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As much as I really did not want to believe in Jason Love, he really converted me. A great product. A great trading room. Only knock is that trading can get stressful and the oil market opens very early in the AM.

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Pros: Honesty. Reasonable priced at $300 each month. Unique trading tools that I have never seen used. Can literally plug in and start trading immediately, and expect to earn real money. Positive cash flow, month after month.
Cons: If you live on the west coast, like myself, you wont like getting up at 5 am. The oil market can be really volatile, stressful, and expect some wild rides. Jason is very comfortable trading within extreme movements, most of us are not. Jason is comfortable being very bullish one minute and then just as quickly becoming very bearish, which creates an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance.

The Oil Trading Group Review***Updated Review-May 28, 2015***
The following review is for the Oil Trading Group, moderated by Jason Love.

As many of my readers know, I am nothing more than a scumbag, always trolling for the newest, latest and greatest trader that I can find and hopefully exploit for profit, due to the loser that i am. I stumbled upon Jason Love while I was trolling through the funded traders section of Top Step Trading Group.

Top Step Trading

What the heck is Top Step Trading? Top Step Trader is a sort of proving ground for aspiring traders that have no money to trade, but need someone to take a chance and give them start up capital. The catch is that the trader must pay a “combine” fee, its basically a try out fee and performance is tracked on a trading simulator. If the trader meets the minimum performance threshold, then Top Step (through a funding partner) will provide the start up trading capital. You can read more about the pro’s and con’s of Top Step Trading here. There are some good things about Top Step, and quite a few negative concerns. If interested in Top Step, read the review.

Finding Jason Love

Anyway, I found Jason through his “Trader Profile” that Top Step uses to market to aspiring traders. What really impressed me about Jason is that someone else had already vetted him through an independent training combine. So, I knew that his performance was real and not faked nonsense that we see and read from so many trading educators. He was a real dude that a 3rd party trusted to trade their capital. I wanted to call him and ask him about his experience at Top Step. I emailed Top Step and asked for his contact information, but they stonewalled me and wanted to sort of protect their investment for marketing purposes. So what did I do next? Well, I did what everyone else does whenever they need to find someone…I googled Jason Love Trader. Bingo. To my surprise, I found Jason Love running a trading room titled The Oil Trading Group.

The first thing I noticed. And it did not make me happy.

Whenever I make my first visit to a trading educator’s website, the first thing I look for is a performance spreadsheet of trades called in the trading room. Who cares how well a website looks? The only thing that matters is whether the educator can actually trade. Does he even trade? To my chagrin, NO PERFORMANCE figures. This is like going to a restaurant, and there are no menu’s. How in the hell is anyone to judge whether there is any value? And so, I emailed Jason and asked him…what is your performance? He responds that if he posted performance figures, then he would run aground of the Federal regulators and was concerned that Top Step would pull his working capital.

Initially, I thought that this was a load of crap, and I told him so. He told me that he really did not care, and that I could look elsewhere, which irritated me further. He just told me to show up for the free trial in his trading room, watch the trades, and see if things worked out.

The real work begins.

Trading room operators seem to universally agree that if someone shows up for a trial in a trading room, that they will be able to quickly discern truth from fiction, value or wasted time. The truth is that showing up to a trading room and watching what is happening is of very little value. It takes a huge amount of time and energy to watch and attempt to figure out if the trading moderator is valuable or not. For instance, with Jason’s trading room, I had to show up for nearly 3 months, take the trades, and build a track record on a simulator. Not only must I watch and record every trade, but I must keenly watch to make sure that the trades called by Jason are not faked limit orders and or mystery trades (read more about faked limit orders and mystery trades) Of course, all of this could of been avoided if Jason would of simply sent me account statements, but he refused for fear of the regulators. Which sucks.

Does Jason really trade?

So, does Jason really trade? Yes. He clearly displays his trading DOM and his resting orders are there for everyone to witness. Over the past 3 months I have witnessed him make some great trades, and witnessed him make some gut wrenching trades. The types of trades where I could clearly hear and feel his anguish over the screen sharing software. A few days in a row, he had an incredible run of tough trades where the market would stop him out by a tick, only to reverse for huge wins. With his voice over the Internet, I could hear the intense pain he felt for leading his team to a few losses in a row. I truly felt bad for him. He cares about the team.

However, what I will also tell you is that Jason is tough. Really tough. You don’t really know how tough you are until you have been beaten flat and bloody and the fight is gone. Do you have the will to get back up? I watched Jason get back up off the mat on several occasions and lead the gang back into the green. Truly gut wrenching stuff, and probably the most honest display of pure trading I have ever seen. I know for a fact that I don’t have that type of toughness. A few times, I even stopped taking trades on the simulator because of the stress. I really got emotionally involved-even with play money

Can Jason teach his method?

Yes and no, well maybe.. What I mean is that he has had so many market battles that he has developed a feel for where to place stops. Many, many times I have watched him put in a tight stop and the level held like a iceberg holds water. I personally do not have this feel for the markets, and I bet that most of you reading this don’t either. The “feel” was paid for with blood and disappointment.

What sort of performance can someone expect trading with Jason?

The following link is my weekly performance trading with Jason on a simulator on my platform. I think you will find that its volatile, but I cannot stress enough that this is what real trading looks like. Its bloody, gory, messy stuff. There is no such thing as a smooth upward equity curve. At least not in the trading world I have experienced.

This is what sets Jason and The Oil Trading Group apart…

In all of the trading rooms and thousands of trades that I have recorded, Jason is the one of a very few that adds to a winning position. On several occaissons, he would have a big winner and would double down his position, at the market. And many times the market would just keep right on moving and he would turn a huge winner into an outrageous winner. Its takes big balls to double a winning position. Another odd feature is Jason’s extreme short term memory when it comes to markets bias. On one morning all he did was harp endlessly about how the oil market was going lower. The market would not go lower and he would take a loss. And then just a moment later he is entering at the market to go long and adding long positions as the market moved higher. Crazy stuff. How can a person hold such convictions one moment, and then so easily toss aside those convictions and trade in the opposite direction? The mind of a psychopath, I guess.

What You Will Not Like

If you trade with Jason, its very similar to being stuck in a very fast car, with a professional driver, driving very fast around a test track, with lots of crazy traffic. Your will to follow and hang on will be tested to the extreme. Your courage is going to be bent and twisted into shapes you had not thought possible. On some days I was left mentally and physically exhausted from the experience. Some days I just wanted out. I wanted out so bad that I did not want to show up the next day.

Every night Jason puts out a video of trade performance. Its a slow, meandering video of what happened during the trading day. But the video is a complete lie. What you missed were the gut wrenching trades that were made. He gleefully omits the vomit inducing slopes, angles and experiences that will be cast upon you. He has this corny way of saying, “It was another profitable trading day, here at the Oil Trading Group”. All slow and easy and calm like, he makes no mention of the terrible panic and stress of the trades. Laughingly, I wish one day he would just be honest and spill the beans about the gut wrenching rides and the vomit inducing craziness of the oil market.

A Warning To The Weak Hearted

Jason’s room is not for the faint of heart. Pussies step aside. If you are not emotionally tough, you will not last long and wash out. Making trade after trade after trade, even on a simulator will leave you worn out and tired. However, if want to see how a real trader operates, this is the guy to watch. Many days I watched Jason pull out thousands of dollars on huge trades. It really got me thinking how I would actually deal with making over $5,000 at a single trading session. How would this type of money change my life, could I even handle having this type of money? The type of money that Jason plays with is life changing money. Maybe I like my life simple and stress free.


Jason is the sort of, but not really the real deal. But, for me, this style of trading is just too much stress. Regardless of how much money I make, I would be miserable with stress. There are other trading rooms that are slower and less stressful, and just as honest. Albeit with slower profits. If you are a youngster with big ambition of being the next Soros, then Jason is your guy. If your goal is to generate as much profit as possible, in the shortest bit of time, then Jason is a great fit.

Hope this review helps and thank you for reading my worthless opinion. Also, your comments are really appreciated. Anyway that I can improve my reviews, you need to tell me how. Also, please feel free to call me with your experiences at 1-800-Emmert-Crook. I’ll won’t rip you off like i used to.