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With the support of NinjaTrader brokerage, Steve and Janie Wheeler of all NaviTrader are selling Kool-Aid flavored monetary freedom.

For the amazingly low cost of $3,974 annually, you also can gain access to truly magical trading signs that supposedly deliver profits of $1,000 daily.

Steve and Janie Wheeler happen to be promoting all kinds of fiscal mumbo-jumbo for the past 15 years, such as trading systems that allegedly turned $30k to $3.175 million in just 4 decades!

The live trading area is nothing of this type. There’s not any live trading. Its a hypotheticals nightmare with the sense of a used car dealership and preference of a timeshare salesman at Mexico.

Financial ridiculousness on an epic scale.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of NaviTrader

NaviTrader is a futures, stocks, and forex educational company operating owned and operated by Steve Wheeler and his wife Janie Wheeler.

According to the Florida Department of State, the business is located at 3837 Northdale Blvd in Tampa Bay, Florida. The place also houses 100 Black Men Of Tampa Bay, Rhazzle Me Dazzle, Hot Dogs Galore, Planet Wacky Wings, and Sexy Angels Massage.

According to, the website launched sometime in 2002. Its pretty amazing to consider that this sort of business has been in operation for the past 15 years. Trading educational companies usually last for 1-2 years, before they disappear like a fart in the wind.

The most powerful and longest lasting trading educators are always creating something’shiny’ and fresh sounding in hopes of driving whatever is currently trending or popular in social media.

NaviTrader isn’t any different. In fact, since you dig through 15 years of archived webpages, you will notice that dozens of’shiny objects’ trading goods have come and gone. For instance, at one time, Steve and Janie were selling’really magical’ trading systems named: Profit Eye, Gain Maker, and Top Seller.

Steve and Janie proclaimed to the world that these amazing trading systems had turned $30k to $3.175 million in just 4 years. The graphic below was pulled from a NaviTrader archived web page.

Is this real?

Of course, this is only a gentle taste of the amazing trading claims of Steve and Janie Wheeler. I would recommend that readers casually breeze through each of the archived web pages. It speaks of either their truly amazing trading abilities or of their truly remarkable showmanship. Ultimately, the customer must decide. But if I were able to consistently earn millions of dollars each year from trading, I sure as hell would not be selling my super secret trading system.

So what are Steve and Janie Wheeler selling these days? Let’s take a look.

NaviTrader current offerings

Steve and Janie Wheeler of NaviTrader currently have 2 primary products in which consumers must carefully choose.

The first product is called the “Pro Trader” trading package. It includes an incredible 3-months of watching Steve use a simulator and win or lose ‘monopoly money.’ Sort of like watching a child play a video game. Nothing is real because the trading DOM clearly displays “SIM” mode on NinjaTrader platform.

I don’t know about you, but nothing gives me more confidence in a trading educator than watching him play a video game.

In addition to watching Steve play a video game, the “Pro Trader” trading package also includes:

  • 12-hour “Forex Bootcamp/Super Traders Online Training.”
  • One year lease of Trendicators, TradeFinder, and Automater System.
  • One year of support.

The cost of the “Pro Trader” package is $3,974 and must be renewed annually.

The second product offering of Steve and Janie Wheeler of Navitrader is something called the “Premier Trader.” It includes an incredible 2-months of watching Steve use a simulator and win or lose ‘monopoly money.’

This package includes:

  • 12-hour “Forex Bootcamp/Super Traders Online Training.”
  • 6 months access to Trendicators, TradeFinder, and Automater System.

The cost of the “Premier Trader” package is $2,777 and must be renewed every 6 months.

How does Navitrader market their products and services?

Using SEM Rush marketing analytics, analyzed the backlink and traffic history for the website.

NaviTrader is at its core an internet based business. And so SEM Rush is the perfect tool by which to analyze how Navitrader is “bringing flies unto the web.”

Not surprisingly, we discovered that nearly 100% of the incoming web traffic to NaviTrader was originating from a single source…the NinjaTrader Ecosystem.

As many readers are already aware, the NinjaTrader Ecosystem was at one time, a virtual cesspool of marketing chicanery. A prime example would be School of Tradeand Sniper Scalping School, both of these companies were promoted through the NinjaTrader Ecosystem. was the CFTC ‘Whistleblower’ that lead to both companies admitting to fraud and being sanctioned with nearly $10,000,000 in judgments.

In the past couple of years, the NinjaTrader Ecosystem has gotten to be more ‘fair and transparent’ and has tossed out many bad actors. However, some of the shady marketing practices obviously still persist.

Why is this relevant to NaviTrader and NinjaTrader futures brokerage?

NinjaTrader and NaviTrader: not a good mix.

They profit each time a transaction is executed. The more that people trade, the more profit they earn.

NaviTrader is a trading educator. They’sell the dream’ of day trading decoration. Their’bewitching’ indicators can be found through NinjaTrader. Every time a person interacts with NaviTrader, they’re essentially being driven to the professional services of NinjaTrader. They are coexistent, symbiotic, they’re part of an interdependent ecosystem. is of the opinion that this interdependent ecosystem produces a ripe environment where fraud my flourish.

Am I really saying that NaviTrader is a fraud? No. Nonetheless, it’s important for investors to realize that certain advertising activities could potentially be translated as potentially fraudulent.

Let us take a good look at how NaviTrader works together with NinjaTrader, you are able to draw your own conclusions on what I would term’ripe’ activity.

The Primrose Path

The first step down the primrose path begins with a visit to the NinjaTrader web site.

NinjaTrader is a massive web advertiser, and arguably the largest retail futures brokerage that serves the retail class of investor. These investors are usually mom and pop type investors that are looking to speculate with as little as $500 up to $15k. Many brokers will refer to these small account customers as “lottery ticket” customers that are looking to take what little they have and turn it into a million dollars. Typically, they are very naive and extremely susceptible to greasy marketing pitches and financial hucksters.

The second step down the primrose path for the newbie and naive customer is to visit the ‘brokerage recommended’ NinjaTrader Ecosystem website. This is supposedly where the newbie and naive can discover an amazing trading system or supposed professional trading educator.

If you visit the NinjaTrader Ecosystem and search ‘NaviTrader’, the very first thing you will see is “Free Trading Room” as well as a list of day trading products that supposedly deliver all sorts of ‘day trading magic.’

Once a person clicks the “Free Trade Room” button, they are forwarded directly to the NaviTrader website where the victim is enticed into filling out a web form to attend the “Live Trading Room” by Steve Wheeler.

Inside the Free Trade Room with Steve Wheeler, using an alias, attended and recorded the supposedly ‘free trading room’ with Steve Wheeler. What did we witness?

The ‘free trading room’ is essentially just a dog and pony show. It has the tone and tenor of a visit to a used car dealer or a timeshare sales presentation. Steve asks the audience how their lives would change with this sort of investment return, and that “with the right tools” this is entirely possible. The key is the heavy implication and insinuation that if you purchase the magical trading indicators, then your financial dreams are about to come true.

$5k into $320k in only six months?

After the person attends the ‘free trading room’ experience and is offered some sort of special offer to buy now…they then enter a truly magical email marketing experience.

Spammy profits with NaviTrader

The day after a person attends the NaviTrader ‘free trading room’ they will then enter a cycle of marketing spam.

Day after day, Steve Wheeler will send out emails proclaiming that he had once again made huge trading profits. On average, Steve Wheeler will proclaim that his magical trading indicators earned about $1,000 per day. We were pretty shocked at such outrageously flamboyant marketing of supposed profits. None of the emails had the required CFTC hypothetical performance disclaimers, so consumers are naturally going to assume that these truly amazing profits are in fact…real profits.

Below are few snippets that we extracted from the emails…check out these amazing claims of profitability.

Are the NaviTrader performance figures real?

As you can see, Steve and Janie Wheeler make some truly amazing claims. In our most recent email, Steve proclaimed, “$5,299.50 in ES and NQ…the last 5 trading days, alone.” But did Steve Wheeler actually earn these profits by trading? Does he even trade? Does he have a verifiable track record?

Our next step was to reach out directly to Steve and Janie Wheeler in search of the truth. The first step was a series of emails embedded with tracking links, we simply asked if Steve Wheeler had a verifiable track record that backs up his claims of profitable trading.

We could watch in real time as Steve opened and read the emails. But not once did he or anyone respond.

Next, we began calling and after several attempts…we finally got Janie Wheeler on the telephone. Our questions were casual and non-accusatory. And she was quite friendly. To warm things up, we asked about the logic behind the trading systems. It became quickly apparent that we were not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed. She would say things like, ‘when the charts turn green, you should buy to collect your profit.’ Truth be told, her description and lack of basic financial knowledge was pretty funny. I could imagine her trying to make chicken salad while answering my tough questions.

Anyway, we drilled down to the very root of the question…and we asked Janie Wheeler very plainly, does your husband Steve Wheeler have a verifiable track record that legitimizes his claims of profitable trading? Her response was succinct and direct, she replied “No, we cannot show you any real trading results. I know Steve trades a little, but that’s about it.”

Wrapping things up

Another dry hole. Yet another trading wannabe with a website proclaiming some sort of magical trading indicator, a hyped up ‘get rich quick’ trading system, and NO VERIFIABLE TRACK RECORD of ever trading successfully.

Yes, we can and should be upset about petty confidence games that push the dream of financial freedom with dubious products. But in truth, we should be more upset with the brokerages that continue to enable these sorts shenanigans. The blame falls squarely onto the plate of NinjaTrader brokerage. They know what is going on. Yes, they have made some minor adjustments to keep the fraud down to a manageable level. But the reality is that the fraudsters have just gotten a bit more creative.

Instead of loudly proclaiming, on page one of their website “GET RICH QUICK” they are now insidiously proclaiming “GET RICH QUICK” in the live trading room sales presentations, and the spammy email marketing campaigns.

Thanks for reading. And I would love to know your opinion.