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Dr. Al Larson is a cute old man. But he is also a certifiable nut that must get back to his or her medication.

Performance asserts that edge on fantastical, with no trading declines in the previous 25 years. A certifiable whack-a-doodle that claims he can”View the face of God” and this imaginary God revealed a super secret trading formula he is willing to sell for just $6,000.

Claims that key energy fields from a yet unknown alien globe are permeating our bodies and we must use these key energy fields to forecast financial markets. Claims to be able to time travel.

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“Day Trading Forecasts and Money Tide” is a day trading educational service and signals trading service by Dr. Al Larson. They are selling the following trading products and services:

  • Emini SP500 day trading signals that costs $297 per month.
  • Chaos Trading Course $300
  • Fractal of Pi Trading Course $300
  • Face Of God Trading Trading Course $1250
  • Stargo Trading Course $2600
  • WinXGo Trading Software $1800

Dr. Al Larson claims to be a PhD scientist in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, a Veteran of WW2, a professional day trader, and a “fellow traveler on earth.”

Truth be told, Al Larson is an adorable old character. But he is also batshit crazy.

Supposed track record

Dr. Al Larson claims quite the track record of day trading the Emini SP500 futures contract. In fact, he states in promotional materials that since he discovered the “secret hidden energy formula” that he has not had a losing month of trading. And we are talking about since the 1980’s.

An examination of his supposed track record that is posted at shows a flawless track record. Not a losing month since February 2002. Yep, you are reading this correctly…never a losing month in 15 years! He claims over $4,000,000 in trading profits during this span.

Furthermore, he also claims that one of his customers made over $2,000,000 in profits while trading only 5 months.

Contacting Dr. Al Larson reached out to Dr. Al and asked some sort of evidence of his presumed trading decoration. We figured that using a trading course that claims to teach the way to”See the face of God” and apply to trading, he will be more than prepared to show redacted accounts statements of his trading success.

Dr. Al is a scientist, and certainly he can appreciate actual evidence. Data points that can be quantified and scrutinized by peers within the trading community. But alas, Dr. Al wanted nothing to do with sharing his private trading results. Rather, he provided anecdotal evidence that since most people had paid him around $36,000 to learn his magical secrets, this validated his material.

One has to wonder whom would be nutty enough to give Dr. Al Larson $36,000 to witness “The Face Of God”.

I love an old quote that my mother used to say, “Never argue with someone that believes their own lies.” In the case of Dr. Al Larson, he has been selling this nonsense for so long, that it has created a feedback loop. When he sells yet another sucker his trading course, this validates his belief system.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if I wasted your time with this review. But incredibly, 11 people requested that I contact Al and attempt to verify his performance claims.