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Who happens to supply financial amusement in a stock trading chat area. He claims to be a professional day trader, but there is not any evidence of trading success.

In the expansive swamp of day trading chat rooms and trading educators, Mojo Day Trading is probably the most fun to attend. But I would not wager my financial future on what is being sold. The chat room is 100 percent for entertainment purposes only.

Would love to find the owner drop the ridiculous claims of almost”100% winning trades” nonsense. However, I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Proceed with caution.

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Mojo Day Trading is a stocks day trading educational business owned by a person named Michael Rich. The company offers the following products and services for sale and subscription:

  • Mojo University $1997. A one month course which includes day, swing and options training.
  • Mojo Super Bundle $1497. A series of recorded classes related to day trading and indicators.
  • Mojo Advanced Bundle $697. A series with extra emphasis in day scalping.
  • Mojo Basics Bundle $297. Includes one course, and one month of the live trading room.
  • Mojo day trading room $99 per month.
  • Mojo swing trading newsletter $99 per month.

A search on reveals that Mojo Day Trading appeared on the trading educational scene in early 2013.

Mojo Day Trading occupies the following social media profiles.

In addition to the following social media profiles, if a person were to Google search ‘Mojo Day Trading’, you will notice that appears as the number one search engine result. For well over two years, has appeared on page one for any and all search queries related to Mojo Day Trading. However, has never written a review about Mojo Day Trading.

Apparently, a group of persons got into a fierce debate about Mojo Day Trading on the comments section of a random page on the blog. Google indexed the page, and it now serves as a sort of friction point for the past as well as present Mojo Trading subscribers. In the past 3 years, has received dozens of requests to draft a review about Mojo Day Trading.

I am sure that a lot of readers are curious why I have not written about Michael Rich of Mojo Day Trading in the past. He certainly makes a lot of bold and outrageous performance claims. His website includes nearly 100% winning trades, as per the following:

This is the type of review that I usually savor. Where every day is an amazingly profitable day! If only it were true.

Conversations with Mike Rich

I initially spoke with Michael Rich on the telephone back in the summer of 2014. The trading educational business is filled with some interesting characters…Michael Rich is probably the most entertaining character in this niche. He’s either really nice or very irritable. There does not appear to be much middle ground with Mike. One moment he can be incredibly gracious and hot, and next time he is a total asshole. Truth be told, I really enjoyed talking with him.

During our 2014 conversation, I asked for some sort of proof that he was actually trading, and actually pulling off this nearly endless stream of winning trades. Unfortunately, he could provide me with nothing that substantiates the wonderful performance claims. Not that I was actually expecting this to happen, the reality is that nobody can exchange at nearly 100% winning trades.

Therefore, for the next couple of years, I simply watched Mike toil away on the internet. Seeing his day trading company grow, seeing his marketing and his endless flow of corny videos.

All the time, complaints kept hitting my inbox. One man, in particular, was actually pissed off and I told him to create his own review and post it on YouTube. He did a fantastic job of expressing himself.

If you watched the video, obviously this guy is pretty upset. And I do feel for him. However, sometimes you have to wonder how anyone could actually believe in nearly 100% winning trades? It’s sort of shocking really. At what point does a person have to question whether any of this is real? Does the trading guru have to report 200% winning trades? And how can you have 200% winning trades?

Finally, during the month of May 2017, I reached a tipping point on Mojo Day Trading. I got a heartfelt email from someone that lost what amounted to their entire savings. Although to most people, the amount was not very much. But what made this email different is that this person maxed out his credit cards to raise enough money to trade. A really poor decision. This person was really desperate and expressed in the email thoughts of suicide. The message was very dark, and very sad. It really dug at me. Perhaps I should have written something sooner. Perhaps I could have made a difference by providing a warning.

A couple of weeks after speaking with this despondent person, I decided to once again make a phone call to Michael Rich of Mojo Day Trading. I wanted to made a final effort to reach out to Mike and avoid having something negative written. What I wanted to know, could he provide me with something that legitimizes his performance claims? Unfortunately, once again, he could not.

As usual, Mike and I had a great conversation. We laughed at the craziness of the trading educational business. And how its basically a planet-sized wonder ball of horse manure. However, I never mentioned to Mike the story about the customer that lost everything. Instead, I wanted Mike to read it here. Perhaps think about it. At what point do we question ourselves? For me, it was a prison cell. In the quiet and lonely solitude, stripped of my gilded covering, bare naked and terrified. Only at that crucial moment was I able to see myself for what I truly was.

Enough darkness and self-loathing. Let’s talk about what is good about Mojo Day Trading.

Inside the Mojo Day Trading Chat Room

In the past three years, I have visited more live trading rooms than I care to remember. Ideally, a live day trading room should include transparency and a good measure of entertainment. Mojo Day TradingUnfortunately, Mojo Day Trading is severely lacking in trading performance transparency, but I have to tell you…Mike Rich puts on one hell of a show.

As far as earning money with Mojo Day Trading, that’s most likely not likely to happen. However, Mike conducts the chatroom just like a nightly sitcom/financial news show. There is buffoonery, colorful language, jokes, funny skits, and all manner of attention searching engagement. Mike is one helluva entertainer. There aren’t too many chat rooms that I actually need to see, but with Mike, I’m always assured a fantastic laugh.

Well, that it’s for today. I will leave you with a cute video that Mike recently created. It is a testament to his marketing brilliance. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment below.