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I’d give 4 stars for honesty. David is definitely honest and forthright in his beliefs and willing to express his beliefs. With much respect, I would have to argue that these beliefs have little value regarding predicting market direction. But David certainly brings a different perspective.

Pros: David Kuvelas has suffered a great deal of ridicule and torment in his attempt to express himself. He is not afraid to express his opinions regarding his unique perspective of financial markets.
Cons: In my opinion, his theories are probably no more or less applicable than most common indicators.

Today’s review is a day trading systems introduced by David Kuvelas:  Oil Trading AcademyCode Trading System, and Emini Trading Secret

This system is designed to run and execute on the Ninja Trader platform, the cost of the system is $600. In a nutshell, David believes that the world is being being manipulated by some people known as “The Freemasons”. He believes that in 2010, he discovered their secret codes and these codes are now permeating through all aspects of society and these codes are being revealed to him through some sort of process he has devised. This secret society and their codes are controlling everything from politics, popular culture, religious institutions, financial markets, and world governments. I think it would be fair to say that David’s views can be considered to be eccentric. Some might even say that he is a bit unhinged or crazy.

I don’t want to be the judge on whether David’s views are valid or not. I would prefer to let the audience read the webpage that has been created by David that describes, in quite good detail how the Freemasons, through these secret codes are revealing themselves. Have a look for yourself. This page contains thousands of descriptions of how the Freemason’s are revealing themselves, and that our only salvation is through Jesus Christ.

The Freemason’s?

I honestly found David’s Freemason page to be highly entertaining after reading it for 30 minutes. I especially liked how David  somehow connected the dots between Star Wars, high fructose corn syrup, card counting, FEMA camps, and the old TV show Mork and Mindy. Its all a strange and funny trip that David takes the audience. He seems to find these secret codes everywhere he is looking.

But, I expect that the majority of my subscribers are respectful enough to give David a wide enough berth to explain his remarks and true beliefs. Lets be fair, it will take a little bit of guts to come onto the web and begin proclaiming a secret society is in charge of everything.

Some readers may think that David is coping with a few mental health problems. And that these key code revelations are only his way to making sense of a world which may seem frightening and confusing. I don’t need to function as judge and jury on the problem of mental health, rather it’s my expectation that viewers give David lots of space to express himself. To call him nuts isn’t fair. To call anybody coping with mental health problems”nuts” is incorrect. Someone can’t help if they’re born together with an unusual perspective. As a society, it’s necessary that we treat individuals with mental health problems such as every other man dealing with another health problem such as a broken leg or a clogged artery.

David is a very expressive man, and he wants to share his thoughts with the world. So let’s go ahead, let him and try and be respectful.

Can The Freemason’s Code Predict The Market?

I have written emails to David several times asking that he provide real time proof that his trading system is producing profits. The most obvious method would be an account statement. However, it was my impression that David is not trading with a live account. Instead, everything is on a simulator. In fact, you will find a series of videos that David took the time to produce that describe how well his system is performing. You can find the videos and descriptions here. Both the Oil Trading Academy and the Code Trading System websites are basically identical. The only real difference is that the Oil Trading Academy website contains a bit more elaboration about the Freemason’s.

If you spent a bit of time and watched any of the videos, you can watch David perform a few trades. Which is great. However, we all know that anyone can simply use the market replay mode in Ninja Trader. Anyone can simply watch a market, then replay the market with a trading DOM and execute perfect trades, all the while using a screen recording program that appears to authenticate the trading. I am not saying that this is what David is doing, but what I am saying is that David could be doing all of us a big favor by providing an account statement that authenticates these fantastic returns. My suspicion is that none exists.

In my own personal opinion, David’s videos are less about trading profits and more about his personal revelations and opinions. But I will let the audience decide for themselves. Once again, I hope that the audience remains respectful.

More Interesting Ideas

David also maintains a You Tube channel that can give you some insight into his unique beliefs. Some of the videos might be a little disturbing. But certainly an interesting diversion away from the monotony of our everyday lives. You can watch a few videos here.

Bringing Order To Chaos

Financial markets are inherently chaotic. Even the most brilliant minds in our modern society have attempted to create formulas and algorithms that will predict which way the market will move. None have broken the code of the financial markets. In fact, the most agreed upon and universally accepted principle regarding market prediction is that market prediction is simply not possible over a large sample of observances. Much of this theory, named the Random Walk Theory dates back to the 1800’s. Over the years, many books have been written by some very smart people that have devoted their lives to understanding price movement in the financial markets. In a nutshell, the financial markets are far too random, chaotic, and unpredictable for any sort of unifying theory.

But still we try. We see that others are beating the markets. We observe short term traders like Paul Tudor Jones, and companies like Renaissance Technologies and how they consistently beat the markets, we intrinsically want to believe. We observe, and we seek answers to these interesting questions. We attempt to apply all manner of nonsense to our trading charts, in an attempt to bring order to chaos. For instance, many of us apply tired old indicators to our charts. Stuff like stochastics, and MACD, that was considered cutting edge trading technology only 20 years ago, but with the advent of back testing software, we now know that most indicators are simply random squiggles on our screen. No edge exists. Its all magical thinking. Its our attempt to bring order to chaos.

Well, that’s it for today. To me, the biggest lesson that I learned from David and his theories, as outlandish and eccentric as they seem…are that my own beliefs could also be considered to be outlandish and strange. I love to place a keltner channel on my chart. It helps me bring some sort of order to the chaos. And yet, I know that through back testing that the keltner channel indicator is no more or less effective than using crop circles or alien sightings to predict the markets.

Please don’t forget to leave your comments below. For this particular review, I hope that the audience remains respectful. I found David to be a gentle person, and like everyone else, he is attempting to bring order to a chaotic world.