Thanks for reading today’s update of Nonko Trading.

I previously published a review of Nonko Trading. My allegations were simple and direct, that Nonko Trading was masquerading as a stock broker for underfunded day traders, that Nonko’s day trading platform, also known as Logix had no exchange connectivity, and was little more than a stock trading video game. Nonko Trading  was specializing on preying upon the naive and uninformed. Traders desperate to gain 20X leverage on initial deposits were induced into wiring their monies into third world banks with zero transparency, and zero recourse. Once the money was deposited, it simply disappeared beyond a carefully constructed wall of deceit and misappropriation.

My original post was written to expose the fraud in its entirety. Nonko responded to my article by launching a non stop attack on my website which included nearly nonstop DDOS attacks, as well as multiple attempts at hacking into various back door entries in my website. Unfortunately, they succeeded to some degree and for the past three weeks, my website has been slowly closing down the attacks and securing the website from various vulnerabilities. In total, for the past three weeks, the TradingSchools.Org website has been online only about 35% of the time. To those of you reading this, and were wondering what was happening, you now know the truth. Nonko was spending a great deal of money in an attempt to destroy my website.

The latest news

The homepage of Nonko Trading posted a clear headline that they were no longer accepting United States based trading accounts. This was the first warning that something was amiss. A couple of days later, Nonko then began blocking all United States based IP addresses. This was yet another clear sign that they were attempting to build a fire wall and were planning their escape.

As of July 13, Nonko Trading had officially deleted their various websites from the internet, as well has began scrubbing social media profiles. In addition to the disappearance of the websites and social media, the Nonko Trading main telephone number, the support telephone number, and the fax number are all disconnected. They have simply vanished.

By the afternoon of Monday, July 13 I began to receive a deluge of emails and phone calls from very terrified Nonko account holders. These account holders were attempting to log into the Nonko Logix trading platform, and that they had been denied entry. The platform had simply shut down. Several of the individuals that I spoke with were absolutely livid and wanted to find these guys and kill them. Several were despondent and simply could not believe what was happening. One gentlemen, only 2 days prior had wired into Nonko $5,000 and his money simply disappeared. Many, many others are sitting on account balances of various amounts of simply cannot believe that this happened.

Until The Very End

In speaking directly with a number of these people, they had actually read my negative review on June 20, and regardless of this damning information, they continued to believe and wired Nonko monies. Why? Because at the very heart of this scam was the affiliate program that Nonko offered to day trading rooms like, RealLifeTraders, TradeTechEquities, DayTradingPower, etc.. This is just a few. And many of these rooms, I had written highly positive posts. I specifically warned these live trading rooms that Nonko is going to ruin their reputations and that they will be the only ones remaining to point a finger at. Not one of the victims who got scammed by Nonko were aware that every single time they traded, the trading area was making a commission. This aligned the interests of their trading rooms together with Nonko, they’re in collusion. While this case makes its way towards its inevitable criminal prosecution, the trading area operators is going to be the easiest to locate.

Until the end, they continued to push Nonko. Even after I’d warned these dire effects, many told their readers that my information wasn’t legitimate and that Nonko could be trusted. Shame on them. They did not treat their subscribers as an asset, simply something to be used and exploited. How can the trading area operators be so callous? Quite simply, they had to help their readers get the required leverage from smaller accounts. Consider it…the trading room operator could not offer a trading room unless his readers could get the needed leverage. Shame about the trading rooms. They understood better. Anything less is willful ignorance. Hopefully, they’ve learned something.

Nonko Post Mortem

Readers that contacted me regarding Nonko tell the same story, that they deposited $2k-$10k and had lost all of the money deposited inside of their trading account. I could not disagree more. You lost nothing. Understand something, none of your trades ever made it onto an exchange. The Logix trading platform was just a video game. You were trading on a simulator the entire time. You lost nothing. Your money is probably sitting in an account someplace, it was never lost. And you should want it back. All of it. Some readers say to me, “no, I lost it fair and square with losing trades”. My reply is no, you did not lose it fair and square, you were being scammed from day one. You were trading on a simulator the entire time. It was nothing more than a video game, like Xbox or Nintendo.

When speaking with the victims, I hear in their voices how embarrassed and ashamed they feel for being so naive. All of the flags of fraud were so clearly flying and signalling a clear warning of fraud. But they simply could not overcome their own greed, they could not acknowledge what was so obvious from the beginning. Lets once again take a quick look at the obvious red flags:

  1. Nonko Trading had no listed ownership, nor would anyone admit to owning the company.
  2. No company address, or country of origin.
  3. No phone number.
  4. Refused to disclose any broker dealer relationship.
  5. Would accept money from anyone, in any form, with no ID.
  6. Logix Trading Platform had no stock exchange connectivity.
  7. Parked orders never appeared on Level 2 order book.
  8. Filled orders never appeared on TOS.
  9. Customers were required to fund account by depositing into 3rd world banks known for money laundering.
  10. Nonko was blatantly violating dozens of US criminal statutes regarding money laundering.
  11. Nonko was acting as an unregistered broker dealer soliciting and accepting US customer funds.
  12. Nonko created an illegal sub broker hierarchy that employed trading rooms to market and distribute the scheme. This is a clear RICO violation opening all parties to criminal prosecution.
  13. Nonko had already been caught at a prior time of issuing simulated trading accounts while at DAS.

Nonko’s Worst Nightmare

What does Nonko’s worst nightmare look like? Very simply, if current or past Nonko customers begin filling in the form below. The big problem with financial fraud is how all of the victims are spread out so thinly, over periods of time, different jurisdictions, with varying degrees of complaint. If Nonko customers come forward and begin completing this form below…then all of this information goes directly to the SEC and the FBI, grouped and organized. Having everyone together, filing a single complaint at the same time, creates a situation that the authorities simply cannot deny.

Can Nonko Escape?

No. From my prior investigation, the only party that I do not have the exact location is Naris Chamroonrat. Probably hiding somewhere in Thailand. However, I have the home addresses of his mother and his sister, living in the United States. No, I will not be publishing this information, as they have done nothing wrong. However, law enforcement will certainly appreciate knowing how to find his immediate family. Also of particular interest is that Naris is a US citizen, so tracking him down and expediting him for criminal prosecution should be relatively easy.

Well that’s it for today. Sorry this was such a negative follow up on the original review. Normally, since Nonko has simply disappeared then whom would care about a follow up? However, I have a different perspective on this…lets put focus on the scammers and force them into the light. The more we expose these scams, the less likely in the future we all will be taken advantage of.

Once again, don’t forget to write your comments below. Even the haters will find that their voices are heard.