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An excellent trading room. All trades are transparent, recorded with accuracy, and replicable to the subscribers. The moderator can be a impatient at times, but what is most important is performance, and I can honestly say that Raven Wood is an excellent performer. I highly recommend giving this trading room a try.

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Pros: Completely transparent. Moderator aims on providing an excellent trading service. I found the results to be excellent and a good value to the subscriber.
Cons: Raven Wood is a bit of curmudgeon and definitely impatient. Does not welcome any sort of critique and is prone to bouts of shouting and screaming.

Thanks for reading today’s review about RevsFuturesDayTrading

What’s RevsFuturesDayTrading? RevsFuturesDayTradingRoom is a daily trading site that offers live trading signals for the stock index futures in a monthly price of $299, plus a hedging bundle that includes one evening of personal empowerment at $1499, in addition to a 5 day trading bundle at $5499. The website is managed and preserved by a dealer which goes by the title Raven Wood, although I’m uncertain what his actual name is.

Raven has kind of an intriguing back story, at once that he had been a moderator for its PureTick trading space, which includes a fairly sordid reputation. A fast test on shows that Raven left PureTick at 2011, also based his own trading enterprise in 2012.

Initial Observation

The website is certainly not a beautiful website. It loads slowly, and appears to have been roughly pieced together, with different parts being added over the years. I typically like to look at the general appearance of a website, as this gives some sort of clue as to whether the owner takes a lot of pride in appearances. However, a website that looks too good and is full of hyped statements about outsized performance is also a red flag. When I look at Rev’s website, I cannot help but think that he is certainly no internet marketing.

However, what is most important on a day trading website is whether the trading  performance is fully disclosed and clearly displayed. Raven Wood certainly passes this test. As you will see, he maintains a spreadsheet of all of his trades that can be viewed here. As you will see, the performance is certainly impressive. One of the things that I liked seeing is that he posts the gross profit and loss as well as the net profit and loss. Showing the net profit and loss is important because commissions play a big part in whether a trading room is profitable or not. I have witnessed other trading rooms that show a very healthy gross profit, but the volume of trades is high, and the commission eats into a large portion of the profits.

A quick perusal of the spreadsheet reveals that Raven Wood is certainly not a high volume trader and that the majority of his trades are during the early morning of the trading session. All in all, I would say that it looks great. But I have seen many spreadsheets from many different vendors that are whole fabrications, so I next needed to witness actual live trading, from random trading sessions to authenticate.

Inside the Trading Room

In the previous months, I have received approximately 25 requests to review this trading room. However, Raven only offers a one day free trial, which is simply not enough time. Thankfully, a reader was a paying member, had some nice things to say about Raven, and allowed me to access the room via his paid portion. Without revealing the name of the subscriber, I will say that the bulk of this review is predicated upon a single week in July.

In addition to the single week in July, I also managed to cobble together an additional three days of screen recordings in August. These additional trading days were essential in determining whether the July sample was a fluke.

The Results

During the one week trial in July, all trades were recorded using Camtasia screen recording software. Everyday, I would check to see if the trades that Raven called inside of the trading room matched perfectly to what I was witnessing on the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, Raven does not update the spreadsheet daily, so I had to wait an extra week to see if the results matched. In particular, I was looking for any performance inflation, or if he omitted any losing trades. Once Raven updated the results on the spreadsheet, I was able to review the trades. In truth, I was pretty amazed to see the exact performance reported and accurate.

A few weeks later, in August 2015, I also conducted three more additional screen recordings. Raven finally updated the trades for the month of August onto the spreadsheet on August 15. Once again, the trades matched perfectly. Truthfully, I was impressed.

The Trading Room Experience

So what can you expect to see inside of the trading room? And, are the trades able to be replicated?

Everyday, the trading room opens at about 5 am. But dont show up that early, I did and I basically just sat there waiting for someone to do something. A better time to show up would be at about 9AM EST. You will usually find Raven begins talking around 9:15AM EST and he begins prepping for a trade at about the open of the market.

One of the things that I really like is that there is plenty of time to follow along and attempt to copy what Raven is doing. As you can see from the following screen shot, the trades are executed directly from the chart. There is none of that BS where the moderator simply say’s, “I AM LONG! LONG! LONG!”. Raven will clearly, at all times display the trades. Which is quite refreshing. Have a look at this recent trade that I captured via screen recording..


Only on a few occasions did I find it difficult to follow along. In particular, he would attempt to execute a trade on the YM for a long trade, while he was concurrently short in the ES. Its seemed a little bit counter intuitive to be long in the YM and short in the ES. However, my opinion does not really matter. The only thing that matters is results and transparency. Raven is certainly transparent.

During the review period, I found only one red flag. It appears that he is trading on a simulator. Every so often I would catch a glimpse of the trading DOM which clearly displayed the dreaded “SIM101” which is the standard simulated trading account at Ninja Trader. Is this something to be concerned about? Truthfully, I am not sure. My suspicion is that sometimes he takes trades on his personal account, and sometimes he takes trades on Sim. Considering how well his individual performance figures look, I am curious why he would ever take a simulated trade.

The simulated trading was definitely something that I wanted to get some feedback on from Raven. And so I called him on the phone.

My Telephone Call With Raven Wood

And so, I have tens of thousands of people who read my website on a daily basis, and also the huge majority of my reviews are totally awful. Nobody needs a terrible review! Well, things did not go well with all our telephone call. Apparently Raven needed a shit list of problems with my testimonials. Specifically, at some stage on my website I had been demanding on Dean Handley about charging a commission to be on his own Trading Titans list which I suggested that he’d paid to acquire a fantastic review. This truly rubbed Raven the incorrect way and that he proceeded to express his own view, lets just say he was not pleased. In fact, some do cover Dean Handley due to their favorable reviews, but in my own view this isn’t actually a huge thing. Provided that the item is great, then a paid inspection for the challenging job of preparing a trading inspection is justified. But, Raven didn’t like what that would suggest towards him. I explained that I thought him that wasn’t the matter.

The sole issue that I needed an explanation was using a trading simulator.

In fact, I just needed a little caution on the usage of a simulator.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether Raven Wood likes me or dislikes me is really irrelevant. The only thing that matters is whether this guy is running a trading scam. I have to say with complete honesty, the guy is certainly no scammer. I found that his trading signals are spot on, highly replicable, and they guy is damn good trader. I honestly feel that something positive can be learned from him. Writing this review is certainly a breath of fresh air for me, the vast majority of my reviews are downright ugly. I only wish that I could of gotten along a little better with Mr. Raven Wood.

Also, I want to give a big thumbs up to Dr. Dean Handley for being the person that originally found this trading room. Without his hard work and efforts, this room would probably still be languishing in some dark corner of the internet. I have been critical of a few Dean’s reviews in the past, but on this trading product, he certainly got it right.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the haters will find that their voices are heard.