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JBaker Analytics is a live day trading area and day-trading program bundle that costs $2,999 and $300 a month. Regrettably, there aren’t any verifiable trading documents for your live day trading area or even the trading moderators. Actually, on many occasions we seen several transactions which could only be explained as”dream trades” in which the moderator maintains real transactions, but only could have not been implemented. We asked for evidence of those highly suspicious transactions and have been met with intense hostility, bullying, vitriol and banishment. Still another guru with zero evidence of any previous trading success. Avoid.

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Pros: Indicators have clean user interface and are visually appealing.
Cons: No track record. For either the live day trading room, or the trading moderators. The day trading room serves primarily as an infomercial to sell software. Trading room moderator is extremely unprofessional, volatile, defensive, insecure, and a bully. Asking for proof of trades results in immediate ridicule and banishment from a highly insecure, cult-like individual.

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What’s J Baker Analytics? The business is a daily trading instructional firm that supplies a live day trading room, and also an indicator/software bundle named I-Pro 360. The expense of this I-Pro 360 trading signs prices a one-time fee of $2,999.

The business seems to be possessed by an individual called Joe Baker. A thorough online search shows that Joe Baker started selling trading educational goods in roughly 2006. It seems that the oldest merchandise that Joe Baker offered into the retail trading community has been an automobile trading program bundle, index bundle, and also a live trading area called TradePilotPro.

The live day trading room is moderated by person named Moe Nault.

JBaker Analytics, I-Pro 360, and Trade Pilot Pro maintain the following social media profiles:

JBaker Analytics is also a frequent presenter on OnlineTraderCentral.com, which is a highly controversial pay-to-play trading webinars promotor.

No Track Record

A thorough review of JBaker Analytics, I-Pro 360, and Trade Pilot Pro reveals no individual trading performance records for either Joe Baker or Moe Nault. However, the YouTube videos do contain a large amount of pre-selected, post-market video recordings that highlight supposed winning trades. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to verify the authenticity of these trades, unless Joe Baker or Moe Nault release trading statements that correlate with these “promotional” videos.

JBaker Analytics

It’s Magic!

Beginning in June 2016, TradingSchools.club contacted JBakerAnalytics and requested a formal track record of trades from either Joe Baker or Moe Nault. We were simply curious if either of these individuals have ever been able to trade successfully. Unfortunately, the company refused any sort of verification.

TradingSchools.club also made several parallel attempts to verify the individual trading records by using several different aliases. The company responded by inviting the fictional users with a free, 5-day trial period of the live day trading room.

Throughout the month of July, 2016, TradingSchools.club listed a whole five days of this live trading area. At no time throughout the trial period did we view that a live trading DOM gift on the display, nor any signs of a live trading accounts. Rather, what we seen were verbal entrances and exits. Not one of the entrances or exits where accurate. Instead, it may best be explained as generalities.

On many cases, we witnessed transactions which could only be described as”dream” trades. To put it differently, the purchase price would immediately touch after which Moe Nault would yell into the mic…”OK I AM LONG!” We discovered these verbal shouts were highly questionable. Why? Since he never state’s how many contracts he’s trading, nor will he make clear where he’s exciting. The best description would be a bewildering mish-mash of soup.

When questioned about these supposed trades, Moe Nault becomes highly aggressive and defensive. When asked plainly, Moe did you really take that trade? He would often go into a childish tirade and act shocked that anyone would possibly question his supposedly impeccable morality. In fact, if you question the individual trading performance of either Moe Nault or Joe Baker, then expect to be quickly barred from the live trading room.

Fortunately, we have multiple IP addresses located in various locations, and so re-entry into the live trading room was never a problem.

Cult Leader, Bully, Highly Insecure

One of the things that you must understand about the JBaker Analytics live trading room is that dissension will not be allowed. If you question anything, you will be ridiculed and publicly humiliated. In fact, on several occasions, we questioned the authenticity of the trades and were absolutely lambasted for not believing. In the public chat box, we kindly asked for some sort of proof that these trades were real…but were always met with extreme hostility. Need an example? The following video is a recent example of a trade that was supposedly called in the live trading room by Moe Nault. We didn’t believe that the trade occurred, and so we simply (and politely) asked if Moe was trading with a live trading account, his response can only be described as aggressive, from a highly insecure individual…

As you can see from the previous exchange, anyone questioning the authenticity of the trades called from of the “Dear Leader” is met with immediate insult, hostility, and group shaming. As if, how would anyone dare question the authenticity of a trading vendor. Everyone knows that trading vendors dont lie.

No proof of live trades

In my opinion, the most revealing aspect of this investigation where the email exchanges that TradingSchools.Club had with JBakerAnalytics.com.

Using an alias, we contacted JBakerAnalytics and professed our enthusiasm for the magical trading software. That we were ready to immediately send over nearly $3,000 for the live trading room and $1,200 for several months of the trading room education cost. But we just needed a single monthly trading statement that verified the results of the supposed live trades. JBakerAnalytics refused.

Is it really so much that these so-called, professional day traders provide proof that they actually trade? They are asking that we spend thousands of dollars for their magical trading software, the time investment of sitting in the live trading room, and the potential losses of trading their methods. They expect us to take all the risk, and they take absolutely no risk. They sit there, over the microphone, calling out fantasy trades and swearing to the Mother Mary that all trades are real, but yet they are unwilling to provide even the most miniscule proof of these supposed trading results. It sure sounds like a scam to me.

Wrapping Things Up

In my opinion, when purchasing a live trading room or trading indicators, the single most important variable is that the vendor has displayed some sort of prior success at trading with a live money account. Honestly, I don’t care if that success was on display many years ago. But show something. Show anything. Even a month of trading account statements that match the results of the live trading room would be remarkable and wonderful, but yet nearly 99.9% of live trading educators can show nothing. And in the case of JBakerAnalytics, they can show absolutely nothing. Instead, asking for proof is met with extreme hostility, anger, vitriol, and poor use of language.

Before I publish any of these trading reviews, I always forward a copy to my lawyer. And I ask, is this review fair? Did I go too far? Did I go far enough? What do you think of the video evidence? Surprisingly, after watching the multiple videos of shaming, profanity, and outright unprofessionalism by the trading room moderator, she responded…”Wow, this guy is trying to be a cult-leader”. If you know how Lawyers think and talk, I was surprised that even she went so far as to call this guy a “cult-leader.” Lawyers are careful with words, this was a harsh rhetorical description.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And don’t send these verbally abusive knuckleheads a nickel without verifiable proof that they can trade. Anything less, in my opinion, is financial suicide. Buyer beware.