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There’s something for everybody. The way to get rich fast scalping Forex, the way to get even wealthier purchasing and selling stock options, alluring to become wealthy with a super-secret trading index to exchange Exchange Traded Funds.

A legitimate carnival barker with over 17 decades of expertise hustling the innocent and the dire. Equipped with a boiler room and hyper-aggressive salesman who recommend that buyers take out 2nd mortgages and borrow from credit cards. Promising that instructional prices can be easily recouped using a’copy and paste’ trading applications that allegedly delivers a near-constant flow of easy money.

Pure nonsense out of a pitiful liar. No history of trading successfully. Even a charlatan, a con-man, a carnival barker lacking even the minimum quantity of decency and ethics.


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Thanks for reading today’s review of Profits Run

Profits Run is a trading educational business company owned by Bill Poulos, operating in Wixom, Michigan. Per Archive.Org, the company appeared on the trading educational game in 2001. Profits Run is offering a virtual smorgasbord of different trading products and services. Profits Run is currently selling the following:

Profits Run is offering a virtual smorgasbord of different trading products and services. There is something for everyone. Currently, the company is selling the following products and services:

Profits Run occupies the following social media channels:

Profits Run Marketing

To define Profits Run as a trading educational business is like describing a McDonald’s restaurant, as a simple hamburger shop. Profits Run is a massive sales franchise.

Profits Run is first and foremost an internet marketing company. That happens to be selling trading educational products. How many different products and services? According to Archive.Org, the company first appeared on the trading educational scene back in 2001. spent several days attempting to curate a complete list of trading products, the truth is that so many products have existed and then disappeared, that we could not fully account.

However, we were able to build a database of websites and web addresses that have been used over the past 17 years of operation. The following is not a complete list, but our best effort:

As you can see, we are talking about a massive amount of websites.

Profits Run executes their marketing strategy through various unique marketing channels:

  • Traders Expo/Money Show seminar circuit.
  • Google ads that focus on keywords related to trading and make money from home schemes.
  • Email list purchasing, list sharing, and co-promotion with others selling similar products

Profits Run Aggressive Boiler Room Salesman

Profits Run also operates a boiler room. Where sales agents aggressively call customers and attempt to sell a product that fits the demographic of the person on the telephone.

During 2016, as well 2017, used various alias personalities with varying email addresses and geographically independent phone numbers in an attempt flush out the size and the scope of the sales operation.

In one conversation, we depicted as an elderly person on a really limited income. The salesman recommended a $9,000 purchase that included applications, and daily options picks. That the majority of men and women pay off their educational prices quickly with trading gains. That money worries will soon be a thing of the past.

In still another dialog, we depicted as a young man looking to make money as quickly as possible. The salesman suggested that a 16,000 purchase together with the principal center on scalp trading the Forex markets. We mentioned that our sole resource was our college investment fund. The salesman signaled that the trading courses would substantially outweigh the advantages of acquiring a college education.

Essentially, the Profits Run buffet of products has been created so that the salesman can quickly and easily match a product with the demographic of the person on the telephone. The sales technique is similar to sales operation of Vantage Point trading software, or Market Traders Institute.

Profits Run: where is the verified performance?

Profits Run is making some very bold promises and assumptions that traders will earn massive profits from the use of their investment products. In one recorded seminar, the owner of the company, Bill Poulos claims that he has helped 17,000 people become full-time professional traders. And countless others earn thousands of extra dollars each month, by simply copying and pasting the trading signals from the software.

Profits Run

Yes, I want an extra $2k every week.

But does Bill Poulos have a verifiable track record of ever trading successfully? Nope. In our multiple requests to the company, we attempted to verify his many claims of amazing trading profits. He ignored all probing questions and simply quipped, “this information is for educational purposes only.”

We asked the various salespersons on the telephone if they were using the trading products that they were aggressively selling? They all replied, “Absolutely, I am making BIG BANK.” However, when asked to verify these supposed profits, they simply could not.

Complaints about Profits Run

In the past two years, has received and reviewed dozens of complaints regarding Profits Run. The most common complaint is that the trading software was useless, and nothing more than off-the-shelf trading indicators displayed on market data.

The second most common complaint is that the company does not honor their promise of a money back guarantee. Essentially, the company will attempt to stall, manipulate, or parlay with the victim in hopes that the victim simply gives up and goes away.

The following are a few excerpts of complaints that we have received and reviewed:

ProfitCaster is a COMPLETE SCAM. I quickly realized that Bill Poulos knew less about trading than myself. -A

RUN FAST FROM BILL POULOS. He scammed me for $2000. His course is complete garbage. -B

I purchased Wealth Income Generator hoping it would change my life. It didn’t. And they refused a full refund. -C

Avoid this con man. Every month, a new twist on an old product. The Taco Bell of trading educators. -D

I purchased Forex Income Engine and promptly lost $10k. -E

Buyer Beware! This guy, and his son are con artists looking to steal from newbies. -F

Wrapping Things Up

There is absolutely no problem with purchasing a trading product. But you need to make sure that the trading vendor or trading educator has a verifiable track record of prior success. If the vendor balks or makes excuses or pleads some sort of lame argument that “the regulators say it’s illegal” or “my attorney say’s it illegal” or “I am a private person, and I don’t want anyone to steal my identity” is just stroking your candy cane. Hoping to sweet talk your credit card out of your pocket.

Thanks for reading. Would love to know if you have ever had any experience with Bill Poulos.