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Kirt Christensen of ETF Tipping Point seems to be a complete and total swindler.

He claims that a”97% win record” and”$24,586,923 in real trading gains .” Nevertheless he can supply ZERO proof.

Is offering a”super secret” trading system which seemingly never loses and provides a”trader lifestyle” of world traveling and a life free from the stresses of cash.

If you”purchase in the upcoming 10-minutes, you get a free vacation.”

Steer clear of this huckster.

Pros: Kirt Christensen is a slick talker Great salesmanship Good marketing
Cons: Profits of $24 million is likely a fraud 97% winning trades is likely a fraud Multiple complaints from purchasers Offering a phony “free vacation”

Thanks for reading today’s review of ETF Tipping Point with Kirt Christensen

What is ETF Tipping Point and what do they offer? The EFT Tipping Point is a stock picking service that specializes in trading nine distinct Exchange Traded Funds.

The company is owned by Kirt Christensen who openly claims in his promotional material to be a “professional internet marketer” that “has sold tens of millions of dollars in products” and “he got lucky when his prior company was purchased for millions of dollars.” Although, it would appear that he ripped this guy off.

The company operates from two primary web addresses: and Curiously, each website has different physical locations listed as: 9507 E. Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 and 122 N Raymond, Suite 1, Spokane Valley, WA 99206.

Cost of ETF Tipping Point

The cost of the ETF Tipping Point trading advisory is $2,000 per year. Or $3,000 for two years.

The ETF Tipping Point trading system covers the following Exchange Traded Funds:

  • SP 500
  • Dow
  • Nasdaq
  • Banking
  • Oil
  • Gold
  • Semiconductors
  • Real Estate
  • Material


The trading signals are sent to customers via internet panel, and these signals are created every Friday.

Kirt Christensen asserts he has invested over $200,000 in development costs to develop this”secret system” and that it”reads every single tick of each trade in the stock market” and some other mumbo-jumbo about”hidden volume patterns” and”advanced computer technologies.”

Obviously, we’ve got all seen these kinds of offers before. There’s always a mysterious computer technology and a super-secret formula that supposedly delivers millions of dollars in profits. But first, you must surrender your charge card to be availed of the mysterious investment keys.

According to Finra.Org, Kirt Christensen has ZERO financial qualifications, ZERO registrations, and it appears that his best qualities are a smooth sounding voice and a ‘boy scout’ appearance.

Performance Claims of ETF Tipping Point

Kirt Christensen claims that since 2006, he has taken 624 trades, and has the outrageously unbelievable track record of 97% winning trades.

In my 5+ years of writing investment reviews, whenever someone is claiming a 97% record of winning trades…they are a conman, a scam artist, a swindler.

Incredibly, in recorded video, this is exactly what Mr. Christensen is claiming: “These are real trades!”

In fact, he continues to pontificate the following investment performance as ‘100% real and authentic.’ Let’s have a closer look:

Banking ETF

More miracles. No losses.

SP 500 ETF Tipping Point

Where are the losses?

Semi Conductors ETF

Yet again, no losses.

Real Estate ETF

Apparently the worlds greatest real estate investor.


Makes more money trading oil that Saudi Arabia.

Nasdaq ETF Tipping Point

World most accurate tech investor? No losses?

Materials ETF

All wins. Another miracle.

Gold ETF Tipping Point

Why mine gold when you can “mine” at a 100% win rate?

Dow Jones ETF Tipping Point

Yet again, no losses. The Jesus of investing.

ETF Tipping Point Performance

$24 million in profits with NO LOSSES?

Obviously, this is the sort of outrageousness that drives me crazy.

Who would be stupid enough to believe this? Apparently, quite a few folks have been swindled.

Unhappy Customers of ETF Tipping Point are Complaining

The following are a few choice quotes from unhappy folk:

Christansen seems very slippery. He won’t show the results he says most people use with his system. Constantly uses the word anomaly when
explaining poorer results.  -Todd Gabbett

He gives fraudulent information showing amazing returns that he never actually traded. He is in the business of taking people’s money and is willing to use fraudulent data to get it. STAY AWAY. -Larry

After three months I notice they were not reporting their huge losing trades on their trade history . I told them about it and they said they would correct it. Two weeks later still nothing so I told them again this time they blamed it on a computer. By this time three month had passed. I still demanded a refund for a fraudulent trade history which they sold as a ”FULL TRADE HISTORY.” They would not refund me and just ignored my phone call and emails. I can understand having some loser trades but not reporting huge losers to their trade history (is a) huge RED FLAG. -David Fitzgerald

Avoid this slippery dude

The world wide web is a brilliant and terrific venue. It joins friends and family. It helps us to communicate easily and quickly. It helps us to purchase and market products and services easily. We can watch pornography.

In reality, it surprises me that people put their faith and life savings in the control of individuals that’possess the ideal appearance’ or’sound fair.’ I’d believe Kirt Christensen to’possess the ideal appearance’ and he surely’sounds fair.’

However, after digging into this man, it seems to be rotten at the center. Avoid.

Oh, and I forget to mention!

If you purchase the ETF Tipping Point System…Kirt Christensen will throw in a FREE VACATION! Have a look at this beauty. (I hope the girl comes with the vacation)

ETF Tipping Point Free Vacation

Free Vacation! The girl is included!