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Pure Financial Academy is owned by Will Busby, operating from Atlanta, Georgia.

Will Busby has no verifiable trading results, audited history, or verifiably active trading accounts. Yethe expects consumers to willingly fork over, up to $12k for a truly magical trading instructional experience.

Is offering a”completely automated” trading system that is allegedly a’set and forget’ trading platform for $5k. Yet does not have any performance outline for the machine, no track record to substantiate the performance and very little cooperation with a review from TradingSchools.club.

Will Busby asserts it would be”unethical” to show actual trading functionality. How so?

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Pure Financial Academy is a trading educational company owned and operated by Will Busby, out of Atlanta Georgia. According to Archive.Org, the Pure Financial Academy website has been active since about 2010.

Pure Financial Academy is currently offering the following courses and trading magic:

  • Silver Pro Trader Program for $1995. You will supposedly learn how to “follow the smart money” and “locate institutional supply and demand.”
  • Gold Pro Trader Program for $2995. You will learn additional analysis techniques including the secrets of Fibonacci analysis.
  • Platinum Pro Trader Program for $5947. You will learn the ultimate secrets and be able to speak with Will Busby directly. Such an honor.

Pure Financial Academy also offers “Professional-Level Trading Software” which includes the following:

  • Supply and Demand Volume Zones for $1497. The software purports to be able to predict price direction on ALL timeframes and scale. Whether you are using a 5-minute bar chart, a 5-second bar chart or a 5-year bar chart…the software auto recalculates and supposedly makes predicting the future very easy. The software is delivered as an indicator for the NinjaTrader platform.
  • The PFASD Trading System for $4,999. An automated trading strategy that supposedly uses “adaptive algorithms” that automatically deliver amazing profits on all asset classes, all time frames, all the time. Just “set it, and forget it.” This is trading made easy. Without all the hassles of thinking, learning, and making decisions for yourself.

Contacting Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy

In addition, we also received one complaint regarding the 4,999 trading system.

Throughout the month of May 2017, we reached out to May Busby in Pure Financial Academy requesting more info about his personal trading functionality, in addition to the functionality of his”put it, and forget it” trading platform. Will Busby, in multiple videos and presentations, declares that he is a”full-time professional dealer.” This sure sounds fantastic, but with no verifiable track record…it signifies nothing.

Will Busby responded that he could provide no track record of his private trading results. Nor does he have a verifiable track record for his supposed”set it and forget it” trading system. And, that individuals must”read my testimonials on my website” and asserts that his testimonials are 100% real.

So allow me to get this straight…Will Busby expects people to send him $12,000 to learn his magic trading methods, or $5,000 for his’super-secret’, 100%’foolproof’ trading system, yet can provide no track listing he has ever made a nickel trading the markets? Sure sounds like a bet for suckers to me.

And Will Busby thinks it would be unethical to show an account statement for their trading performance? What’s that unethical? In my opinion, the only thing unethical would be creating outrageous claims of becoming a full-time expert dealer, when in fact, you have no verifiable track record of ever making a nickel at the markets. Can Busby is encouraging folks to”make a career shift”, nevertheless it seems that his sole career in life has been selling trading magic. Ridiculous.

This criticism triggered the review. How did the trading platform perform in actual time? Terrible. After 90 days, the purchaser of this trading system described the obliteration of the $20k trading accounts. After every loss, he believed if the”elastic calculations” would really begin adapting and delivering gains.

For him, the only adapting was needing to work overtime hours to repay the credit score debt of $5k. The money he borrowed to purchased the”set and forget” trading platform. She warned him to leave the household savings account independently, they simply couldn’t afford to lose $20k of their retirement savings. A hard lesson learned.

Wrapping things up

This reminds me of the annual fair that comes to my town. I have been attending the annual fair for nearly 40 years. And located within the fair is the ‘Fortune Teller’, also known as Mistress Helga. I remember when I was a kid my mother dragged me into the tent. She wanted to know her future, and whether my father was being faithful. As I sat there, clutching my corndog, I had to listen to this stream of mumbo jumbo from a lady wearing a purple headscarf.

A few years later, I was once again dragged into the tent. This time, with my sister that wanted to know if her husband was “truly the one.” More mumbo-jumbo. But Misstress Helga was now old and her daughter was running the show.

Even more years later, I was once again dragged into the tent with Catrina. She wanted to know if I was cheating on her. (I was) But this time, the fortune teller yet another spawn on Misstress Helga. The fortune teller told Catrina that I was not cheating, but I had a “wandering eye.” And, that my heart could be contained by burning a magic candle every day for 30 days. The candle cost $10. It didn’t work.

Thanks for reading. And if you have ever had any experience with the Will Busby, would love to read your story below.