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Smart Money Room is the Most Recent trading Arenas in Mr. Steven DeWitt.

For the previous 15 years, Mr. DeWitt has cycled through a large number of unsuccessful and deceptive trading ventures. A very long, sad, and pathetic history of fast, one-off trading scams at which Mr. Steven DeWitt asserts that”anybody can quickly earn thousands of dollars per week”. Claims are the worlds biggest dealer and 15-time world trading winner. No evidence exists. A full and complete charlatan. Avoid.

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Pros: None.
Cons: 15 years of failed and fraudulent trading ventures that promise massive returns and no losses. Claims to be the "World's Greatest Trader and 15-time World Trading Champion", yet can provide no proof or reference to supposed greatness. A complete and total fraud, the quintessential trading charlatan. A pathetic individual.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Smart Money Room

SmartMoneyRoom service is a live day trading room that is owned and managed by person named Steve DeWitt. Live trading room costs $197 per month.

SmartMoneyRoom maintains a YouTube channel at the attached link. viewed all of the recorded videos and webinars.

The”live” trading movie’s are primarily records of NinjaTrader marketplace playoff, in which Mr. DeWitt asserts he generally earns between $2,000 to $5,000 a week trading stocks.

Steve DeWitt creates some remarkable claims about his reside, day trading area. On the site, Mr. DeWitt asserts a totally verified profit of 135 percent for 2015.

Besides these Wonderful promises of gains, Steve DeWitt additionally asserts the following:

  1. Winner of over 15 International Trading Contests such as the most significant Forex trading competition.
  2. Now, professional dealer Steve DeWitt threw down the gauntlet challenging all traders into some one time $100,000 winner take all trading contest.When asked concerning his trading fashion, Mr. DeWitt said,”Simply put, the trading platform I use is so strong I know I could out trade anybody on the planet and I challenge anybody to prove me wrong.” If You’re up to the battle and you’ve got $100,000 to throw off, ante up and contact Mr. DeWitt straight at [email protected] reached out to Steve DeWitt, seeking verification of of the supposed 135% “fully verified” returns for 2015. Unfortunately, Steve Dewitt could not provide anything that verifies these amazing performance claims.

We also asked for references regarding claims of articles that Mr. DeWitt has written for “several trading publications.” Once again, none could be provided. In fact, a search of Google returned zero articles attributed Steve DeWitt.

In addition, Mr. Steve DeWitt claims that, “I am the worlds greatest trader and in the past 6 years, nobody has the guts to challenge me to the $100,000 trading challenge.

And finally, Mr. Steve DeWitt proclaims that he is the world champion of 15 international trading contests. Once again, asked for references or articles that proclaim or reference his amazing trading victories…however, none could be provided by Mr. DeWitt.

Steve DeWitt: a closer look.

Mr. Steve DeWitt has been making outrageous claims of superman-like trading abilities for a very long time. A deep web search reveals a multitude of failed and fraudulent activities.

Prior to, Steve DeWitt owned a day trading educational company named ForexConfidential. The following link highlights, once again, his supposed trading performance.

A review of the Forex Confidential website reveals that Mr. Steve DeWitt claimed the following:

I am making 1.9% on my money every business day – so will you – it’s easy!!! We conduct meetings every Wednesday night (Wealth Wednesdays) at 8pm eastern where we talk about your wealth. I show you how to earn 20%to 45% on your money EVERY month and how to compound it daily.

Needless to say, a daily compounding rate of 1.9percent is really remarkable. In reality, if someone had spent only $5,000 with Mr. DeWitt and proceeded to chemical daily for one calendar year, then a individual would of realized a gain of $4,814,446. I dont know about you, but these kinds of returns make me excited.

Besides these wonderful asserts, Mr. DeWitt asserts that”anybody can gains tens of thousands of Pips per month simply by following my incredible system. Regrettably, if you were foolish enough to believe this crap received nothing but declines and discounted trading balances.

A long and sad history of trading scams…

Apparently, Mr. DeWitt has been running these trading scams for many, many years. Some of his other trading gems include, DeWitt University, where your trading dreams can come true. If your dreams did not come true with DeWitt University, then perhaps your trading could of improved with, where Mr. DeWitt once again claims hundreds of thousands of dollars of easy profits.

If my didnt work out, and you did not get rich. Then perhaps try out, where once again, Mr. DeWitt claims that anyone can earn $10k each month, trading Forex.

Truth be told, I have probably only scratched the surface with Steve DeWitt. The more I searched, the more Steve DeWittridiculous nonsense turns up on this con-artist. What seems even more pathetic is that in his most recent promotion, he touts his Christian faith and even has the audacity of posting pictures of himself and what appears to be several children. Who know if they are his kids or just some “props” that make him look more trustworthy.

Wrapping things up

Sometimes you have to laugh at the nonsense that some of these trading charlatans try and pass off. For over 15 years, Mr. Steve DeWitt has gone from fraud to fraud, website to website, leaving a trail of unhappy people that trusted him. Yet, he continues to march forward, enabled by crooked Steve DeWitt Tradingpromotors like OnlineTraderCentral, that have promoted Mr. DeWitt  several times over the years.Or, NinjaTrader Broker/Ecosystem that continues to provide a platform and environment where these charlatans can thrive.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. And sorry for yet another sad and depressing story of a human turd that
continues to latch himself onto the heels of good and trusting people. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.