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A smoke series of pure BS. Global Trade Room asserts 98% winning times and $300,000 at 100% verifiable earnings from actual trading balances. Zero transparency. They refuse to confirm one or more one of these outrageous and wild claims of success. Trading area is a complete joke, no trading DOM present on display, no trading in the graphs, all orders are restrict in and restrict out, all trades are periodic BS. Prevent these dishonest hustlers.

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Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Unrealistic claims of fully verifiable trading performance, including 98% winning days, and $30,000 average winning months. Claims all trading is with live, real money trading accounts, yet refuses to verify. No trading DOM visible in trading room, no trading from charts, limit order scalping BS. Complete and total fraud.

***UPDATE*** Please read update of this review.

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Global Trade Room is a day trading room and day trading educational company founded and owned by Simon Joseph, a registered CTA or Commodity Trading Advisor. The afternoon trading area is moderated by Simon Joseph, Sandy Seghal, and Bob”Bang Bang” Amico. The price of the trading area is a 1 time charge of $9,850. There’s just a 1 day free trial to get into the validity of these trading procedures they instruct.

The Global Trade Room can be listed among Dr. Dean Handley’s”Trading Titans”, where Dr. Dean Handley confirmed the operation is accurate and honest.

Initial Observation

One of the things I found to be highly interesting is that Simon Joseph is a registered commodity trading adviser, or CTA. Why is this important? Because if a person is registered with the NFA, then they better be able to verify every single claim regarding trading performance. The NFA and CFTC (regulatory body) take disclosure and reported performance very seriously for all registered members. In other words, the reported performance claims of Global Trade Room had better be spot on perfect, else the regulators are coming.

Reported Performance

The Global Trade Room does report performance. In fact, a review of the spreadsheets listed on their website claims that the Global Trade Room made a total net profit of $308,160 trading three contracts per trade, for the year 2014. Also, for the year 2015, Global Trade Room is reporting profits of over $200,000. Where these trades simulated or hypothetical? According to Bob “Bang Bang” Amico, these trades are 100% real and verifiable, and these trades were traded using only live trading accounts. Please watch the following video which confirms…

Bob “Bang Bang” Amico also claims that for the entire year of 2014, the Global Trade Room had only 5 losing days. In other words, the Global Trade Room has winning days over 98% of the time. Pretty impressive numbers. But are they real?

In addition to this outrageously excellent performance, Bob “Bang Bang” Amico also claims to be a pretty big trader, in fact he claims that he usually trades in the 20’s. Meaning that he trades 20 contracts per trade.

How did I collect all of this information? I attended the live trading room sessions for the month of August and the first week of September. Everything that I am writing came directly from the recorded transcripts of the live trading room. Again, I am not making this stuff up. The video does not lie.

As I watched the video and recorded everything that was happening, I could not help but keep thinking about these wild claims of success within the context of a being a fully registered CTA. Once again, a registered CTA better be able to fully verify every single one of these claims, or the regulatory body is going to come down like a mountain of pain. I hope for Simon Joseph’s sake, he can produce the trading records that verify these returns.

Inside the live trading room

The video below shows the typical trade inside of the Global Trade Room.

If you saw the movie, you’ll observe that at no time throughout the trading day are you going to find a trading DOM, nor can you find any trading in the graphs. Instead, what’s verbal. Personally, I found it quite perplexing as the graphs were so little and the transactions were typically just a couple of seconds long.

Among the things which I found quite unsettling were the constant use of limit orders for entrance and exit. Both Sandy and Bob would immediately announce,”I’m in” constantly on a limitation entrance and they constantly got to the commerce with no delay. Limit orders take the time to fill, nevertheless Sandy and Bob consistently got their cost, constantly got their fill.

Another difficulty was that the rapid scalping leaves on limit orders. Specifically, Sandy would immediately announce he obtained his 10 5 or ticks ticks without a delay. He’d only howl to the mike and congratulate himself yet another winning commerce.

The entire time, Bob announcing this was real time trading, even with real cash accounts, maybe not the”simulated garbage” like another trading rooms. He also enjoyed to mention Dr Dean Handley and the way Dr. Dean Handley had completely vetted the business and the operation. The entire time I was recording and listening, I kept considering the field day the CFTC was likely to have on this movie. These guys better have the ability to confirm each and every transaction, else there will be hell to pay with the authorities.

Verifying Performance

At the end of the long trading day on September 2nd, I sent an email to Bob “Bang Bang” Amico and said that I was ready to send my $9,850. I was excited about the opportunity and could not wait to learn all of the secret trading methods of the Global Trade Room. However, before I sent my $9,850, I just needed to verify that the trades called in the single recorded trading session were real trades(as Bob claimed). I just wanted a screen shot of Bob and Sandy’s consolidated trade report that comes with Ninja Trader. Bob responded with a very curt, “NO”. Bob “Bang Bang” Amico simply blew me off. Bob has no problem declaring that each and every trade is 100% real and verifiable, that the Global Trade Room is the highest earning trading room on the internet, and a whole host of other wild exaggerations,  however the moment you ask him to verify performance…he turns as slippery as a wet turd.

How could someone simply send these guys $9,850 without verifying performance? It truly amazes me. They claim that they earn over $30,000, every single month. And win over 98% of the trading days. This is by far the most outrageous claim that I have ever witnessed since I began writing these reviews.

What should you do?

These guys claim 100% real trades, with real money accounts. If you are on the fence or thinking about sending these guys $9,850, then you should make them verify these magnificent claims of success. Is verification really such an outrageous request?

I will wrap up this review and speak very candidly. A lot of people have blindly purchased this trading room based upon the implied credibility of Dr. Dean Handley’s “Trading Titans” list. However, in my opinion, the Global Trade Room represent all that is wrong with the trading education industry. These folks are ugly, shady, and outrageously dishonest. I wish I were wrong, and I would love for these jack offs to prove me wrong by showing account statements, but I am afraid that they are just going to keep on with the scam until the CFTC comes calling. Which I am sure they will, as I have already filed a complaint.

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