of $291,270 in trading profit, or 191% account growth.”Furthermore, he claims that 90% of these profits were made shorting stocks. If true, this would be a herculean achievement. Considering that 2016, the stock market went up nearly ever single day, this claim of 90% winning trades at shorting stocks is akin to building an atomic bomb in the spare bedroom.

Doug Rumer


If some of the performance is accurate, then Doug Rumer must be among the most significant and most prosperous traders now living on earth. With this kind of incredible gains, it makes you wonder why anybody could be aggressively promoting a daily trading area for $79.95 a month.

With these kinds of assumed performance statistics, it truly isn’t a surprise which has obtained more than a dozen queries to reassess The Lincoln List.The vast majority of the questions that readers have been asking, “Is this performance real?”

Is the performance real?

Throughout the month of December 2016I Achieved to Doug Rumer Through email. I was quite plain in describing a review could be composed, that many readers had asked concerning the assumed functionality, and could provide some type of evidence of this truly incredible history of transactions. In me, Doug really reacted, and was very pleasant throughout our conversation.

What’s your performance actual? No. And Doug confessed it. Truth be told, I was fairly shocked that he came out and stated it. Pretty refreshing really. Typically, I need to weed through numerous layers of BS, using fake names and bogus email addresses to get close to the truth.

So what about that track record Doug? In speaking with Doug, my sense is that he feels like “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldnt I?” That might sound like a pretty callous response, but the truth is that he is right Everyone Else Is Doing It. And since the financial regulators have largely ignored the day trading educational world, it has created this environment where people like Timothy SykesBulls On Walls StreetFous AlertsWarrior Trading, etc….have been able to mass market with little fear of regulatory retaliation. It’s just a big fucking shit show of fraud and misrepresentation, where small time investors get the short end of the stick.

With Doug’s refreshing (tiny) bit of honesty regarding performance, I promised him that I would try and figure out someway to give him an extra star on the review.

Wrapping things up

Doug, if you are reading this. I would encourage you to dump the ridiculous performance claims. This type of marketing nonsense has worked really well in the past. But the universe has definitely shifted. The vast majority of people that are contacting me about your trading service are doing so out of comedy and humor. People are quite literally laughing at you. I feel like someone should be honest with you, and let you know that your socks are not matching. People are laughing. You can hear the laughs, Doug. But what you don’t seem to understand is that they are actually laughing at you.

Doug, I would love to come back at a later date and craft a new review. But it has to be on real numbers. And you know what? You might be surprised to learn that you can offer a trading product that allows you to be proud of what you are doing. To be able to live with yourself. You don’t need to claim millions of dollars in profits in order to build a loyal following.

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