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Sadly, their live trading room is all but a combination of sales infomercial and well selected chart analysis. No live, real time performance summary of the trading room. No track record of positive trading results for either the software developer or the software sales person. No statistical summary of the indicator suite, only rudimentary “It worked here, and it worked there” analysis. A positive review is awaiting-if the developer or sales staff can show a verifiable profit. MT Predictor is just one of those software/indicator suites built on the assumption that Elliot Waves and Fibonacci patterns can be used to predict financial markets. The MT Predictor live trading room would be the perfect venue to prove that the software actually works.  Until then, avoid.

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Pros: Excellent marketing strategies. Well-developed and mature front end software application.
Cons: Developer and sales person pushing the software cannot verify positive trading history. Live trading room is of little value. Underlying concept of software is highly ambiguous, esoteric, and open to many degrees of individual interpretation. No track record of positive performance.

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MT Predictor, to put simply, is an indicator suite and trade set-up scanner. The foundation of the product is based upon the belief that Elliot Waves and Fibonacci patterns display a predictive quality. The predictive quality, or “trading edge” can then be showcased using either the stand alone version (MTPredictor) or the indicators can be imported into Ninja Trader.

The stand alone version of MTPredictor costs $2,495 without refunds. However, there is a 15 day trial period in which to evaluate the product. Aside from the one time fee of $3,495 for the software, you must also find a market data solution, which costs and additional layer of costs. The company currently pushes either IQFeed, BarChart, eSignal, or Metastock. Data fees range as low at only a few dollars for end of day data, to upwards of several hundreds of dollars for real time data.

MTPredictor indicators can also be imported into Ninja Trader at a one time cost of $2,495 per station. Once again, separate data fees can apply. The main disadvantage of Ninja Trader is that a person is now restricted to only Ninja Trader Brokerage.

MT Predictor Live Trading Room

MT Predictor does offer an accompanying, live trading room that is moderated by John Matteson. The live trading room operates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 AM EST to 11:30 AM EST. But you will not find any live trading. Nor a trading DOM present on the screen, or a visual of a live trading account. There is no track record of any trades called inside of the trading room. The trading room is more of an hour long infomercial on how well the indicators worked on several, well selected charts.

Do Elliot Waves and Fibonacci Patterns actually work?

In the past two years, has written about a multitude of companies that offer trading software based upon the esoteric concepts of Elliot Waves and Fibonacci. Some of thesetrump-golden-ratio-fibonacci companies include Back To The Future TradingProfitunityFX GroundwordsIndicator WarehouseNexgen Software, etc. None of these companies have been able to provide a statistically significant trading edge. None of these companies has gotten a positive review.

Is it really so difficult to get a positive review? Actually, it is quite easy. A software vendor can easily obtain a positive review by showing that either the software developers or an actual purchaser of the product has been able to consistently earn a positive income. Ultimately, this is all that matters. And with all of the mentioned vendors, none can provide even a morsel of evidence that profits are being made.

Take for instance, MT Predictor has been selling trading software for the past 16 years, and with such a large time window, is it unreasonable to ask that the developer proffer some sort of proof of concept? Is is unreasonable to ask the trading room moderator to produce a redacted account statement?

Sadly, neither the developers of the software (Steve Griffiths), nor the salesperson (John Matteson) were able to produce a brokerage statement that verifies if they have been able to product a profit.

Wrapping Things Up

Honestly, one of the most frustrating aspects of reviewing trading software and live trading rooms is that these companies expect consumers to pay thousand of dollars upfront, and hundreds of hours learning a trading concept. Yet, are unwilling to trade the product themselves. They expect consumers to simply trust, and hope that it works. Unfortunately, the vast majority fail, because the concepts that are taught are built upon a ruinous and unproven foundation.

I would love to draft a new review of MT Predictor software. Would love to write nice things about Steve and Mark, but I need some sort of proof that this stuff actually works. And I cannot think of a good reason why they will not release trading records. Can you?

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