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I love profit.ly, its a great website and Tim  is the bomb. Try it out see what you think. Stock trading Pro’s trying to earn a fast buck out of the market, nothing wrong with that. A couple excellent dealers do ply their wares at Profit.ly, however much too much chicanery riddled with outright fraud.

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Pros: Sprinkles of fact can sometimes be located at Profit.ly. A fair attempt at transparency. Several good and verified traders actively promote the community in Profit.ly.
Cons: The affirmation of broker accounts in Profit.ly is easily gamed and can't be trusted. Most everybody on Profit.ly is submitting trading outcomes which are beyond humor and trying to market a newsletter. The whole website is essentially a marketing funnel for Tim Sykes to market goods.

Let’s Discuss Profit.ly

If you have been around awhile, you’ve probably heard of Profit.ly. What’s Profit.ly? If you do not understand by now, let me be give you a concise overview. Profit.ly is a site where any trader can combine for a small charge, and the trader may upload broker statements into the Profit.ly database. The purpose of Profit.ly would be to find out who can actually trade, and that cannot trade. The original notion was to weed from the most unethical fraudulent trading sellers and con artists from the fair trading sellers, many I written about on this blog. Anyhow, the Profit.ly system is supposed to become a fool proof system where just true trading entries and exits are inputted directly from the brokerage company into the servers in Profit.ly, time stamped and irrefutable. No dishonest stuff! The website was made by Tim Sykes, a pretty famous marketing character, a man with deep pockets and a big following of faithful worshipers keen to subscribe to his insider stock tip newsletters. In addition to Tim Sykes selling newsletters, in addition, there are a few other Guru’s. One of these Pro’s I recently had written an overview about is a guy named Paul Scolardi (Superman) www.super-trades.com. Paul is a scammer, just my opinion.  But what I want to speak about is your verification system at Profit.ly.

Can You Trust Profit.ly?

What a great site. If you log on the profit.ly site and hunt for the most lucrative dealers, you will notice a listing such as this…pretty astounding amounts. One must wonder is somebody called Lucky Strike made $10.94 million bucks. Or a different user name ECNC made $7.33 million bucks. If you drill down deeper, then the profit.ly website really shows a equity curve of every one of those dealers. The equity variety is excellent with the majority of these men on the initial page frequently making $50,000 each and every day, with no distress any losses! Now remember that just about everyone is promoting a newsletter on Profit.ly. Obviously, Tim Sykes gets a reduction of every one the sales. And all this makes you wonder if each of these gains are actually real, or simply made up crap. Consequently, if you operate a very simple google search for Profit.ly or even lots of the newsletter ace that you see Profit.ly, there’s an absolute certainty that a military of people may declare how good Profit.ly is and just how much they’re also making huge gains. Obviously, every one these reviews also relate straight back to Profit.ly, finish with an affiliate link and monitoring cookie to record earnings. Who does not wish to subscribe to some $90 newsletter and earn $50,000 per month with nearly now danger, from a confirmed Guru, that filed a broker statement? I surely do!Occasionally we just really need to trust that the Guru. We’ve got a deep desire to feel that somebody out there can help us resolve our problems.

Is Profit.ly A Fraud? Maybe Not!

Tim is a good looking Jewish boy from NY. Frankly, it’s hard to find a voice that is willing to challenge Profit.ly. That is willing to take a critical view and ask the tough questions, look for smoke that could reveal a fire, find inconsistencies that reveal any fraud on Profit.ly. However, I spent a few weeks attempting to shave my head and found out i’m an ugly bald wanna be trader wasting my time on theses silly reviews.  Profit.ly system, attempts to portray itself as a Guru. I could casually game Profit.ly, tying to sell ads on tradingschoools.club which is really not my intention, really its not, then others could also game Profit.ly, with the intention of selling newsletters, trading DVD’s, mentorships, trading rooms, indicators etc.

How To Hustle Profit.ly And Be A Pro…OR NOT

In prison i needed to hustle, especially in the shower, trying not to drop the soap. Did you ever wish to be a stock trading millionaire Pro trader? Well, it would be nice. But what if I could be the worst performing trader on Profit.ly? I don’t know what I’m talking about, i’m just mad i didn’t think of doing this myself first. Now that is an accomplishment worthy of some sort of award. And that is exactly what I set out to do! To be the worst! So lets review the steps I took to be the verified worst trader on Profit.ly. Step 1, create a trading system and then optimize it to buy at the high and sell at the low. And that every single trade was fully leveraged to lose at least $1,000,000. Since I am a pretty good programmer, this took me about 5 minutes. Next I exported all trades out of my trading systematic trading platform and into a .csv file. Step 2, create an account at Profit.ly and select the broker, I selected a Forex Broker. Enter credentials and upload a properly formatted .csv file into the Profit.ly system. The file has to be correctly formatted to be accepted into Profit.ly. Once file is uploaded into the Profit.ly system, its time to admire the handiwork and fully embrace myself as the worst trader on Profit.ly.



Simply amazing, with just a little creativity and bit of persistence, I am officially a really bad trader. Row after row, page after page of confirmed losing trades, a net loss of $650,000,000. To celebrate this amazing feat of failure, perhaps I should also join the ranks of trading Guru’s at Profit.ly. Sell my own newsletter, or DVD, or workshop, or trading system. I could title it “How To Lose $650,000,000 Trading Only 5 Minutes Each Day”.

Tempting, Great and Wonderful

Admittedly, its very tempting to create a fake internet persona and then magically create a “verified” trading record, with the sole purpose of selling a product. It would be so easy to just go to the dark side, take the fast money, fleece the suckers. Much easier than actually trading.

Well that’s it for now. Sorry if I offended many of my readers, and sorry to the people i stole from. With this big letdown regarding Profit.ly. If I could be put one final note into this…I really do believe that Timothy Sykes is a great trader, but an even better promoter.

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