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Great presentation, but no live trading. No credentials, but i don’t have any either, just my prison pass. no bio listed on website, at least i have mine with a scumbag warning, and no track record of trades. Relatively newcomer to the trading education scene but I wish him well.

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Pros: No monthly subscription fees. Trading room is only a single hour each day.
Cons: No live trading. No proof of live trading account. Moderator is displaying a demo account which shows honesty. Owner will not reveal himself to me because I am an ex-con.

Review of the day: Momentum Trading Group, owned and operated by Andrew Cameron

Thank you for reading, now I will review a comparative newcomer to the trading instruction globe…MomentumTradingGroup.Com. The website has just existed since September 2014, also is supplying a trading bundle for $1,299. The package contains a 1 hour per day live trading area, personal training, informational videos, applications, and one pass through the Top Measure Trader mix.

There’s a professional banner which talks about”Redefining The Standards Of Day Trading” although I’m not certain what that way. If it means redefining the instructional standards of internet trading rooms, I am all ears.


Taking A Closer Look

The next thing that I typically look for is a Performance Page, and then a specific page on the company owners. I scoured the website, and I can assure you that no performance page exists. And so next I look for an About page, as I want to know about the person selling the trading product. Nowhere on the website will you find any information on who actually owns this business, or what this persons qualifications are. I found this pretty shocking, how could they have no About page? Furthermore, there is no Contact page. How is a person supposed to contact and ask questions? And so, right off the bat I have three issues of convern:

  1. No Performance Page
  2. No About Page
  3. No Contact Page


Trying To Discover

This company is trying very hard to avoid selling their product. But still, I press forward and keep investigating.

WhyMomentumTradingGroupOn page one of the Momentum Group Website, there are three graphics that include descriptions of the company and what they can offer us. The first graphic is titled, “Why Momentum?”. It then goes on to describing their decades of experience and how this is our rare opportunity to learn from real life market professionals. And also how they have 65 years of experience in trading personal trading, prop trading, and private equity clients. This sounds very impressive, however we have no idea of knowing who these people are.

The next page one graphic is titled, “Our Live Trading Room” and includes information on how we can listen and watch traders trade the futures market. And thatOurLiveTradingRoom this is a unique opportunity to create the financial freedom the comes with trading. This sounds great to me! And so I signed up for two consecutive free trials of the trading room, but more on that experience later.

ProvenProcessMomentumTradingGroupThe third and final graphic is titled, “Our Proven Process” and talks about the 10,000’s of traders that Momentum Trading Group has taught throughout the years. And how their proprietary software and environment are the keys to your success. And once again, “Learning to be a successful trader is now available to you!” Impressive for sure.

As I am looking and reading over all of this amazing stuff, I keep thinking about how difficult it would be to sell any of this stuff without a track record of any trades, no bio or any information on whom owns this company, and no contact information. Amazing!


The Trading Room Experience

However, my pain should also be your pain. At least a little bit of annoyance.

The week of Tuesday May 12th, 2015 through Monday May 18, 2015 I signed up for two consecutive free trials together with the trading area. Both trials were signed up using an alias and a rented IP address which is illegal, but being the criminal that I am, i used to hide my identity and location. Every day, I showed up on time to your trading room, every session has been recorded using Camtasia screen recording software. At the end of each trading session, the audio portion of the video was transcribed into words, and the movie had been processed by my full time research assistants situated in the Philippines. My very first report from my assistant arrived in my inbox on Friday night, May 18, 2015. She listens to the sound and watches the listed video in HD quality, she’s a college grad and speaks perfect English, and she reported not a single identifiable trade. When I read this original report, it really pissed me off since I expend resources and I want something to compose. I had nothing.

Getting Closer To The Truth

demo tradingBy Sunday night, I am pissed that this room has wasted my assistants time. I pay her $3 an hour as a offshore temp. i don’t hire Americans because i’m just scummy like that.  Time we could of spent on another product like writing fake reviews on my site, but still I had a hard time Simulated DOMbelieving that no trades existed. And so, on Monday morning (May 18, 2015) I decide to get my hands dirty. I log into the trading room and record everything that I am seeing, and I watch the session myself. For an hour, not a single trade. Plenty of talk. Plenty of technical language. Plenty of wasted time. And a few more things I notice, a simulated platform and a simulated trading DOM. Really? This is the type of stuff that drives me crazy.

2015-05-18_22-08-582015-05-18_22-09-17While I am watching this video, I keep thinking back to the Momentum Trading Group website, and one little graphic that is included on page 1, something about 1574 trades analyzed and an 83% successful trading record. What is this guy talking about? There are no trades. I hate to be rough on this guy, and throw a wet blanket on his hopes and dreams of running his own trading education firm, but please, enough already.

Maybe I am being Too Rough

Maybe I am being too rough on this guy? My cell mate man handled me while i was in prison and the memories are coming back. But in all honesty, the guy is giving me nothing to work with here. As a matter of fact, the only way I was able to find out his real name was to troll through You Tube looking for anything related to Momentum Trading Group. That was the only way I found out that his name was actually Andrew Cameron. Ridiculous. Put it on your website. Write something about yourself.

Anyway, some of you might still think I am being harsh, and I get it. But I will let you make up your own mind. The video that you see below is a complete hour in the live trading room. I recorded it in its entirety, there are no edits. Its raw video. If you can find some value in this, then I am will gladly give this guy some credit. But these are the types of videos that drive me the most crazy. At least with the guys posting fake trades and using limit orders, and screaming “I’M IN I’M IN I’M” in their trading rooms, I have something to dig over and have fun with.

Wrapping This Up

Please people, don’t trust my shitty reviews. I really don’t do this because i care, I only do this to disrupt and get attention my mom never gave me. Dear Andrew, I understand you have a great deal of energy and time spent on your trading instruction venture. I can appreciate this. But, there are dozens and dozens of additional trading rooms on the market, and they’re doing exactly the identical thing. You have to differ. You will need to trade. Show a few transactions, maintain a history of your transactions, finally this is the one thing which actually matters. We would like to learn from great dealers, but you’re giving us to use here. I’d be happy to return later and write a new inspection, a shining review. But we want some actual transactions so as to gauge and quantify your own methods. Maintain a log at a google spreadsheet so i can have more ammo. This allows me to begin keeping a few documents. I did so with the other seller, composed a dreadful review, and the pressure got to him like a convoluted young girl he gave in and shared with a Google  a recorder with me.  I wrote him a brand new, along with a shining review, he has paying customers and i’m still waiting for my kickback.

Additionally, I sent you an immediate mail, asking specific questions regarding your trading support. You neglected to react. I gave you lots of warning and time a bad review was forthcoming. No reply. And as promised, I’m putting out this review to the entire world to see how distastefully ignorant i am, prison will do that to you. Hopefully, at any stage later on, we could find a better inspection.

Even the people who disagree with me will discover that their voices are significant so for all you haters out there, please write something nasty below. Don’ worry i was in jail for scamming innocent people of their money, so i won’t be offended. If you trust my trading reviews, you are dumber than i thought.