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Should you prefer zero transparency, then the Forex Coach would be your live day trading area for you. For just $6,997 and $347 per month, it is possible to watch somebody trade which doesn’t have any verifiable history. The trading area has no transparency, no trading in the DOM, no trading in the graphs, no accounts statements to confirm trading. Along with zero transparency, we captured them constantly publishing fake trading documents on YouTube videos. Avoid.

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Pros: Nothing.
Cons: No transparency. Faked and fraudulent track record. No live trading, No DOM, no way to verify any claims of success. Promoters refuse to verify personal trading results.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Futures Trading Coach.com

What’s Futures Trading Coach? Futures Trading Coach is a live day trading area that’s moderated by Rick Mazur, the expense of the day trading area is $247 for its first month, and $347 for monthly thereafter. Along with this live day trading area, there’s a complete training program using a startup cost of $6,997 having an additional yearly charge of $347 a month.

A fast overview of the site shows these statements from the proprietor, Mr Sam Goldberg. “We triumph on 8/10 transactions, and also the reason we acquire is because we now do exactly the reverse of 95 percent of traders”. On first blush, this sounds exciting. Who does not wish to win 80% of trades, and do exactly the reverse of 95 percent of traders? A number of you may not feel that the proprietor of Futures Trading Coach will come straight out and create such a bold announcement. So I listed him …

Ok, so if you watched this short little video, the owner of the company Mr. Sam Goldberg clearly states that he wins on 80% of his trades. This sounds great, and it should be easy to verify, right? Next, Mr. Goldberg states that the reason why his methodology is so successful is because he does the opposite of 95% of traders. Ok, wonderful. But how do you measure this Mr. Goldberg? Do you have a special program that performs some calculation or function that gives you this information? If so, then sign me up! I am ready to send over my payment for the full mentorship program fee of $6,997. OK, so now that we established a baseline for how this review is going to go, lets move forward.

Who is Rick Mazur and Sam Goldberg? I have no clue. After reading each and every page of their website, there is absolutely no background information on either of these characters. Rick Mazur has nothing written whatsoever, and Sam Goldberg has only this massively long squeeze page that talks about how he his a full time professional trader and that he is a super awesome trader, etc. And then he has this long, winding, non stop section of supposed happy customer testimonials. Its all fantasy and hyped up nonsense. I especially like how he signs off with the following…

Sam Goldberg Futures Trading Coach

As a general rule of thumb, when someone signs their name with a P.S., and then adds a P.P.S., and then adds yet another P.P.P.S., then this person is real douche bag trying to sell you a crap sandwich. And Mr. Sam Goldberg continues with this fine tradition of douche baggery. Lets continue.

The Live Trading Room

The live trading room is moderated daily by Rick Mazur. The trading room typical opens at 6:30 AM, PST and usually lasts about 90 minutes. On October 1st, 2015 we signed up for a free trial of the live trading room. Each day we recorded everything that happened inside of the trading room. We wrapped up recording on October 13, 2015. In total, we collected 7 days of live market coverage with a total of about 14 hours of live footage. The entire time, the room was moderated by Rick Mazur.

At no time did we witness a live trading DOM, nor did we witness any trading from the charts. All of the trades were called out over the microphone. On day number one we noticed fantasy trades. What is a fantasy trade? This is where Rick would suggest an entry at a certain price, there would only be a quick cursory mention and then he would go about talking about something else. This created a lot of confusion because nothing was marked on the screen. No DOM, or trading on the charts etc. Considering that he is using Ninja Trader and is one of their most highly recommended educators, I was expecting that Rick could of at least placed a demo DOM on the chart. But he refused, apparently he likes to keep things confusing and hard to track.

As each of the trades evolved, I felt more and irritated. He would say things like “OK lets get a point or a point and a half here”. Which is it Rick? Is is a point or is it a point and a half? And he never once mentioned stops, I guess we were supposed to already know that each trade had a fixed stop?

To Rick’s credit, he would very often say that he did not get filled on a limit order trade. However, he would talk into the microphone and congratulate random people that claimed that they got filled. It sounded all too pre-scripted and I really wondered if Rick wasn’t simply making up these fantasy people, in order to claim that some of the viewers got filled.

At the end of the trading sessions, I asked for a screen shot of Rick’s filled trades. He refused. I also asked for an account statement to prove that these trades were actually filled. Once again, no response. However, Rick referred me to his YouTube channel where he goes over the days trades. Rick says that the YouTube channel is accurate and all trades are clearly shown in is wrap up video.

Apparently, the only way to build a track record for these guys is to watch YouTube videos. Which I did. What did I discover? The YouTube videos are pure BS. Everyday, Rick pushed out a video on YouTube and everyday, we would go back and match the YouTube video with our own camtasia recordings. We have proof that these buffoons are just another couple of trading hustlers. Lets got ahead and watch the videos.

Video 1: The Mystery Trade That Never Happened

In the following video, you can clearly watch and listen to Rick Mazur call a short trade on a limit order. The trade did not get filled, and Rick clearly states that the trade did not happen. Watch the clip.

Ok, so if you watched this short video, the trade obviously did not happen. However, the next day, Rick published an update video of the prior day trading room performance.

Now watch how slick Rick takes credit for the prior day’s trade, claiming that he got 1.5 points.

Day after day, we witnessed this type of trading. Where Rick would call out a price on a limit order, then claim that a random person in the room got their price. If the trade was a winner, then Rick would publish a video highlighting that “winning trade”. It was pure smoke and mirrors. And he does it in such a subtle way that we had to record a lot of video to catch the repetitive nature of Rick’s confidence game.

After watching him trade for several days, and then re-watching the video, and then watching the nightly recaps of the trades, the whole smoke show really pissed me off. I have to give him credit, he doesnt just come right out and start screaming that he got another winner, he does it in a very slight manner, sort of like a street magician. The trade calling is very nebulus and since there is no trading DOM, or trading from the charts, then whom can say what is really happening? And since there is no spreadsheet of the trades, then its difficult to pinpoint the fraud.

The only way we were able to conclusively catch the fraud was to slowly and meticulously watch the replay of each and every trade. Then we had to wait a day for the recap video to be released. Then we had to go back and match the recap video with the trades that we were able to clearly identify. This review took a lot of time and effort because it required a very meticulous and thorough investigation. At the end of collecting the evidence, I couldn’t wait to get this review written and published. Not because I had found some huge fraud, but because it genuinely required a lot of time and effort to document how they are scamming people.

Wrapping Things Up

Rick Mazur and Sam Goldberg, you may keep reading this review, and its likely to piss off you. You may cry foul and threaten to sue and emphasise that you’re equally great dealers…but the reality is that the two of you are scams. Scammers. Neither of you has a Forex document. If you do, then I’d really like to view it. Actually, nothing could make me more happy than to return and write a new review how I made this one completely erroneous. But I’m supremely confident in saying the both of your are totally full of crap.

Thank you for reading the current review. This one was particularly annoying. Normally the fraud is not difficult to grab, but this one required a toothpick along with a set of tweezers. Happily its over. The trolls and haters will discover that their voices have been heard.