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Humble Traders is Forex instructional website selling a $199 trading platform and a $60 a month trading sign service.

Posted performance of supposed trading signals appear excellent. But maybe not verifiable. Owner of the company, Roman Sadowski is surely a wonderful person but could offer no proof that he is really trading with a live trading accounts. There’s simply no possible way to verify if the results are either real or faked.

The site includes many helpful posts on technical trading indicators and insights into Forex fundamental analysis. Everything is well written.

Thanks for reading today’s review about Humble Traders

Humble Traders is a Forex educational business and a live trading signals service. There are two main trading products offered:

  • $199 Momentum Reversal Strategy. A 50-page E-book that describes a trading strategy that supposedly earned a 58% return in 2016.
  • $60 per month trading signal service. Which includes daily technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

The business, owned and operated by a person named Roman Sadowski, is operating out of Warsaw, Poland.

Track Record of Signal Service

The Humble Traders website contains a list of trading signals that were supposedly provided to paying subscribers of the $60 per month signal service. The track record looks very impressive, screenshot below:


Humble Traders

Humble Traders Equity Curve

For a more detailed breakdown of trades offered through the daily trading service, a spreadsheet of trades was provided by Roman Sadowski. The spreadsheet of trades can be viewed through the following link:


A closer review of the trades reveals that the signals typically last several days. I would consider this be ‘swing trading’ on daily charts. The service typically generates one trade per week.

Verifying Performance conversed with Roman Sadowski straight in a bid to verify he was trading the signs from his $60 per month service. What we really wanted to see were redacted account statements which confirmed the aforementioned performance.

Just as would genuinely like to trust the promises of success from every trading seller online, experience has taught us that 99.9percent of their performance claims of trading sellers are fake. As much as I enjoyed speaking with Roman, I needed to see evidence.

Unfortunately, Roman could not provide any proof that he is actually trading with a live Forex trading account. Instead, he offered the following explanation:

I don’t use any online software to keep track of my trading. I simply have nor need or time for it. I won’t be in the position to show you my real trading accounts as I trade other people’s equity and I cannot disclose it. Hope you understand.

The top 10, most common excuses that I hear from trading signal providers regarding account statements is as follows:

  1. I cannot provide proof because it’s against the law. (It’s not)
  2. I switched brokers recently and I cannot access my old account statements.
  3. My account statements are irrelevant because it is impossible to copy another person’s trades.
  4. My wife say’s that it might reveal our personal identity and someone crazy might visit us.
  5. I don’t want the tax authorities to discover how much income I actually earn.
  6. My rivals might use my account statements to market their own trading products.
  7. My rivals will be able to figure out my secret strategy.
  8. I work for an exclusive hedge fund and my boss will fire me if they discover that I am selling company secrets.
  9. I trade for a bank or hedge fund and cannot show company account statements.
  10. I am a very private person. I don’t really need this extra income from selling signals, making this extra money is not that important to me.

Now, I am not calling Roman Sadowski a con-artist or Forex hustler. But the truth is that his excuse definitely makes the top 10 list of most common excuses.


Most Forex brokers will accept accounts as small as $100. A person can trade micro lots. I recommend that Roman, and anyone else that review to open a teeny, tiny Forex

small trading account

Start small!

account and at least build a verifiable track record of trading. Some vendors are nervous that I am going to publish a negative article based on the account size. As if I were a shallow female that complained about the size of her boyfriend’s tiny penis. On the contrary, size doesn’t matter! At least to me.

What really matters is that the vendor can provide some sort of proof that they are actually taking trades. Performance can be based upon percentage returns.

The truth of the matter is that most trading vendors, looking to ‘sell trading signals’ are just small time traders themselves. Or are looking to supplement their trading income.

Other small-time trading signal providers are cash poor, but rich in efforts. Suppose that an educator is a whip-smart computer programmer and has designed a definable trading bias that can be exploited. But they have five hungry mouths to feed, and they live in Venezuela. They have little money but are rich in knowledge. Surely even the most desperate person can scrape together $100 to open a Forex trading account.

What I like about Humble Traders

Although Humble Traders has no verifiable track record, there is something that I really like about Roman Sadowski. His marketing efforts. For those of you reading this article, and you sell anything online, Humble Traders is a template on how to be successful with online marketing.

Normally, when you think “online marketing”, you naturally think “online scam”. But with Roman Sadowski, this guy is an excellent online marketer. For instance, the articles on his website regarding technical analysis are all highly ranked on Google for very valuable keywords. Thousands of people each month will search for keywords regarding common technical analysis techniques and trading. Roman has written a series of highly detailed and relevant articles that Google is ranking on page one.

The articles are all very well written. Highly researched. And very entertaining. He is an excellent writer. And Google has rewarded him with a steady stream of free search engine traffic. The net effect is that all of this traffic naturally dovetails into his for-sale trading products. For the guys that sell trading products, and I know that many of you read this blog, you should be analyzing the marketing efforts of Humble Traders.

Wrapping things up

Thanks for reading. This review was an adventure into a lukewarm jacuzzi. Nothing hot or very interesting to report about Humble Traders. They guy isn’t a scammer. But he needs a track record. That one thing that truly sets him apart from the multitude of competitors all doing the same thing, selling trading signals. Hopefully Roman reads this article takes my advice to heart. Would love to come back later, and write a much more positive review. But I need actual, verifiable trading performance. This is what my readers expect.