Thanks for reading today’s brief update about Investors Underground.

Investors Underground, when analysed using Google search patterns and estimated quantity of visitors, is among the most common live, stocks day trading rooms online. The hustle gets its roots planted in Timothy Sykes Investimonial’s site, in which Nathan has enormous number of reviews that are bogus.

My first review was a fairly scathing hit bit on Nathan Michaud in addition to a number of the moderators in Nathan’s live trading room. The center complaint was that there’s just no transparency inside Nathan’s live trading room. It’s mostly a social hub, in which folks gather and chat about shares. Nathan does not have any track record, nor will he trade reside. Nor do some of the moderators have some track record, and there’s absolutely no method to monitor the operation of some of those trading moderators. Truthfully, I believe the huge majority of trading teachers to be reduced level offenders with lots of bark, but little bite. Now I have gotten that small it of amusement from the way, lets talk a second about Investors Underground and when things have changed since my initial review.

In the last month, still another contributor of Investors Underground delivered me an email requesting that I take a second look at this corporation. So I did. What did you find? Well, nothing has really changed. Its the exact same old story. Lots of novices speaking, but absolutely no clearly defined trading signals out of some of the trading area moderators. Yet more, I asked for particulars of any transactions which were called from the moderators, and again I was just dismissed. On the other hand, the very best I had been provided were that the chat logs of everybody that conversed in this exceptionally popular, and professionally marketed trading area.

Honestly, I was hoping that my highly negative review would of spurred some positive change. I can be quite the troll and be downright nasty to some of these trading vendors. With Nathan, in particular, my attack was vicious and I really went after him. However, he has flat refused to engage with me on a personal level. The only time I am able to have any sort of conversation with Nathan is when I change my identity and act like a fresh lamb ready for his marketing slaughter. Disappointing. It appears that he is only willing to lash out at me through proxy…getting Erik Wood to call me at all hours of the night and scream at me over the phone. Poor Eric Wood, being used like a puppet by Nathan, and he doesn’t even realize it. Oh well.

I do receive feedback via email or blog post from current subscribers of Investors Underground from time to time. Today, I received one such blog post. The message was from a current subscriber, that took the time to write out their individual experiences inside of the trading room. His/Her review is pretty gentle, but I feel like the writer did a great job of highlighting their own person experience. I would like to wrap up this quick review with the content that was sent to me, referencing their personal experience inside of the Investors Underground live day trading room.

This review is my honest and scrutinized opinion.,unbiased .I was a member of IU for 2 months .I am trading about 2 years now .Cant say very successful But consistent .I have tried different newsletters – like Tim’s Penny silver . i heard a lot about IU so thought to give a try .Then i joined and was there for 2 months .

First of all , $197 p/m for IU standard is pricey .Their aim to advertise to make this community for both new traders and experience traders .so most of the traders (newbie) who takes good amount of time to be make money ,$197 a month is definitely expensive for them also if you add software fees , L2 ,brokers fess etc.

Secondly there are no alert from nate and other moderators .I know alert service is not good to be blindly followed but it is definitely helpful to understand the trade plan to be educated and to support ( from a pro trader) your trade idea on a particular stock ( if you already have before alert)

It is for sure that IU is a great community for all pro traders But most of them (95 % ) do not participate any ideas ,discussion , watch list ,trade plan in the chatroom . Which is more annoying is that most of them do not response to you if you ask some trade related questions or any other kind of advise You feel like a dickhead and left alone! They are already successful so why they have to care about you !They will discussing ideas among good friends – Nate,modern rock ,d4ytrad3,elkwood etc. But i assumed that as it is a paid chatroom ( specially $197 pm ) so I expected more than nate’s watchlist !

Thirdly you have to be very careful ( newbie ) when asking Q because IU love to Gag ppl .Most of the ppl in the chatroom do not ask nonsense questions but also for some funny reason IU moderator are very sensitive .It is rather a chatroom for elite pro traders with their alien discussion ( terms / phrase difficult to understand for new trader ) than a free discussion of trade plan which actually can be useful in a day trade making some real money than showing off who is more knowledgeable and smart !!!

Fourth Nate hardly trade stocks between $1 – $5 , Most of his trades based on over $10 – $100 ,which is not convenient for small accounts ( I think most of the start-up traders have small account )No one can grow a small account with a high price stock because most of your money involved in one high price stock trade !

Fifth Nate and other traders do not mention their entry exit , profit ,loss etc in the chatroom .So you are blindly following a GURU not knowing what is his activity .I think it is very important to get motivated if you know how is your Guru performing.

Overall it is a great community for Pro trader if you want to make friends , share trade ideas and praise among themselves But definitely confusing and not useful for New trader because I believe with learning curve someone need to make some money while trading otherwise it is like being smart ass with no real work.

I am sure Nate is a great person and trader I like him for his humble attitude But also he needs to understand to run a paid service ,services need to be actually there .That chat room need some changes like other available chartrooms – alert , trade plan ,low price stocks , giving priority to every paid members not only friends etc. Then I am sure it will the best chartrooms among others .

I hope Nate read this and do something about it .if changes comes I will be the first to join IU again .

I sincerely feel like this was a very friendly, forthright, and honest review of Investors Underground. My only caveat to this written review is that the reviewer was never actually able to verify that Nate and his moderators are ever actually trading. And so, from his perspective, he paid for the service for two month and spent $400 dollars in the hopes that he would be able to synthesize what the “profitable” moderators were teaching.  I would take this a step further and just come right out and state that I dont believe that Nathan Michaud is even trading. Rather, Nathans game is one of a professional marketer. Nathan probably understands with great clarity that he is probably only going to be able to heist these folks out of roughly two months of paying subscriptions, and perhaps the purchase of his DVD.

Well, that’s if for today. Thanks for reading.