Is Profit ly A Scam?

Yesterday, I Published an Overview of If you’re not familiar with Profit.lythen please see the article which includes advice on how I gamed the commerce verification system with the intent of getting the worlds worst dealer. In a really brief time period, I managed to make an account statements and upload the statements in to that revealed I had lost $650,000,000. This reduction formally crowned me as the oddest”confirmed” dealer on Since everybody on is attempting to be the most remarkable dealer, achieving my target was comparatively simple.

However the actual aim wasn’t to demonstrate I was the worlds worst”100% confirmed” dealer on The aim was to demonstrate that anybody, in just a couple of minutes could creatively match the confirmation system.

One Day Following My Article

I don’t have any clue what the victims I stole from feel for me, but anyhow, i scammed the system together with the only goal of displaying myself as a rookie dealer. My purpose was to reveal”big money” trading, which the transaction results could be utilized as link bait for affiliate advertising. The thought was that when a high school child could develop into a trading millionaire purchase purchasing goods, then anybody can. The hustle was supposed to use his narrative as link bait that individuals would click , then clicked , a tracking cookie could trigger and any purchases created a would make him a commission of earnings. I like this idea, i think i’ll use it here on

How i tried to Implementing The Scam

This isn’t the case with everyone, but young Jeezy afterward explained to me how he generated his millionaire dealer character, complete with bogus trades revealing huge profits…all he did was produce demo accounts with the intent of uploading imitation trades into How? Produce TWO demo accounts in any of the 30+ agents listed on When the double accounts were made, next you purchase 10,000 shares of a favorite inventory in demonstration account A, then sell 10,000 shares in demonstration account . The web effect is that among those 2 accounts will constantly demonstrate a winner. Regular, simply upload to just the outcomes from the demonstration account together with the winning transaction. Following a brief time period, now you can demonstrate a equity curve which looks fantastic.

Next Create Webpages and Video Testamonials

After he made the”confirmed” track record, he subsequently created several sites touting his achievement. In addition, he established several You Tube video reviews. Young Jeezy provided me the Internet addresses and video reviews, but he’d send me a lengthy list of sites of other people pulling the exact same hustle, along with others who had created fake video reviews. Example below:

Watch this movie, its pretty foolish. Obviously, I do not expect you to believe me, go to You Tube and hunt the titles of professionals on which are promoting DVD’s and advisories. Additionally, the world wide web is lliterally clogged up with individuals trying to make a fast buck with this specific same testimonial hustle.

I’m Coming Clean

He explained that originally he had been making about $1500 per month for many consecutive months but gradually the sum tricked down to almost nothing. The normal life span of a publication is just 30 days, and also the goal might buy a educational DVD. But nobody could register for over 60 days. Occasionally they’d buy a Tim Sykes subscription, another ace, then yet another, however in the long run they’d finish of cancelling.

Along with this earnings drying up, family and friends became aware of the Internet videos and became worried that he had been committing fraud like i did. He thought about having a bogus name and paying fake testimonials from professional reviewers on fiverr. However, in the long run, he chose to return to college and complete his schooling.

Well that is it for now, i’m the loser here, i should have done this myself. Truthfully, it’s a lot easier to steal from good people like I did. My mom told me i would end up a scumbag Emmert Moose, and she was right.