This article will be a little different than most. It will focus on the Ex-Con Emmett Ellswort Moore Jr. living out on the west coast  of America, in the city of Encinitas, California, USA.   Emmett runs a shady website called and reviews people who are traders and are in the trading business.

This website, Tradingschools.Club makes a mockery of Emmett Moore and his  What a narcissistic pity party this man is. We’re not alone in thinking this way, take a look at  We also came across a few YouTube videos calling out the slimy Moore for his tactics of paid reviews (as claimed in the video) and amazon referrals for books, how pathetic – YouTube Video Emmett Moore unmasking.

Recently Emmett Moore put out a blog post about how he went to Federal Prison for stealing millions of dollars from trusting people. We will reference his article as the basis for the fairy tale Emmett Moore wants his readers to believe.

Let’s review what our friendly neighborhood Con-Man has to say in his own words. Pay attention to how apologetic he is to the people he hurt:

As many readers are aware, I was once a stock swindler that got busted for securities fraud and went to Federal prison for three years. I orchestrated a penny stock Ponzi scheme for $400 million, or $600 million, or some outrageous number. But they are all wrong. It was actually closer to one billion dollars. Yep, nearly a billion with a capital B. Get it correct people.

Actually, it was $956 million to be exact. But hey, what’s the difference in a few hundred million?

Regardless, I was awarded the much-coveted “prison ID card” and given a job washing dishes for three years. I went from living in a mansion and eating unlimited shrimp cocktail to living in a concrete box and eating way too much ramen noodles. My prison paycheck was also an embarrassment of riches — forty cents per day.

This quote was taken directly from the article he wrote.

  • I often wonder how the people who were lied to feel when reading this narcissist’s words gloating what he has done?
  • I don’t know how he could ever pay $965 million back, and provide restitution to the broken people he stole from? Is it even possible, I don’t know.
  • I wonder if he misses eating endless shrimp at the expense of others? (why shrimp and not lobster)
  • I question how he lives with himself, knowing what’s waiting for him in the afterlife.

I wish I was wrong. I actually feel sorry for Emmett. The moral of this story is how this snake of a person continues to slither thru the lives of people, and how nothing has really changed in the life of Mr Moore.

Emmett Moore

As an example, on multiple occasions, Emmett has admitted to using fake names and emails to get free trials and products to review.  He has even employed a Philippine virtual assistant to do his dirty work.  Well, what do we call two people tangled up in this type of dealings – A Conspiracy to commit a crime.

Anyway, Mr. Narcissist Moore admitted to ignoring complaints from companies who were angry over his reviews.

Back in 2015, TradingSchools.Org started receiving an angry rash of complaints about two related companies: Binary Book and Big Option. As a result of our scathing articles of the company, TradingSchools.Org was threatened with legal action in the United States.

Instead, they attempted to sue me in Europe citing libel. My response was not to respond. Why should I care what a European court thinks? I live in the USA, and we have robust protections concerning free speech.

Oh yes, who cares, I won’t respond… and so the way of the coward ex-con continues. Ultimately, the lawsuits and mudslinging when back and forth. On one side, an Options  and Binary company, on the other, a con man.  That situation is actually funny, and the two deserve each other’s misery.

In the end, The Speech Act of 2010, seemed to help defer any foreign judgment relating to defamation, libel, or slander. Websites popped up to discredit Moore, the ex-convict, Ponzi scheming stock scammer. Allegations of “pay to play” schemes  were bounced around the web.

The owner of Binary Book and Big Option gets arrested

Finally, on September 14, 2017, the owner of Binary Book, a lady named Lee Elbaz got arrested. The FBI had been “watching” her for over a year. They scrambled to file a criminal complaint in Maryland District Court.

Oh, the narcissist couldn’t contain the joy, and said the following:

After she was arrested, it made the news and I savored a sweet moment of victory. In fact, I drafted an article that described what happened and my involvement.

The Criminal Trial of Lee Elbaz

Emmett Moore also claims he sat in the courtroom to observe the trial and bask in the glory. I actually find that hard to believe, but if true, why? Maybe Emmett longs for his days in jail and misses dropping the soap? On now, sorry, it was washing dishes….

And I began to imagine how this lady was going to enjoy washing dishes in the Federal prison.

Finally, the jury returned the verdict…GUILTY.

Emmett Moore claims to have swindled “$956 million” in his own words.  Lee Elbaz only stole $145 million.  In this case, Emmett is the winner for sure.

The sentencing of Lee Elbaz

On December 9, 2019, the judge will hand down his sentence. However, on September 4, the prosecution issued a sentencing recommendation that recommends that Lee Elbaz spend the rest of her natural life in Federal prison.  Wow! Let’s compare 33 months for stealing $956 million compared to life in prison for $145 million. Emmett you lucky little Chihuahua, you must have some friends in high places.

Here is Emmett’s take 

Well, let me explain. When I got arrested, I immediately cooperated and threw myself down at the mercy of the prosecutors. I immediately turned over all my bank accounts, real estate, securities, cars, gold bullion, furniture, jewelry, even the expensive clothing that I wore was handed over. The ONLY thing that I kept was a few thousand dollars to pay for my attorney.

And I told my attorney plainly, “I am guilty” and “Please negotiate the best possible deal.” At the end of the day, they not only took everything from me. But my mother even sold her home and gave the proceeds ($100k) to help pay down my restitution. Everything was gone. And I mean everything. I consider myself very lucky.

The moral of the story

The track record speaks volumes. Some people change; others stay the same. Narcissists are what they are, and swindling people is what they do best; they throw their own mother under the bus to stay alive.

Hope you enjoyed the article – Emmert Moose