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Les’Ray’ Freeman, previously the owner of Your Trading Space is back with another live, day trading area. Apparently, after lately burning investors at a multi-million buck trading strategy, has chosen to bestow upon the planet however more day-trading fiscal wisdom. The hottest monetary incarnation is remarkably like the previous turd he fell on the financial community.

From the great swamp of investment teachers, this man is the grand flying turd of investment hustlers. A history of failure and financial devastation next to none. Has left a soup kitchen filled with broke and destitute investors within a multiple of times continents and zone.

A very rare, high-tech con artist with a penchant for the older and the financially distressed. Absolutely prevent.

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What’s I’m A Day Trader? The site is seen in www.iamadaytrader.com. The business is a day trading instructional firm owned and run by Ray’Les’ Freeman.

The business is now promoting a day trading program, called the”Fast Track Program” for $197. Along with this day trading program, the organization is also offering a live day trading room at $297 a month.

I’m a Day Trader keeps an extremely busy YouTube page in another address.

And just like any other trading instructor on Earth, the YouTube page is full of heaps of promotional videos which extol the incredible trading skills of Mr. Les’Ray’ Freeman. Actually, TradingSchools.club was only amazed and also the unseemingly unlimited flow of”Live Winning Trades” and promises of simple day trading gains.

Amazing Claims of Success

The I Am A Day Trader website tells the fascinating tale of Mr. Raymond ‘Les’ Freeman, and how he has tutored thousands of day traders worldwide to gain financial independence by learning his time-tested patterns to profits. In fact, Ray Freeman likes to refer to himself as “The Samurai Day Trader”. He assures the audience that for well over 20 years, he has been applying his Samurai skills like a karate master, each day pulling out easy profits. His mind is sharp, like the Samurai sword. And he wants to teach you his day trading secrets. For only a small fee.

But before you take out your credit card, it’s important that we take a closer look at Mr. Ray ‘Les’ Freeman. This is not his first trading product, nor his first live day trading room.

The Most Recent Failure: Your Trading Room

Prior to teaching his secret Samurai skills at Iamadaytrader.com, Ray Freemon owned and operated a company named My Trading Room.Your Trading Room

For only a small fee, a person would log into a live day trading room and watch the amazing day trading abilities of Ray Freemon. After signing up for a monthly subscription to the trading room, the customer would then weave and wind through a proverbial primrose path of upsells and additional spending opportunities.

The grand finale of sales would be the Global Prop Trading program, where the victim/sucker would be enticed into spending $20k to $30k for the Ulitmate Educational Experience, and once they completed the educational program, they would then be awarded up to $5 million of dollars of Ray Freeman’s own personal trading capital. He would supposedly, financially support the person with a fat trading account, with no risk of loss to them. And they would enjoy the massive profits that so many others were also enjoying.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Educational Experience and the Global Prop Trading program turned out to nothing more than a complete and total scam. Have a read of the following…


Pretty juicy stuff. And it all coincides with the stories of various individuals that contacted TradingSchools.club directly and asked that we expose the scam. And most importantly, talked about the slick talking, con artist with a penchant for hustling working people out of whatever their meager savings. Pretty sad stuff folks. This guy has hurt a lot of people.

The big question, how much money has this guy hustled with his trading scam? The prior article claims thousands of investors lost money in the millions of dollar range. However, an additional article that was published by The Australian Business Review claims that “about 2000 investors worldwide lost approximately $10 million dollars.”

Yet more scams and hustles

Of course, maybe my choice of words are being a bit too hostile towards Mr. Freeman? Or perhaps, the Courier Mail newspaper was more succinct in describing Mr. Freeman as “Mr. Falure Les Freeman Strikes Again.” The following article describes how Mr. Freeman hustled 135 investors out of $1.5 million by promising upwards of 100% annual investment returns in a scheme resembling multi-level marketing.

Just a brief time after, after burning through $1.5 million, Mr. Freeman generated another wonderful investment opportunity that guaranteed 50 percent to 100% yearly yields and increased an additional $6.7 million dollars from shareholders. A wealth construction convention that pitched various property investments. Obviously, that went bankrupt and the fiscal government closed it down. Some investors were upset with being hustled they rearranged Mr. Freeman’s automobile, courtesy of baseball bats.

Apparently, following the baseball bat incident, Mr. Freeman grabbed whatever staying loot he had stolen from shareholders and forced a mad-dash escape to safer lands. He discovered fertile pastures from the tony Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica, where he enjoys his days lounging in sunlight, drinking fruit punch and dreaming up his second outrageous investment strategy. It seems that I’m a Day Trader is the latest hustle.

Truth be told, I could compose an extra 1000 word post describing yet another”wealth building instructional seminar” which hustled yet more individuals from an estimated $5.5 million bucks.

A tsunami of broken dreams, broken promises, and thousands of investors losing millions of dollars. Eventually, after lawsuits, regulators, and angry mobs make his life too uncomfortable, he disappears like a fart in the wind. And then later reappears with yet another amazing investment opportunity.

The latest hustle: I Am A Day Trader

Let’s not be naive to believe that “Iamadaytrader.com” is only selling a day trading room at $298 per month. This latest scheme is a nearly identical pitch that Mr. Freeman used to market Your Trading Room.

The victim is slowly drawn in Mr. Freemon’s world via the live trading room. Mr. Freeman then develops and cultivates a relationship. Not unlike a naive alter boy and a pervert priest. He creates the illusion of friendship and trust, he then probes the victim for information on their available credit card limit and available savings. Once the victim is woozy and delirious from the dreams of day trading glory, he then springs forth with his financial dildo of destruction. And begins unmercifully and gleefully thrusting away until the victim is broke, despondent, ashamed, and feeling very icky from the experience.

Of course, my description might be offensive or too visual for some. However, in interviews with the multitudes of victims, the feeling of financial rape is the most common descriptive terminology. So let’s call it what it is, Mr. Freeman is a financial predator, a financial rapist. A slick talking, slim emitting, ooze extruding financial con artist pitching snake oil in various flavors.

Wrapping things up

Some of these reviews really rile me up. And Mr. Freeman, with his marathon of BS investment schemes, has been going full tilt for nearly his entire life. It just amazes me how he moves from big-time hustle to big-time hustle, scamming millions of dollars and never catches a prison cell. Always slipping through the hangman’s noose, always blaming someone else for the missing monies, and then sliding through the sewage pipe to yet another grand escape.

Sometimes I wonder if Karma is real.

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