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Valdemar Kazana, the proprietor of KongzanaTrading.com was recently charged with investment fraud from the State of Ohio. Supposed”real time, 100% genuine” trading outcomes are a total and complete sham. Mr. Kazama propositions readers of this live trading space, allowing him to exchange their account for a proportion of earnings. For individuals who fell for the scam has dropped thousands and thousands of dollars. This man is a topnotch, world class charlatan, that’s presently being heavily encouraged and permitted by Ninja Trader Brokerage/Ninja Trader Ecosystem. Avoid.

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Cons: Was just busted for fraud in Ohio. The supposed trading results are a complete and total fraud. Trading room is a sham and a blatant fraud currently being promoted by Ninja Trader.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Kongzana Trading

Kongzana Trading service is a live, day trading room owned by a person named Valdemar Kazana. The day trading room costs $299 per month.

The Kongzana Trading day trading service has been highly touted and promoted by Ninja Trader Brokerage. The business has enjoyed a prominent listing on the Ninja Trader Ecosystem. Moreover, Ninja Trader has given free webinars that provided more promotion for Valdemar Kazana.

A review of the domain name registration reveals Kongzana Trading is in fact registered to Valdemar Kazana, currently residing at 1506 Trinity Place NW, Canton Ohio 44709.

Kongzana Trading Social Media and Performance Claims

The business has a large social media presence. On the website, Investing.com, Valdemar Kazana claims that he maintains a “world class trading record” and consistently is a top 5 performer among the 26,000 registered investors that currently contribute personal trading data. Supposedly, the trades are all tracked and verified by Investing.com.

But, TradingSchools.club researched Investing.com and found that anybody can create a large number of different”live” trading account along with a literary trading background may easily be imported into Investing.com throughout the MT4 trading platform. To put it differently, the Investing.com site and”live” trading histories are not anything more than a literary input.

As a result of these magnificent performance figures, Mr. Kazana has been able to curate quite a following and convinced quite a few individuals that his trading credentials are superb and authentic.

In addition to the supposed performance figures from Investing.com, Valdemar Kazana also manages a YouTube account with several videos. All purporting to show videos of Valdemar displaying his “live” trading account to the audience.

TradingSchools.club spent a great deal of time watching the videos, specifically looking for video’s that displayed any losses. Apparently, Kongzana Trading has never had a losing day at trading.

In addition to the amazing Investing.com performance and the all-winners, You Tube video playlist…Mr. Valdemar Kazana also displays supposed “live” trading account screenshots embedded within his daily email marketing campaigns. TradingSchools.club has been tracking these emails for several weeks.

Unbelievably, Mr. Kazana never reports a reduction. In reality, his ordinary trading day generally contains net rewarding winning times which range from $2,000 to $15,000 each day. I find it rather fascinating that none of those”actual account statements” could be found on the Kongzana.com site, but are blasted via email. Listed here would be the most recent,”live” account statements which Mr. Kazana utilizes to lure potential clients and investors.

Maybe these few screenshots are not enough trading performance on which to base your decision making? Well, I have great news because Valdemar Kazana also maintains a Twitter page that links out to a mountain of these supposed “real trading account statements”.

Page upon page of amazing trading performance. The list is long and truly remarkable. A review of several months of these supposedly real Ninja Trader Brokerage statements reveals absolutely zero losing days.

But is any of this real? TradingSchools.club reached out to Valdemar Kazana and ask for proof. Absolutely no response.

The truth about Valdemar Kazana and Kongzona Trading

If you are at all suspicious of Mr. Kazana, well you should be. It turns out that Mr. Valdemar Kazana is a complete and total fraud. Apparently, in addition to selling a live trading room, Mr. Kazana’s ultimate goal is to gain access to his subscribers live trading accounts and to convince subscribers to allow him to trade these accounts on the subscriber’s behalf. Mr. Kazana simply charges a percentage of any profits. You take all the risk, he takes no risk. The ruse all starts with faked results and ends in pain and misery for those that are foolish enough to trust Mr. Kazana.

In the past year, multiple readers of the TradingSchools.club blog have reached out to anonymously complain. Some readers might still be questioning and astonished at these allegations. Well, don’t believe me…instead, read what the State of Ohio, Department of Commerce, Division of Securities ultimately discovered about Valdemar Kazana.

Apparently, for many years, Mr. Kazana has been convincing people in local churches, bible studies, and co-workers (He works in a candy factory) to give him unfettered access to their trading accounts. The following victims all lost the following amounts of money by giving Mr. Kazana access to their trading accounts:

  • Victim A $165,700
  • Victim B $29,500
  • Victim C $6,800
  • Victim D $59,800
  • Victim E $11,100
  • Victim F $17,600

Please read the following document, dated March 31st, 2016…

If you read this document, then you are probably feeling sick to your stomach. This guy is a monster. A real predator with little to no feeling for his victims. His sole ambition is to manipulate, defraud, and steal as much as possible from his victims. Yet, like all good charlatans, Mr. Kazama is able to convey to his victims a sense of trustworthiness and proficiency. An example would be a thread on Futures.io where many individuals publicly proclaim the amazing trading abilities of Mr. Kazama. Page upon page of people writing about how wonderful Mr. Kazama is, how nice he is, how much they trust him. I have to give Mr. Kazama a bit of credit, he has certainly mastered the art of manipulation and is a world-class con artist.

What is amazing to me is that Ninja Trader continues to push and promote educators that are very similar to Kongzana.com and Mr. Kazana. The information regarding Mr. Kazana (and many other fraudulent trading educators) is readily available to the public, and can be easily found with a simple Google search. Yet Ninja Trader Brokerage, through its Ninja Trader Ecosystem continues to allow these frauds to happen before their very eyes. It is simply amazing to me that brokerage clients continue to do business with this company, continue to trust this company, continue to trust the individuals that manage this company.

Wrapping Things Up

When I write these reviews, I do so with a smile. Some of these trading educators are just ridiculous and I find it ridiculously funny that anyone would believe in 1000% returns every month. But every once in a while, I read the legal findings from complaints like those found in the State of Ohio complaint against Mr. Kazama. I think about the elderly victims that lost their savings, and I think about the people in the bible studies, and how these victims were so close to Mr. Kazama. There are his neighbors, they live in his community, they see his face. And yet, he seems to show little to no remorse for how he has affected these people.

Any sane or normal person, after being caught and charged by the State, and losing the money of his neighbors and co-workers, would close the fraudulent website and try and be a decent human being. Learn from the experience. But yet, Mr. Kazama has learned nothing and continues with the fraud, as if he were never caught. Absolutely zero respect for the securities authorities. And in an alliance with Ninja Trader continues to push the fraud forward. Hurting yet more people.

Thanks for reading. Sorry about exposing such darkness, it is depressing. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.