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Nonsense in an epic scale. Fakery of an unprecedented ratio. A scam artist to the core. Promoting a dream world of yachts, sports cars, quick cash, and naked ladies.

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Pros: Cameron Fous is a great marketer and salesman. He isn't selling the way to become an extremely superior dealer, he's selling the concept of money and a dream lifestyle that just does not exist.
Cons: No trading is confirmed. Pure hypothetical nonsense. Requested broker statements to confirm claims of enormous profits, was refused. Requested redacted tax return revealing trading gains, was refused. The whole Cameron Fous advertising machine is a deceptive method of sucking as much cash from as many innocent young men as you can.

Cameron Fous Review – Love this guy

Now’s review I hold dear and near to my own heart. Yep, he lives down the road, he’s my neighbor, right here in San Diego Ca. This is an overview I have desired to write for a long long time. However I wished to collect enough recorded signs to make absolutely certain the shit storm I had been going to kick up could be listed, bullet proof, recorded and defy a lawsuit. But before I show this charlatan into the trading area, lets discuss why I just recorded 20 hours rather than my ordinary 100 and hours of records.Normally it takes me about 40 hours of Camtasia screen records to find out whether a trading area moderator is truly making transactions, or only earning trading space dialogue. In reality, he may even rival another well-known trading fraudster I recently analyzed, the glorious carnival barker himself, Kavan Klein of Trade With Kavan. Cameron Fous has managed to parlay his allegedly authentic history in Profit.ly into a really successful advertising and marketing system. Along with Profit.ly, Cameron has managed to assemble over 40 favorable testimonials on Investimonials.com. Obviously, gambling investimonials with imitation reviews is merely a matter of registering multiple user profiles from various IP addresses. Mutiple IP address buys also have been used to construct a large number of bogus reviews on websites like Investimonials, Google Reviews, and Yelp pages. But generating imitation testimonials on Investimonials, that naturally is the sister website of Profit.ly, is not the advertising genius of Cameron Fous. What he’s been in a position to advertise is a dream lifestyle. He generates pricey, production quality movies of himself driving through Pacific Beach at a Maserati sports car, gloating about his large day trading success. He generates crazy videos of young girls almost naked, partying on ships on Mission Bay, photos of packages of 100 dollar bills, the entire issue is absolute crap that could just appeal to a boy filled with hormones. Any true person, with no self esteem, dignity or modesty feels unhappy at seeing Cameron dish outside such chicanery. The following is among Cameron Fous’s most up-to-date marketing dreams…

In all honesty, I must respect his advertising imagination. He does a superb job of making a dream world that will appeal to some man aged 13 to 33. The flaunting of cash, almost naked young girls partying and drinking, sports automobiles, yachts, etc.. He created an excellent movie where he flew to Costa Rica, leased a home, along with also the portrays himself as a type of poolside dealer, saying that he left $10k simply laying by the pool. Pure marketing guru. Obviously, Jordan Belfort was a swindler and conman in the 1990’s, and even now, Jordan Belfort easily admits he wasn’t a fantastic trader. In reality, he never produced any money trading stocks. He left all his moneyswindling retirees from their lifetime savings by selling them worthless penny stocks, which were promoted in large pressure boiler rooms. Whom would idolize a sociopath monster such as Jordan Belfort, a guy capable of wholesale and wanton corruption and fraud? It simply makes no sense . But again, it makes great sense. At a sick, Freudian kind of way.






Anyway, lets discuss the trading support which Cameron is promoting. Step one, it’s encouraged that you buy a”The First Fous4″ trading movie which will teach you that his trading secrets in 7.5 hours for a price of $597. Next, once you’re prepared for more trading magical recipes, then you should buy the”Epic Sequel Fous4X2″ that is composed of yet another 7.5 hours at $597. He asserts that using those videos you can easily earn up to $10,000 daily together with his magical patterns sauce. But naturally, this isn’t sufficient, you also have to find the trading magician in activity in his live trading space, with a monthly price of just $74.99. Oh, and incidentally, as soon as you cover $74.99 each and every month, then you’ll be regarded as a Hedge Fund Trader together with access to trading company capital. To put it differently, pay $74.99 and you don’t even have to have a trading account, you have to get to free money you may trade with! Amazing. Who’d believe this crap?

Well in the event that you hunt archive.org, you may observe that Clique Fund LP is a hastily thrown together page with zero information concerning the business. If you’re confused by that, you need to understand this advertising gimmick is just to maintain the innocent constantly paying $74.99 together with the hopes of obtaining trading capital via this presumed Securities Trading Hedge Fund. Concerning the trading area…everyday there’s a watch list of”Hot Stocks” and tons of chatter. Lots of incoherent wordplay about this routine is looking great in stock A and the way large profit will probably be had once we receive the breakout. Cameron Fous is a superb talker, a excellent salesman, an superb play prognosticator. Regrettably, there’s simply no track record. When asked to get a history of transactions, attendees will be constantly demonstrate the wonderful gains the were”confirmed” on Profit.ly. Obviously, Profit.ly is a hotbed of bogus transactions, of which I’ve proven in my prior articles titled,” Profit.ly Review and Profit.ly Fake.

Personally, I followed Cameron Fous’s fakery into the bitter end by asking consideration statements from Speed Trader, or a straightforward redacted tax yield. Naturally, no reply. I believe that the only way to disgorge Mr. Fous of his trading documents would be to file a lawsuit claiming fraud, and also induce a subpoena his trading documents in court. Force him to legal residue. However, naturally, lots of reading this may truly wish to think Mr. Fous is no charlatan. I’ll be assaulted and threatened. And because Cameron resides in an apartment just a couple of blocks from my house, I am certain that we won’t be needing numerous barbecues together. Organize your own opinions, do your research, and don’t eliminate hope which you’re able to be a successful dealer. There are a few excellent educators on the market, that are prepared to instruct you, that care for you and care for their own reputation. Best of luck with your trading and please leave a comment below.