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BREAKING: Guy Gentile – INNOCENT- Federal Indictment dismissed

Guy Gentile

Today, Jose Linares, United States District Court Judge, Newark, New Jersey dismissed the Federal Indictment brought against Guy Gentile in March 2016 by the Newark United States Department of Justice (DOJ),

In fact, the US Government detained him”because of his rolodex” and bullied him into collaboration, forcing him to think he didn’t have a decision in the situation. Gentile believed his only option was to collaborate: the authorities threatened to go after his loved ones, friends and workers, closed down his companies and, more to the point, freeze his bank account he could not defend himself. If he didn’t cooperate, the authorities would have fully destroyed him and people around him.

Because of his driven alliance, the wake of his stance with the DOJ and FBI caused severe damage: his lack of life long friends along with the divorce of his wife whom he loved dearly; reduction of workers and companies; he dropped his standing in volunteer services and had 10 banking connections terminated which seriously and negatively affected his life & companies along with the price of millions of dollars protecting himself. Even having suffered what equates to a involuntary servitude, Gentile never stated ? He held his head because he understood he wasn’t guilty of these charges and did whatever he could to continue to live his life tried to remain strong for the men and women who loved him and believed in him.

Statement of Thanks and Appreciation from Guy Gentile:

It has been a grueling few years as I’ve battled to clear my name and often, in my lowest points, it’s been the love and support of the very many wonderful friends, (some of whom I’ve not heard
from in years!) and the stalwart advocates of justice who have rallied me when I needed it most. Thank you so much to my family, friends, loyal staff, colleagues, business associates and the
readers who follow me on social media including this web site. Your sentiments and encouraging shout-outs have meant a lot to me, perhaps more that you’ll ever really

This has been tough, and reading your words such as, “keep the faith” and “stay strong” have motivated and compelled me to carry on and to finally reach this day of triumph.
Also of course, I want to acknowledge the skill-sets, consistent hard work and efforts beyond the pale of my legal team of Joseph Tacopina & Chad Seigle of Tacopina & Seigle, PC, and Adam
C. Ford of Ford O’Brian LLP. Thank you so much legal team!

I also want to thank my friend and excellent personal attorney Carla Marin, who gave me the strength to stand up fight the all mighty U.S. Government. You never wavered in your belief in me or that justice would prevail and we’d win the day!