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Doran Rosianu of this Pitbull Trader would like you to feel that he easily earns $10,000 each day, trading futures contracts. His YouTube station is populated with promotional movies that seem to be nothing more than Ninja Trader’s live marketplace replay–where he utilizes the typical slight-of-hand trick of winning on a simulator.

For only a while and just $2k, he”Wants to assist humanity become wealthy like me” with his super-secret trading indicator which is”the most profitable trading method in human history.”

An absolute shit show of marketing nonsense from a character with a shady past.

Prevent to be an angry rattlesnake snake trapped in a toilet.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Pitbull Trader

One of our readers had found a futures trading educational website named: The Pitbull Trader, as well as a YouTube channel where the owner was claiming to “earn $10,000 per day” trading futures contracts. The reader was extremely suspicious and requested an official review.

The Pitbull Trader is currently selling two products:

  1. $99 per month which includes a training library and access to a ‘secret indicator’ named iPivot.
  2. $1995 one time fee which includes everything in the monthly plan. But no monthly fees.

The owner of The Pitbull Trader is a person named Doron Rosianu, who’s currently living in Toronto, Canada.

According to The Pitbull Trader website, I quote verbatim…

“I have perfected a pivot-trading method” which”is the most profitable trading method ever developed in human history” Yes, he really uses an apostrophe to drive home the point that his trading procedure is, “THE MOST PROFITABLE TRADING METHOD IN HUMAN HISTORY!

Wow, if accurate, then humanity can take a breather because nobody else on Earth will ever have money problems again. We can all just purchase this magical trading index and retire to a lifestyle of boundless shrimp cocktail, and bikini babes lounging by the swimming pool of our mega-mansion.

All kidding aside. Let us take a better look at the supposed performance claims of this supposed super dealer’The Pitbull Trader’ named Doron Rosianu.

Performance Claims of The Pitbull Trader

According to Doron Rosianu’s YouTube webpage, he is making some truly astounding performance claims. On average, he claims to earn about $10,000 per day, trading futures contracts. Considering that there are 22 trading days in the month, this would mean that Doron typically earns about $220,000 each and every month.

Additionally, Dorn Rosianu also claims to only be trading 1.5 to 2 hours each day.

Which really makes you wonder, if you were earning $220,000 each month from your futures trading…would you be selling your super-secret trading indicator for $99 per month?

Have a look at this wonderful marketing hype…

Truly incredible performance. But who is Doron ‘The Pitbull’ Rosianu?

Contacting Doran Rosianu

According to the YouTube promotional webpage, Doron recommends that you contact him via Skype for a ‘special’ one-on-one presentation and demonstration of his awesome trading skills. We were certainly excited. On his YouTube promotional webpage, it clearly states the following…

“I’ve got trading “tricks” and secrets that will blow your socks off! Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying, it is unknown to 99.99% of all traders out there. And now you can use these secrets for yourself.”

“Professional traders, fund managers, and hedge funds with stratospheric I.Q.s would burst their brains trying to get their hands on this info.”

Don’t believe me? Simply read the comments at the bottom of the YouTube promotional videos. It’s just the corniest and most scam worthy crap that the internet has ever witnessed.

Regardless, we decided to push forward and subject ourselves to the one-on-one sales presentation with Doron ‘The Pitbull Trader’ Rosianu.

Using Skype, and a fresh alias, we finally connected with Doron. He sounds like a middle-aged man and has a fast and silvery tongue. He proceeded to proclaim that his trading method is truly amazing and has earned millions of dollars over the past 20 years of trading futures contracts.

He said that he has made so much money that he just wants to “give something back to humanity” and that “I truly am satisfied when I can bring financial freedom to students and change their lives for the better.”

On and on he poured this dribble out of his mouth. As my eyes glazed over, I began to wonder if he would ever stop talking about his financial successes and something about changing the world.

I have to say one thing about Doron. He is persuasive. For every question that I peppered him during our conversation…he fired back with the seasoned skill that only a professional con artist could possibly display.

Folks, I know con artists. As a former con artist myself…I can spot them extraordinarily fast. Doron has real skills.

Is the performance real?

Over and over I asked Doron…can you show me account statements that verify these supernatural trading gains? His response was well-rehearsed and reminiscent of some of the worlds best carnival barkers. He would cleverly slip out of the question and respond with the same well-worn cliches that we typically hear…

“It is not legal for me to show this information” or “Someone might steal my identity” or “My wife is not comfortable with this” or “My lawyers said absolutely not” on and on it went.

Triple Money Back Guarantee!

Instead of not revealing actual proof he was trading successfully, he supposedly provides a Triple Your Money Back Guarantee. As Doran explained, if any client isn’t satisfied with their purchase, he’ll gladly refund the customer 300% of the original purchase price. Really?

So I told Doron, OK…I will buy 10 of the $2k trading bundles, and when I’m happy, then you are going to send me $60k? He replied,”totally, if you are not pleased, then I shall gladly send you $60k.” But, you have to first prove that my super-secret trading system does not actually do the job.

Always a catch. The fine print. You really need to laugh at this.

We concluded our telephone call with a guarantee to connect later. I consider this review our official reconnection.

Wrapping things up

Before I finish this review. I wanted to throw out one additional tidbit about Doron. We exhaustively searched the internet trying to dig up any additional information about this person. What we found was not encouraging.

Apparently, Doron Rosianu (or someone with the exact same name, living the exact same city) has a work history not related to trading. According to our search, a Doron Rosianu was recently working at a coffee shop named Second Cup.

Prior to working at Second Cup, it appears that Doron worked at a moving company named Desi Movers in Ontario Canada.

We dug a little deeper and discovered that Desi Movers was a massive scam and the owners were arrested. The Toronto Star drafted a heartbreaking article on how Desi Movers specialized in moving items from the homes of customers, and then the items would be held ransom or simply disappear.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Yet another internet trading guru gets yet another terrible review.

On a side note…shortly I am redrafting two reviews. Both I got completely wrong: LiveTraders and Jason Bond. I don’t want to say much, especially the Jason Bond rewrite. It should be a fun read. Jason and I have been speaking lately, he’s not so bad after all.

Yep, I sometimes get a review wrong. But with Doron, I am pretty sure this guy is a hustler. Thanks for reading.