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Steve Primo professes enormous returns on all of his trading solutions. Amazingly lucrative trading signs and systems which have earned enormous returns with hardly any work. In reality, in case you’ve got a trading issue, rest assured that Steve has some thing to sell you which will repair the issue. With almost 40 products available plus a menu of almost $50,000, there’s not much left to the creativity.

The one issue is that Steve won’t confirm anything. No account summaries, no statements, no monthly gain and loss for whatever, he refuses to check the occurrence of a trading accounts .Remember boys and girls, I went to jail, i’m a conman so my opinion matters! These reviews are all real real real!

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Pros: Steve Primo is sincerely a nice guy on the telephone. Gives a great presentation and is fun to talk to. Definitely a wonderful salesman. The only problem is that he shares the same problem with many other trading guru's, and that problem is that they refuse to verify anything. However, I have to give Steve Primo and his sales assistant a lot of credit for being ultra persistent. Not a day goes by that I don't receive an email with yet another "featured product".
Cons: A selection of trading products that resemble a Chinese restaurant. You will look at this massive menu of different thousand dollar products and squirm with indecision. Although its fun reading about how much money one will make, of course nothing can be substantiated or proven in any way. Steve simply does not want to verify anything.

Steve Primo: Pro Trader Strategies.com and Specialist Trading.com

Today’s review will probably be covering Steve Primo and the two of those websites that he currently maintains: www.protraderstrategies.com and www.specialisttrading.com.

Who’s Steve Primo? He clarifies that in 1994he left the floor of the market to teach his secrets and proprietary procedures to both beginner and advanced traders throughout the world.

Emini College $5,000

Emini College $5,000

Seeking Archive.org, you can see that Steve started actively promoting trading goods back in 2009. As the years passed, Steve then began adding more and more trading solutions. In reality, there are actually so many products for sale that I had a challenging time cataloging each item. Everything from $5000 superb classes, to $500 indicators, to $2,500 dollar breakout indicators, $10,000 forex mentor application, etc, the list is long…over 40 products for sale. If a person were to purchase everything that Steve has for sale, they have roughly $50,000 in spending money. Everything imaginable is available for sale. The secrets of the trading world await those with sufficient money to spend.

However, after digging through Steve Primo’s sites, the one thing which you’ll never find is any kind of trading record. Nothing regarding performance is submitted or printed. There is nothing to substantiate what Steve claims are the keys to the markets. How can anybody to put a value on whatever Steve is promoting when Steve does not provide an account of his personal trading? It astonishes me that anyone would send him any money to get some of his products, when not one of his claims could be be subtly proved. So, what did I do next? I emailed Steve and asked a telephone call.

Before I got on the telephone with Steve, I had to experience a great salesperson that behaved as Steve’s representative. And he was really nice to me. I deal with my concerns and stated that I would love to buy 5k worth of trading goods, but I just needed to verify that Steve actually trades. I had been quite cordial and non refundable, I only explained that I’ve been burned before and that before I give him $5k, I needed to verify the existence of an actual trading accounts. As nice and slick as the salesperson kept pushing me to the close, I would not allow myself to become too distracted on my objective of verifying that Steve actually trades. All the while, during our multiple discussions, I kept tantalizingly holding out the possibility of my $5,000 and how I badly I needed to invest it.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of sales calls, the salesperson consented that I should have a dialogue with Steve on the telephone. The salesman explained,”surely you need to understand that many would like such personal access, but Steve’s approaches will only be qualified for the very few that might not be pleased to disclose any information and my trading gains should be led to just socially positive jobs, that with wealth comes responsibility”. I agree. And next I waited patiently for my phone from Steve.

Steve finally called me. But the number was anonymous and blocked. After I knew I had Steve on the phone, then I recorded the dialogue and asked I immediately phone him back, and that I simply needed his contact number. He refused. He explained that he would call me when I wasn’t busy. I found this whole thing peculiar. Regardless, I awaited my call .

The following day, my telephone again ringed from an anonymous telephone. It was Steve. I introduced myself and professed that I was very impressed and felt a great deal of privilege at having the ability to talk with such a experienced market professional. And to be totally honest, Steve Primo was a really wonderful man on the phone. We had a few laughs and he was really warm. But , I kept interupting our conversation and directed the conversation back to my original request…I want to evidence that Steve trades. Unfortunately, as fine as Steve was on the telephone, he just refused to verify any type of performance for his many different trading approaches. I even told him that I’d gladly spend $5,000, but I just need to validate the existence of a trading account. He simply wouldn’t do it. He had 5000 distinct explanations and admittedly all the excuses were pretty smart and well rehearsed.

In the conclusion of the conversation, that ended up, I asked him quite frankly, Steve do people actually send you thousands of dollars on your trading products on just a hope and a desire, rather than actually verify that you trade? He responded, “All the time”. We shared a fantastic laugh and hung up.

Everyone is eligible for ones remarks. I cannot give you an honest view of Steve Primo’s trading products because I have no way of even verifying that Steve is actually trading. In case you’ve read some of my blog posts, then you may read about a few of the wonderful spans which trading promoters will go to create diversionary smoke screens to hide the obvious…which is that they are not trading.

On a negative note, I really need to give Steve Primo some credit on advertising savvy and persistence. Once I gave a sniff that I was ready to spend, I had been actually courted and made to feel unique. Another thing about Steve is that he is a prolific email marketer. Once he’s your email, then you may expect a something to arrive just about each and every day of this week. Steve is likely not much of a trader, but he is a pretty good salesman, and actually a fairly wonderful guy to talk with on the telephone.

Thanks for reading. Sorry that this article did not uncover the most up-to-date and greatest trading merchandise. Have to sift through a great deal of coal to locate the not so frequently diamond. Please leave your comments below.