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Business claims over 98 percent winners and average earnings of more than 14,000 a month. Promising a guaranteed investment yield of 800 percent in just 90 days. Business claims all gains are verifiable with real brokerage statements…totally untrue. No broker statements exist. Company has implemented the specific same fraud by means of a profusion of deceptive and currently defunct trading sites. Avoid.

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Pros: Nothing to recommend.
Cons: Owner has a history of running trading scams. Promising 800% returns in only 90 days. A false, fraudulent, and outrageous money back guarantee. A complete and total scam.

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Shadow Day Trading is a futures day trading room, trading system, and educational product. The cost of the Shadow Day Trading program comes at $2,698.

The $2,698 product includes the following:

  • 6 Training Videos
  • 2 Pre-recorded classroom videos
  • Access to daily ”live trading room” 5 days per week (2 months FREE/ $299 per month after first 2 months)
  • Attendance in classes 2 days per week

The owner of Shadow Day Trading is Mark Katzenberger, and his son, Gannon Katzenberger. Both reside in Bradenton, Florida.

A search of social media profiles and a background check reveals that Mark Katzenberger is most likely an insurance broker, and his son Gannon Katzenberger was recently a pizza delivery driver.

Performance Claims

Shadow Day Trading is claiming a truly amazing performance record. A review of their website asserts that they average about $14,000 per month in net profits.

Shadow Day Trading

A review of the daily performance summary, which begins on January 4, 2016 through August 11, 2016 reveals that out of 150 trading sessions, they only experienced 3 losing days.

The average losing day was only $120 of the supposed three losing days.

The average profitable winning day was $757 of the 147 supposed winning trading days.

A truly remarkable track record of 98% winning trades.

Shadow Day Trading also claims that all trading records are 100% verifiable, and that the results are backed by authentic brokerage statements.

Attempting to verify performance claims

By the month of July, 2016, attempted to verify that the brokerage statements actually exist. Unfortunately, Gannon Katzenberger refused. After a series of back and forth emails with Gannon, he claimed that he had consulted with his attorney and his private investigator and that he would sue anyone, and everyone that had anything negative to say about his company.

I explained to Gannon that I have absolutely zero fear of his private investigator and his lawyer, and that he should file his lawsuit immediately.

Outrageous Performance Guarantee

In addition to the amazing performance records, Shadow Day Trading is also offering a 100% money back guarantee. The following is the guarantee:

Shadow Day Trading

An overview of the performance assurance shows that if clients spend $2,698 from the instructional solution, and it doesn’t produce at least a 800 percent return of $11,094 in profits over 90 days, then they will refund the complete purchase price.

Can you trust the performance guarantee?

If you are starting to smell a turd, then you are correct. This is the not the first performance guarantee of Mark Katzenberger and Gannon Katzenberger. If fact, most recently they were pushing the same trading hustle through a company named Pivot Lines.

Notice the remarkable resemblance of the performance guarantee between Pivot Lines and Shadow Day Trading?

Pivot Lines Trading

More about Mark Katzenberger

It looks like Mark Katzenberger has been running these trading scams for quite a few years. The first ones appear to be two separate and now defunct trading websites named, and In fact, there are now, so many defunct websites, that naming them all would take several hours.

In addition to a multitude of scam websites that have ripped off consumers, Mark Katzenberger has accrued a very negative online reputation. The complaints are stunningly similar, the customer buys a trading system backed with the same “100% money back guarantee”, but once the purchase is made…Mark Katzenberger disappears a short time later. Have a look at some of the complaints:

How the scam is done

After accumulating the evidence that exposed this fraud, it became apparent and obvious how this father/son team is pulling off this scam.

Step one is to put up a website and populate it with fraudulent performance figures.

Next is to contact Ninja Trader have the business listed in the Ninjatrader Educator Ecosystem. Convince Ninja Trader to give a free webinar and sell the product based upon the fraudulent performance and fraudulent guarantee.

Third is to contact and purchase an online webinar promotion for $800. Sell as much as possible through fraudulent promotion.

Fourth, as purchasers begin to realize that the performance is fraudulent and the requests for refunds begin arriving…then quickly pull the website down and disappear.

Repeat step one.

Wrapping things up

The more I dug around with this Mark Katzenberger and his son, Gannon Katzenberger, the uglier it got. The sheer amount of websites and scams is borderline hilarious. The same game, over and over. Check out, now defunct, with the exact same performance guarantee.

Master of trading scam

The moral of the story is that you simply cannot believe these sorts of performance guarantee’s. Anyone promising 100% to 800% in only a month is just looking to pull a scam.

Sadly, I know that Mark and his son Gannon are going to disappear shortly. And like the cockroaches that they are, they will reappear later. Using false names and a new website, making amazing performance claims of 98% winners and a fraudulent performance guarantee.

The thing that irritates me most about this scam is the father/son dynamic. What Dad would teach his son to scam people for a few thousand dollars? What a dirt bag human being.

And Gannon, if you read this, please do get your “private investigator and attorney” to sue me. What an honor it would be to expose this scam further.

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