On May 15, 2017, TradingSchools.club published a highly negative review of Pure Financial Academy. You can read the original review by clicking to link. We detailed how Pure Financial Academy was founded by Will Busby of Atlanta, Georgia. One detail that we got wrong about Pure Financial Academy was the assumption that Will Busby was related to Tom Busby of DTI or Diversified Trading Institute.

Part of the TradingSchools.club investigative process includes snooping out where a website server is physically located, and more importantly…the other websites that are also being hosted on the same server.

At that time, both Will Busby and Tom Busby had websites parked in the same data center, and more importantly, both websites were using the exact same server.

The odds of two people named Busby, offering nearly identical trading products, housed in the same data center, using the exact same server are nearly impossible to calculate. Hence the assumption that Will Busby is a relative of Tom Busby.

TradingSchools.club, based on user feedback, corrected the article to remove any affiliation with Tom Busby. But still, I wonder…

The Original Review of Pure Financial Academy

The biggest reason why Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy received a negative review was that:

  • Individual complaints from 3rd parties
  • Being ignored by Will Busby during the review process. (Will Busby knew I was writing a review)
  • Lack of performance disclosure by Will Busby.

In short, his website was selling a $6,000 trading educational package, a live trading room, and ‘magical’ trading indicators. Yet Will Busby could not provide even a whimper of evidence that he had ever earned a nickel trading Futures contracts.

Like most investment educators that have nothing positive to share, Will Busby decided that ignoring the situation was his best option.

Pure Financial Academy Review: the Google effect.

Well, it took a few weeks for Google to index and position the inspection. And they apparently felt it important to set the review on Page One of the search engine positions.

While this occurs, it is simply amazing how quickly a vendor wants a new review.

Throughout the spring of 2018, Will Busby eventually picked up the phone and called me. Which is the best thing a pissed off trading educator can perform. Most maligned folks describe me as’goofy, outrageous, humorous, or light-hearted.’ Nothing similar to the sharp elbows pitched through a negative review.

The truth is that I will do just about anything to help a vendor get a great review. I want to encourage good behavior. Its the stated goal of TradingSchools.club to expose the turds and help the companies offering helpful products.

Will and I had a great conversation. I told him in simple terms, that I am looking for the following:

  • The existence of a real trading account. Where I can tell my audience, ‘he really trades!’
  • A minimum of break-even performance. (Heck, I will write positive material with just break even performance.)
  • A track record of at least 3-months.

If I cannot get any of these, I will even go the extra step and make the bare minimum request that the user send me trading signals that I can track. After 3-months of following the signals, I will draft a review based upon those signals. And if the signals suck, they can keep trying until they build a positive track record of hypothetical performance.

Basically, I need cover. The audience of TradingSchools.club is a tough crowd. They want ‘meat-on-the-bone’ performance in which to base their purchase decisions.

Will Busby agreed. In fact, he stated during our phone conversation that,

I dont actually have a live trading account. But I agree that I should have a live trading account.

At that time, I told Will that I understand. That I really want to see him succeed. That I will do everything that I can do help him succeed.

I told Will to no longer worry about the original negative review. That I would keep the review up, but I would ‘hide’ the review from Google so that it would disappear from the search engine rankings. Additionally, I ‘hid’ the review from my audience by modifying how TradingSchools.Org displays information.

This is not fair to my audience. But once again, I will do everything in my power to help a vendor improve a negative review. And do everything available to help a vendor to build a winning track record.

Most reasonable people would agree — this is more than fair.

The TradingSchools.club and Pure Financial Academy agreement

Will and myself struck a deal. I would ‘hide’ the negative review, and he agreed to the following:

  • Will Busby would establish a small account to be used for tracking purposes.
  • TradingSchools.club would base the new review on any 3-month rolling performance.
  • I would provide an update to the TradingSchools.club audience after 6-months.

Additionally, I told Will, if he simply tried with a live trading account and failed miserably, that I would even go the extra mile and not write anything negative about his performance.

Most reasonable people would agree — this is more than fair.

Pure Financial Academy: Six Months Later

On my calendar, I marked the 6th month date. And so I reached out to Will Busby and sheepishly asked ‘how’s it going Will?’ and ‘hopefully we can get the positive review written.’

And Will Busby’s response? A bunch of fucking nonsense.

To begin with , he gives me a lame excuse of how he opened a trading accounts for a single month. Then closed it for whatever reason. I just sat in my seat and regrettably read the gibberish, which was laced with the usual”God Bless” crap. And he had been”in a fantastic place” and feeling good about himself and how he is helping people to learn how to trade and succeed investors.

Really, it’s just sickening. Absolutely pathetic. As I read this scribble, I thought to myself how he was justifying his deceptive behaviour because his pupils had warmed him with accolades.

People, this is the blind — leading the blind. Over a cliff.

Will, when you read this…it will hurt. And as I told you in our latest email exchange, how do you live with yourself? How can you live with such a lie, about yourself? How do you get up every morning, and create these whack-a-doodle trading video recaps, where you state to the audience that you are making live trades? You are a fraud. A phony.

When you read this, I hope it stings. If it stings, it means that you are still a human. If it does not sting, then you are truly lost.

Wrapping things up

In my opinion, part of the problem with the massive fraud in the investment educational industry, is the broker enablers.

Yes, you guessed it. Will Busby and Pure Financial Academy are being pushed on the general public by Ninja Trader.

Ninja Trader is proudly pumping Pure Financial Academy to their massive database of investors. Like sheep being lead to the slaughter, small investors trust the implied credibility and endorsement of Ninja Trader to help them make the right decisions.

But has Ninja Trader made even the tiniest effort at vetting Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy?

With only a flicker of inquisition, Ninja Trader could simply peep into the trading records of Will Busby. They promote each other like a flea needs a dog. Yet, they do nothing.

How can small investors continue to support a Futures brokerage that apparently, care more about liars and thieves, than about the small investors that trust them?

Thanks for reading.