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Jordan Schleider of all NqTrader.US asserts to be a complete time professional dealer. Nevertheless can supply absolutely zero evidence of any trading achievement at all. The trading area is a joke. Claims to acquire on 85 percent of transactions. Claims to execute an average of 650 day transactions every month, which equates to $2,600 per month in trading commissions. Another Ninja Trader Ecosystem accredited educational provider that’s proclaiming wild achievement and yet has anti verifiable history. A total and complete waste of time.

Pros: Nothing positive.
Cons: Live day trading room is a big joke. No live trading from the charts, no live trading DOM on display. Trades are mumbled into microphone, "I'm in" or "I got out awhile ago". Outrageous performance claims, zero verifiable track record. When owner of company is asked about providing proof of performance, he becomes highly agitated, argumentative, and dodgy.

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NQTrader.us is a day trading educational website that specializes in day trading the Nasdaq 100 Futures Contract. The website is listed as a Ninja Trader Ecosystem official trading educator. The  business is a one person company that is owned by a person named Jordan Schleider. The Google+ profile page for Jordan Schleider can be found here.

A Facebook profile page for NQTrader.US can be found on the following page.

A quick review of Archive.Org revealed that the website came online in early 2014.

Several YouTube videos of NQ Trader can be found here.

A Twitter profile for NQ Trade can be found here.

What does NQ Trader offer?

The following is a complete list of offerings for NQ Trader.

  • Price Action Private Mentorships $6999
  • 4 month complete day or evening course $1499
  • Video course complete with documentation $649
  • Add Morning traderoom monthly subscription $299
    (Requires video course purchase above)
  • Add Evening class monthly subscription $299
    (Requires video course purchase above)
  • Combo monthly subscription morning and evening $598
    (Requires video course purchase above)
  • One month trial of morning traderoom access $399
  • Additional months traderoom access $99
    (Requires complete 4 month course purchased at $1499)

The Live Trading Room

During the month of May, 2016, TradingSchools.club signed up for several sessions of the live trading room. Since the moderator, Jordan Schleider only allows a one day free trial of the live trading room, we were forced into using several different email addresses and proxy addresses to avoid detection.

NQ Trader Jordan SchleiderThe live trading room typically lasts two hours each day. At no time during the evaluation period of the trading room did we see a live trading DOM on the screen. Also, at no time during the evaluation period did we see any trading from the charts.

All trades are given in a quick verbal expression. Typically, Jordan would mumble into the microphone…”OK, I’m long”.

No stops were posted on the screen. No targets were posted on the screen. Instead, if the trade moved in Jordan’s favor, he would typically mumble into the microphone, “+8 ticks profit”.

On losing trades, Jordan would also typically mumble into the microphone, “that’s a loser, I got out awhile ago”.
My question to Jordan is how in the heck is this of any value? Mumbling into a microphone, drawing some trend lines on a chart, and having little dots appear provides nearly zero value to the user. And how do we even track something that is expressed in such ambiguity? In addition, there is absolutely no verifiable daily track record of trades taken inside of the live trading room. Its just a series of useless mumbling and commentary from a person that claims to be a professional day trader.

Claims of Trading Success

Jordan Schleider claims to be a professional day trader. However, the reporting of his results in incredibly ambiguous. The following are the reported results for the month of May 2016.


Looks impressive right? An 82% win rate! However, there is absolutely no mention of how much each trade was worth. What was the daily profit and loss? What is the average trade profit and loss? The only thing we know for sure is that Jordan is claiming that he executed 693 trades for the month of May 2016.

693 trades during only a single month? Ok, sure Jordan. Let’s now consider the commission costs. Assuming an average commission of $4 per trade. Then executing this strategy means that a person is going to be spending an amazing $2,772 in trading commissions each month. This means that just to break even, a person need to be profitable over $2,700.

A review of Jordan’s prior monthly trading results are much the same. Never a losing month! Averaging between 500-800 total trades per month. By using these statistics, we can then assume that Jordan executes an average of 650 trades each month. A futures broker’s wet dream of $2,600 each month in trading commissions.

Imaging attempting to replicate these trades over the course of one year. You would have to spend $31,200 in trading commission…JUST TO BREAK EVEN. Talk about financial suicide.

Contacting Jordan Schleider of NqTrader.US

Of course, since Jordan does not display a trading DOM, nor does he trade live from a chart, mumbles his trades into a microphone after the fact, and he claims to earn $150,000 per year trading Nasdaq futures. The only responsible thing would be Jordan Schleider to contact him directly and ask for some sort of proof that he is actually a profitable futures trader. Unfortunately, the very moment that you question him, or ask for any sort of proof that he is actually making any money from trading…he get’s REALLY NASTY.

Try and question Jordan’s integrity and he responds with something similar too, “Who do you think you are?” and “Why should I waste my time with such a ridiculous request”?

Is asking for proof of success really such an outrageous request? He is asking the consumer to fork over $7,000 in educational costs, and potentially spend over $30,000 a year in trading commissions, and yet cannot grant even the most minuscule request to prove that he is even trading? Outrageous stuff folks.

Whom in the world would be so stupid to whip out there credit card based upon such a flimsy story?

NQ Trader ReviewJordan, you claim that these are your trading records for the week? OK, then prove it. Lets see an account statement. Lets see something. Anything. Or, are you just going to continue to lambast and verbally abuse anyone that questions these results?

Jordan, you claim to be a full time professional day trader, with proven results trading from a live trading account. Are you even aware that marketing such results as “with a live trading account” and proclaiming these to be live is an actionable offense. Sure sounds like fraud to me.

Wrapping Things Up

Another day, and yet another wannabe trading educator proclaiming to teach “Trading Secrets” at $7,000 a sucker. Yet another trading room where the results are highly ambiguous and unsubstantiated. Yet another “official trading trading track” record that appears to be a mishmash of nonsense and hyped up trading chicanery.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to write your comments below. Even the haters and trolls will find that their voices are heard.