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A horrible show of a trading room. Millennium Traders embodies all that is wrong with the trading educational industry. Fraud from top to bottom. In addition to day trading rooms, Barry and Jeannie Ogline are also pornographers, delving into the ugliest and most perverted forms of webcam porn. These people feel no shame, remorse, or decency for the life path they have chosen. Avoid.

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What’s Millennium-Traders. com? Surprisingly, the Millennium-Traders are from the trading instructional industry since 1999. The price of these trading rooms are 299 per month, for every individual trading area. There’s not any free trial. But, there’s a 1 week trial which may be obtained for $10 for every individual trading area.

Throughout the month of September, 2015, I bought the 1 week trial for the stocks day trading area in addition to the futures trading area. The shares day trading chat area had been moderated by Barry Ogline along with also the daily trading session generally lasted 3-3.5 hours every day. The futures trading area had been moderated by his wife Jeannie. The futures trading chat area normally last 1 hour. In total, we recorded a bit less than 5 hours of futures trading chat room with Camtasia screen recording program.

Millenium-Traders Performance Claims

Millennium-Traders PerformanceA quick look at the home page of the website, on the upper right hand corner of the website, you will see that Millennium-Traders claims to have earned over $317,000 since January 1, 2015 for the stocks day trading room. The futures day trading room also claims to have earned over $91,000 in total profits for the futures day trading room since January 1, 2015.

To put this into perspective, there have been about 185 trading days, thus far, for the entire year of 2015. Therefore, the average winning day for the stocks day trading room was over $1,700…and a detailed search of the daily trading records revealed that the stocks day trading room had ZERO LOSING DAYS. In fact, I downloaded the entire list of trades since January 1, 2015 and discovered that the stocks day trading room had over 3,700 live signals called inside of the trading room with a little less than 100 total losing trades. The largest losing trade was only $100.

Another thing I found interesting is that Barry claims to have produced these trades with only 100 shares per trade. If you are reading this, and already feeling like this is “too good to be true”, then you are definitely on the correct path. In fact, I have a hard time believing that any sane minded individual would believe any of this nonsense.

Inside the Millennium Traders stocks day trading room

First of all, allow me to say there is not any live trading graphs. No trading DOM, no trading in the graphs, without any live trading account clearly attached to some observable section of the stocks chat space. Actually, what you may see is a lengthy list of shares which Barry is”Viewing”. However, you will never see or hear Barry ever making an entry price. Instead, what you will hear is Barry proclaiming that he is Barry Oglinenow taking profits on one of the stocks that he is watching. So what exactly is Barry doing? This is a very common slight of hand component to this charade…Barry simply waits for a stock to move and then hollers, “See, I told you so! I knew that stock was going to move!” Then he posts a winning trade on the screen and the viewers are supposed to simply trust that Barry actually took the trade.

At the end of these daily, three hour shit shows, I emailed Barry and asked for proof that he took these trades. No response. To add insult to injury, every evening when Barry publishes the official track record…mystery trades would magically appear. Usually 5 or 6 trades would be mysteriously placed inside of the official record, and of course none were losers. He seems to have a daily goal of about $2,000 in profits and just makes this stuff out of thin air.

What is so incredible about this crook is that he seems to have absolutely no sense of shame in what he is doing. This whole trading record is just made up on the fly. I find it incredable that anyone would take this guy serious about anything. Maybe drinking beer, eating barbeque, and hunting alligators…but trading? I mean really folks, look at this guy. He claims to have made $317,000 so far in 2015. The world of trading educational providers has officially gone mad.

Inside the Millennium Traders futures day trading room

Jeannie OglineWell, if you liked Barry’s trading room, then you are going to really enjoy the futures day trading room moderated by his wife, Jeannie Ogline. Have a look at this lovely critter. A quick review of her futures day trading record places her in the realm of truly amazing, maybe one or two losses each month. But fantastic profits are to be had by following this lovely trader. So how does she pull the scam? The same way Barry pulls his scam. She says that she is “Watching” the YM, ES, or NQ, and then after the market moves she starts hollering how she got yet another winner. What is so amazing is how she pulls these big profits in sometimes only a few minutes each day, and then proclaims another victory for the Millennium Traders and how they are the worlds most successful trading room. The whole time I am watching and reading the commentary from the screen chat, I was quite literally sickened that anyone would be fooled by this shit show.

Reyna, my Filipina assistant that recorded the futures day trading chat room was beyond mortified and she quickly started chittering in Tagalog, which is the official language of the Philippines. Whenever Reyna starts talking in Tagalog, then I know she is having a hard time coming up with the proper English words to describe the hilarity of both Barry and Jeannie.

Forex Trading Room, Options Trading Room

After spending a terrible week inside of the Millennium Traders chat rooms, and being forced into watching rerun Camtasia recordings, I felt like I had spent a week wading through a combination of raw sewage and dog feces…I literally needed to scrub my body in the shower, and drink a few margaritas to dull the horror show that I had just witnessed. Of course, I could of stayed another week and reviewed the Forex Day Trading Room which proclaims to have earned over $539,000 thus far in 2015. Or I could of spent a week in the Options Day Trading Room which proclaims to have earned over $410,000 thus far in 2015. But I am afraid that if I spent even another moment reviewing this fraud infused shit show that my mind would be irrevocably damaged. My current prescription of 20 milligrams of Paxil antidepressant would not be enough to keep me sane. But by all means, I recommend that if any brave soul wants to test the limits of this visual torture, then please be my guest and subscribe.

This trading service embodies all that is wrong in the trading educational industry. Pure fraud, from top to bottom. In fact, I would go beyond and say that this is beyond pure fraud, I would call it pure evil. How do these people even exist in a modern civilized society? Do they have children, and how would people like this raise their children? Do they have normal, trusting relationships? Or do they live in an old run down, filthy trailer home,  seclude somewhere in the middle of the Florida swamp?

Its all so crazy and odd to me. In their own minds, how do they justify this behavior? Do say to themselves that because they were taken advantage of, that they are simply doing what was done to them? Do they laugh at the naivety of humans? Do they understand the ugliness, chicanery, and deceit that they freely dispense upon the world? How do they feel knowing that honest people, with honest hopes an aspirations of bettering their lives are being lead into their slaughterhouse of deceit?

Digging Deeper

Truthfully, I did not want to write this review. These people are so ugly and horrible that by simply expressing the reality of what they are doing deeply sickens me. However, I was able to do a little more digging and the truth of these two are even more perverted that just the fraud of Millennium Traders. Apparently, they are heavily involved in pornography. A deep web search reveals that Jeannie also runs a site called Waveside Entertainment. What is Waveside Entertainment? Its a conglomeration of websites offering jobs in live prostitution, live webcam porn, sex shows, all manner of weirdness.

I found all of this interesting. They are offering a fraudulent day trading service, as well as websites offering all manner of web porn. But when you take a moment and think about it, it all makes perfect sense. What is protitution? What is online porn and webcam porn? Its all about fantasy and make believe. Its about deception and exploitation. The fraudulent day trading and the porn and one and the same.

Getting a job at Waveside Entertainment

Waveside Entertainment is always hiring. I was curious about what type of job that I would qualify for. And so I emailed Jeannie about a possible job. I sent an email describing myself as a 45 year old man looking for a job. Waveside responded that I could do Gay Porn, which means that my official job would be to take a webcam of myself doing pornographic acts. Honestly, I am not sure anyone would want to watch my middle aged body do any sort of pornographic acts, but I will leave it up to the readers imagination.

Another job I was qualified for was as a live chat representative. Basically, a girl would be doing live porn, and my job would be to act as her proxy. She would act like she was typing on a keyboard, but my job was to actually craft the message to the potential “John”. Imagine this for a moment, a guy is watching live porn and he thinks that he is talking live with the hot young female, but in reality he is talking to a middle aged man. GROSS!!!! I will never look at porn the same.

Wrapping Things Up

Of each the trading rooms I have examined, and there’ve been numerous, Millennium Traders is certainly the strangest. Are they fraudulent? Probably not, actually they’re pretty much like everybody else conducting a fraudulent trading area. On the other hand, the porn component took it another degree. I felt like I’d been transposed into Dante’s Inferno. As every day I saw that the Millennium Traders chat area, it was just like I had been traveling a level deeper in the pit of hell. Everyday becoming more debilitating the day before. My feet hit bottom when I felt myself sink into truth of this Jeannie and Barry’s porn offerings. Ugly stuff people.

Well that is it for now. Even should you not agree with me, then your voice will be heard.