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Emini Tutor is yet another certified NinjaTrader Ecosystem Educational Provider using NO VERIFIABLE TRADING ACCOUNT without a verifiable history of ever trading successfully. However, seller expects the innocent newcomer to fork over $5k for a”Platinum Bachelor’s Degree” as worthless as a schooling at Donald Trump University.

The vendor was uncooperative and extremely manipulative during the investigative phase of the review.

Yet another charlatan trading on a simulator, documenting fake trades and trying to convince anyone that will deliver him money he is a full-time professional futures trader. A waste of time by a soft-spoken carnival barker. Avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Emini Tutor

Emini Tutor is a day trading education company that specializes in teaching on how to become full-time professional futures traders. The owner of the organization someone named Horst. I don’t have any clue what his last name it. He does not publish it, nor reveal it. Horst is offering the following products and services:

  • Silver Associates Degree $2975
  • Gold Bachelor’s Degree $2575
  • Platinum Bachelor’s Degree $4750

The Emini Tutor is currently occupying the following web, and social media profiles:

About Horst from Emini Tutor

That he went through 3 decades of hard knocks and losing money, only to find that trading achievement was eventually found by employing a good trading trainer. In reality, he hired three different trading coaches before eventually realizing the key powers of Elliott Wave and Gann Theory.

In addition, Horst also integrates into his coaching program various facets of mind control. The Emini Tutor website is a mishmash of psychological”psycho-babble” such as terms such as E-Mini Mentalism, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Intuitional Trading, and subconscious mind.

Trading sellers and trading teachers all appear to have their very own secret sauce. Whether it’s a super-secret algorithm, a fancy sounding trading index, an appeal to spirituality or Jesus, a formula which computes shifting skies and stars patterns, the capability to read institutional order flow, etc.. We TradingSchools.club have seen all of it, and heard everything.

Horst from Emini Tutor appears to be using a formula of pseudoscientific technical analysis indicators, with a heavy helping of psycho-babble.

Of course, all of this sounds so fine and dandy on a website. But what we at TradingSchools.club are only interested in…does this guy trade? Does he trade profitably? Has Horst demonstrated any verifiable ability to actually pull profits from the markets?

Contacting Horst, asking about trading performance.

In the past 2 years, TradingSchools.club has received 7 requests to review Emini Tutor. In addition, we have received one complaint.

In speaking with all requesting parties, the first question we wanted to know…how did you find EminiTutor.com? How did you come into contact with Horst? All parties found Horst through a listing on the Ninja Trader Ecosystem website. Emini Tutor is listed as a “verified educational provider” for Ninja Trader. This listing provided a sense of comfort and assurance that Ninja Trader had actually vetted Horst and found him worthy of an educational provider listing.

Furthermore, all parties wanted to know if the many trading videos posted on YouTube were real trades? They wanted to know if Horst was creating fraudulently produced videos of Horst making big profits while day trading. A perusal of the YouTube page includes page after page of nothing but Horst supposedly executing winning trades. In fact, in the 50 videos…we could not find a single losing day. Simply incredible. If true.

During the month of May 2017, TradingSchools.club reached out to Horst at Emini Tutor requesting information for our review. We provided examples of what a positive review looks like, and what a negative review looks like. The heart of a positive review contains undeniable proof that the trading mentor is actually trading. That he can demonstrate that what he is teaching has been validated in real-time market conditions.

We also explained that nearly all negative reviews were the result of the trading educator making fraudulent claims as to personal trading performance. And we would be writing about any exposed fraud.

Emini Tutor and Horst, a manipulative hustler.

Horst responded to our request to validate his personal trading performance with a long-winded ridiculous explanation as to why he could provide no proof that he even has an active trading account. We offered to redact, conceal, or simply flash view a monthly account statement that verified only a single executed trade. The bar was set rediculously low. His response was predictable, sad, manipulative, and downright pathetic.

Eventually, he admitted that he did not actually have a trading account and that his “trading educational and mentorship program” was for “educational purposes only.”

I am left to wonder how anyone cold possible send this outright con-artist nearly $5k for a ‘Platinum Batchelor’s Degree’?

Emini Tutor

Anyone can be a simulated trading hero.

The one negative review that TradingSchools.club received came from a customer that felt duped, embarrassed and ashamed of being taken. That he was drawn into the scam by Horst’s sales pitch that successful trading was “all just a matter of having his mind reprogrammed“. And that Horst assured him that the YouTube videos were all 100% real trades. He was only later to discover that the YouTube videos were all created in simulated trading, recorded in hindsight.

Thanks for reading. And remember, there is nothing wrong with hiring a trading educator…just make sure that the trading educator has demonstrated his craft in real time. Ask for account statements. If none provided…simply move on.

And shame on NinjaTrader for giving this Horst character free advertising in which to conduct his fraud.