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360WallSt. Com is still another trading educational site by Sean McKissin. Through time, Sean McKissin has owned several different trading related websites that are now defunct.

The 360WallSt. Com site is one of the several different websites that Sean McKissin is presently promoting as either”understand the secrets of trading” or”make money with my trading signals” Prior to being an expert trading instructor, it appears that Sean McKissin sold attachments for truckers.

The vendor has made outrageous claims of enormous gains without providing any proof whatsoever. Vendor refused to verify trading using TradingSchools.club.

TradingSchools.club is interested whether Ninja Trader completely vetted this person and company.

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360WallStreet. Com is a trading course that purports to instruct”Structure Ratio” and”Natural Flow” of stocks, stocks, and options markets. The course includes 21 instructional videos, with over 30hours of”recorded live training.” The cost of the course is $895. 360 Wall Street Review

360WallStreet.com received the lowest possible score for honesty. The website contains no biography or history of whom is offering this trading course. How can a reasonable decision be made if nobody is willing to place their actual name on the website? TradingSchools.club considers this to be a sign of fundamental dishonesty.

Furthermore, 360WallStreet.com publishes a blog of supposed results that began as early as August 2014 through 2016. Blog post after blog post contains supposedly massive profits ranging from $5k to $30k per trade. In fact, our inspection of the 360WallStreet blog revealed no losing trades whatsoever. Truly remarkable. TradingSchools.club reached out to 360WallStreet and requested proof of these supposed massive trading profits…no response.

NinjaTrader Ecosystem

The company is listed as a NinjaTraderEcosystem approved and verified trading educator. TradingSchools.club contacted Ninja Trader and discovered that the person running this website is a person named Sean McKissin. A google search of Sean McKissin revealed various other trading related websites. The following are websites that Sean McKissin managed, or was affiliated with. The following websites are now all defunct.

  • EminiSchool.com
  • 360OptionTrading.com
  • ScalpingTheMarkets.com

In addition to these now defunct websites, Sean McKissin also promotes several other trading related websites including:

Its appears that prior to becoming a trading educational super-hero, Sean McKissin owned a website named TruckerMats.com. A company that sold floor mats that will, “Trick Your Truck.”

360WallStreet Review

As some point in the early 2000’s, it appears that Sean McKissin transitioned away from selling truck attachments into selling the dream of becoming a professional day trader. Com and ScalpingTheMarkets.com we can observe a clear pattern of sites that appear for a couple of years, and then mysteriously are eliminated. Not a fantastic sign.

Along with websites that mysteriously appear and disappear, TradingSchools.club has obtained numerous review requests concerning Sean McKissin. The normal message from subscribers is that keeping track of Sean McKissin is akin to”Whack-a-mole.” He looks at one site, then just as fast reappears with another site touting yet another”amazing trading promotion.”

Wrapping Things Up

In the past, at TradingSchools.club we can usually quickly figure out who is good or bad by the trail of abandoned websites. Legit vendors tend to stay and fight for their reputation. Whereas the scams will typically hustle a few dozen newbies out of thousands of dollars and then disappear. Only to later appear with a new website. We have seen this quite often with listed trading vendors at Ninja Trader.

Ninja Trader has definitely taken a more aggressive position at weeding out the bad apples. But a few slip through the filter. And truth be told, it is very time-consuming to track down and discover all of these defunct websites that vendors abandon.

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