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The Fortune Academy is still another Forex trading educational service being conducted through an outrageous financial charlatan named Hither Mann.

With her pretty face and silver tongue, she still wants you to feel that she turned into a multi-millionaire by age 26 through property investing. All with NO MONEY DOWN.

Supposedly, after earning those only fantastical sums of money, she discovered the simple wealth of Forex trading. Within a short period, she became even more fabulously wealthy and wishes to teach you her”trading secrets.”

Claims to be the private mentor and financial savant of JP Morgan, Bank Of America, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse.

A completely absurd fraudster hustling the financially naive, effectively distressed, and minority groups of what’s available on their charge card. A girl which bathes in snake oil. Avoid.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Fortune Academy

What is Fortune Academy? Fortune Academy is offering an educational class which supposedly teaches traders how to become full-time professional day traders through Forex and Bitcoin.

The Fortune Academy is based in the United Kingdom and can be encouraged through’free’ financial seminars, typically hosted in upscale hotel convention rooms. The advertising outreach incorporates social media, as well as competitive community print media.

The sales pitch is quite enchanting and tailor-made towards the financially illiterate, desperate, and the innocent. Essentially, the Fortune Academy is looking to promote primarily towards blue collar employees, recent refugees, minorities, individuals of limited education, persons desperate to earn money fast, the unsophisticated.

What exactly is Fortune Academy selling?

Fortune Academy is selling a Forex educational scheme where the financially naive are aggressively sold a training course with an average cost of $4,995 per student.

Once the student completes the written materials, he is then ushered into opening a Forex trading account with Alpari FX. If the student reaches a minimum performance threshold, then each student is supposedly awarded up to $1,000,000 in which to trade.

Fortune Academy describes itself as both a Forex educational service, as well as a “hedge fund with millions of dollars in assets that we seek to give to our students.”

Who is the owner of Fortune Academy?

According to a former student of Fortune Academy, the originators of Fortune Academy are Shane Watson and Damian Slominski. Both individuals have an extremely negative online reputation. They are best known for selling a $5,000 “get rich quick” real estate seminar that supposedly teaches people how to buy real estate with absolutely no money down.

However, as their sullied reputations have caught up to them, any reference to their names have been scrubbed from the Fortune Academy website.

Currently, the Fortune Academy ‘front person’ is a lady that goes by the name Hither Mann. A former student of the company (that has been waiting for over a year for a refund) claims that Hither Mann is not her real name. She is most likely of Indian descent and describes herself as coming from a “poor Sikh family.”

Who is Hither Mann?

As far as we can tell, she is a marketing caricature. An expert saleswoman with extremely good looks and a silver tongue. was able to verify that she has basically been acting as slick-talking financial giver selling various ‘get rich quick’ seminars within the “No Money Down Payment” real estate seminar circuit.

In the past three years, as Forex has become more popular, she has transitioned into selling various Forex educational programs that typically cost $3,999 to $9,999 per person. Some of these include a company named Dragon Forex (banned by the British Financial Authority) as well as Freedom Through Financial Trading, another Forex educational company that is now defunct. And finally, yet another company named The Only Way Is Forex, which is also now defunct.

Outrageous Claims of Hither Mann was able to obtain a recording a recent Fortune Academy seminar. Hither Mann made some truly self-aggrandizing claims about success. Which include the following:

  • Has financially supported her entire family since age 16.
  • While studying to become an optician, she discovered “No Money Down” real estate investing. Made over $1,000,000 her first year.
  • Discovered a secret method to purchase properties at 50% of their actual value.
  • Claims to have earned $120k to $160k each and every week with real estate investing.
  • Become a multimillionaire “many times over” by the age of 25 by quickly buying real estate with no money down.

Her story then transitions into how she accidentally discovered the amazing world of Forex trading.

  • Claims to have earned millions of dollars Forex trading.
  • Claims to now trade with over $10,000,000 daily in her Forex account.
  • States that she has given her students over $300,000 of her personal hedge fund, in which to trade.

In addition to these outlandish claims of success:

  • Claims to have personally mentored the presidents of Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and a slew of private hedge funds located in Mayfair London.
  • That these large United States banks and financial institutions are now using her trading strategies to earn billions of dollars each year.
  • That the heads of these financial institutions, “Are willing to pay me anything to learn my trading secrets.”

As with nearly all trading guru’s, you must have a healthy dose of ‘trader porn’ in which to let the eyes wander. And Hither Mann is no exception. The following were pulled from her social media profile. Notice the little muscle man? Apparently, this is her boyfriend, in which she films lifting weights and (you guessed it) trading Forex. Completely ridiculous.

What the heck, if the male trading gurus are going to have bikini models, then why not the female trading gurus?

Wrapping Things Up

In the past several years of writing about these financial charlatans, I find it really amazing how they are able to craft such a compelling message, most of it visual. As I look at the pictures of the seminar attendees and speak with former students, I wonder to myself how anyone could get caught up such a ridiculous charade. How can someone be lured into something so outrageous?

But when I look at Hither Mann, I cannot help but think of the poem Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats in 1819. In the poem, he writes “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”

But what did Keats mean by the statement that “Beauty is truth?” In my opinion, as well as the opinion of many social psychologists, is that humans are naturally drawn towards objects of beauty. Its softens us. It pulls our guard down. It makes us more susceptible and agreeable to whatever message is being delivered. Perhaps this is the reason why cable news networks always have beautiful women delivering the message.

We want to watch her. We cannot stop ourselves.

To imagine her smell, the feel of her soft skin, the sheen of her hair. It draws us in. Softens us to her message. Which ultimately is a poison tonic.

In my opinion, this is the desired effect of the lovely Hither Mann. Thanks for reading.