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Here we go again, yet another Futures Truth Magazine/Dr. Dean Handley”Global Trading Titan” proves to be a massive fraud and a phoney. The CFTC filed an injunction to immediately prevent the operations of Open Range Trading and Jody Dupont.

CFTC investigators revealed that the whole scheme was a fraud. The reported trading results were all phoney, the owner of Open Range Trading was a net losing dealer free of trading account, nevertheless exchanged from a simulator and faked the results.

Yet another black eye for the trading educational sector, Dr. Dean Handley, and Futures Truth Magazine.

Huge thanks to the CFTC investigators who thoroughly investigated the fraud and required action to close it down.

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Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Another highly touted "Trading Titan" from Dr. Dean Handley turns out to be a fraud. Trading results were all faked and fraudulent. Owner of Open Range Trading was a net losing trader, proclaiming to be hugely successful and profitable. 100% fraud.

Thanks for reading today’s update of Open Range Trading

What is Open Range Trading? The website is day trading educational company, with a website hosted at www.openrangetrading.com.

The company is owned and operated by a person named Jody Dupont and has been featured in Futures Truth Magazine as one of Dr. Dean Handley’s “Trading Titans” for nearly two years.

Open Range Trading operates a live day trading and costs $250 per month and educational packages priced up to $25,000 per person.

Claims of Profitability

Open Range Trading made some very aggressive claims of profitability. A review of the Facebook page revealed nearly 100% winning days, weeks, and months.

In addition to aggressively marketing on Facebook, Open Range Trading also made claims of outrageous profitability on their Twitter account.

Dr. Dean Handley

For many individuals, when they visit that a trading instructor claiming 100 percent investment yields, each month, for 2 successive years…they presume fraud. I believe most folks did. As least the honorable minded people. But a terrific bulk of the folks which did buy this afternoon trading fantasy, did so based upon the assumed authenticity of Dr. Dean Handley and Futures Truth Magazine. Which will be the very best damn award Which Can Be purchased for $695 deposit and $300 each

But some people opted to suspend common sense and rather rely upon the assumed validity of Dr. Dean Handley and Futures Truth Magazine. Which will be the very best damn award which may be bought for a $695 deposit and $300 a month.

Unfortunately, it was that the supposed”real cash” results published by Open Range Trading weren’t actually”real”. In reality, there was nothing actual at all. The subsequent crisis injunction, issued by the CFTC is alleging a huge fraud. A number of the CFTC’s analysis included the following:

  • Reported results were fraudulent.
  • Defendant claimed to be trading with a real trading account. In actuality, defendant did not have a trading account.
  • Defendant claimed to be a futures trader for 20 years. In actuality, defendant had traded for less than a year, prior to Open Range Trading.
  • Defendant prior trading experience included two live trading accounts – both traded for less than a year, and both traded at a loss.
  • CFTC reported that all of the trading results reported on the website, and social media account were wholesale fraud. None of the results were real, and simply created for marketing purposes.

Fielding Complaints

In the past two years, complaints of fraud regarding Open Range Trading have trickled onto the TradingSchools.club blog. We have suggested that defrauded parties file reports with the CFTC.

Specifically, complaints should be filed with the enforcement division through the following link:


Filing complaints is easy. And the CFTC always responds. In fact, they usually respond within 14 days. The process is simple and discreet. You will be contacted directly by a CFTC investigator and schedule a telephone interview. The interview process is simple and the CFTC investigators are thorough. Once the report is filed, then you should expect to wait for a period of several months. The investigation process takes time.

I can tell you in my own experiences in dealing with the CFTC, they are very effective. And very much not appreciated. There seems to be a large undercurrent of opinion in our society that various regulatory bodies are wasteful, bloated, and ineffective. But I can tell you from direct experience, the CFTC is lithe, streamlined, nasty, and take investor fraud very seriously. The main problem that I hear is that most people never file complaints. Once they discover that they have been scammed, they are embarrassed and want nothing more than to forget the negative experience.

But this attitude allows these financial frauds to continue to flourish and grow.

Thanks for reading today’s update. And a big thank you to the hardworking investigators at the CFTC for doing a great job. Its about time they deserved some credit.

For those interested in the details of the Open Range Trading fraud, the following is the CFTC complaint: (Dont forget to leave a comment below)