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Would you create a consistent revenue trading penny stocks? Maybe.

Since our initial review of Dekmar Trades about April 5, 2017, we could report that Sean Dekmar remains a web profitable day trader. And consumer feedback has been positive.

Virtually everybody will lose. And truth be told, did not have a lot of confidence he would continue to create a favorable return. After watching Sean Dekmar for all these last 6 weeks, I’m really impressed and a bit envious he is doing exactly what I could never really do. Create a nickel in day trading penny stocks.

Contained in this updated review is a breakdown of affiliate revenue which has obtained from our marketing of Dekmar Trades.

Thanks for reading today’s update of Dekmar Trades

Not long ago, posted an extremely positive review of Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades. You can read the original review here: Dekmar Trades Review

This time, I want to go over a few things:

  • The commission that has received from our affiliate relationship with Sean Dekmar at Dekmar Trades.
  • Both positive and negative user feedback. Please note that none of this information has been shared with Sean Dekmar until now.
  • Most recent performance summary.

Before detailing this, I want the readers to know that I took a huge leap of faith by writing a positive review for Sean Dekmar. He is a penny stock day trader. Which as far as I am concerned is a rigged game. The spreads are wide and dangerous, the price is easily manipulated, and the listed companies are often of a highly dubious nature.

To make matters worse, Sean Dekmar is trading with a TD Ameritrade account, which sells the execution order flow of these penny stocks to whoever is willing to pay the highest rebate. Truly a stacked deck against the average day trader.

Yet, Sean sent me daily account statements that revealed he could actually earn a consistent profit.

With this in mind, I wrote a positive review. I hoped for the best. But truthfully, I expected the worst. So let’s jump into this…

Affiliate Income

Since June 2, 2017, has been paid $1,366 in affiliate income for the promotion of Dekmar Trades.

Some folks are probably already poo-pooing the idea of the affiliate relationship. However, running this stupid blog has been a major time-consuming. If you think I am driving a sports car with bikini models, you need to get your head examined by a licensed health care professional.

Trust me when I tell you…the business of uncovering frauds, fakes, and phonies is not nearly as profitable as being a fraud, fake, or phony.

The affiliate income ‘is what it is’. Unless readers want to flip into a subscription based model, then having these relationships is the only way to keep the lights on.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump into user feedback.

Positive and Negative User Feedback

Until now, none of this has been shared with Sean Dekmar.

Let’s start with the negative feedback:

The biggest problem that I am hearing about is the ‘alerts box’. What is that? Sean is making live calls, and a number of those trades aren’t fillable for the average user. For instance, he’ll call an entrance for a penny stock with a wide spread, and he’ll get the best price fill. Both on the entry and the exit. This is a big red flag. In fact, I have been highly critical of almost all stock trading teachers for committing this specific same foul.

Through a little bit of magic, I afterwards found that Sean was not really taking every single transaction he was calling through the alarms box. In my opinion, users were hungry for action. They’d paid a commission to be served succulent trades, each and every day, so Sean started ‘Carnival barking’ to provide’entertainment’. Not good.

The hard and simple truth is that day trading is not a reality TV show. Where everything is scripted and users can expect to be entertained daily. Sometimes doing nothing is actually the very best thing you can do. But when you have paying subscribers expecting to be entertained, then I can understand the temptation to toss out marginal trading signals.

So Sean, when you read this…if you are not willing to take the trade. Then don’t make the call. It’s better to lose subscribers than losing your reputation.

The next most common complaint is that Sean pushes the Trade-Ideas affiliate program pretty hard. Personally,  I don’t have a problem with that. Trade-Ideas is an excellent stock scanner. If Sean can pick up a few bucks by promoting what he personally uses, then that’s OK with me.

Let’s now talk about positive user feedback: received two emails from users that offered the same positive feedback. Both persons essentially wrote the same thing. That they quickly learned that speed and decisiveness were the key to ‘turning the corner’. Especially when taking a loss.

Penny stocks can move extremely fast. One moment, you can have a big winner. Only a few minutes later, the profit is now a loss. Being able to overcome the emotional urge to “hold on for just a minute longer” was the key to having a profitable month.

Users explained that Sean is good about handling losses. He is quick and ugly about cutting the cord.

Another bit of positive feedback is Sean’s dedication to the craft. Users explained that “this guy never leaves the market. Is completely obsessed-24/7.”

Recent Performance Summary

On our last review, which we published on April 2017, things were looking pretty good.

For the past four months…

  • April +$2000
  • May -$3000
  • June +$400
  • July +10,000

For the month of July, I have included the brokerage statement. This should give you an idea of the frenetic nature of day trading with Sean Dekmar.

Wrapping Things Up

Obviously, Sean had a really good July. Hopefully, he can keep up the positive momentum. We will check back in another few months. And continue to provide updated performance summaries.

In my opinion, the big story is the total amount of commissions paid by Sean Dekmar.

Its pretty nutty that he still trading with TD Ameritrade. In fact, I would hope that Sean would consider getting his prop traders license and opening an account with T3 Trading. This would probably be the best place for him. This would cut his costs from $1k per month in brokerage commissions to about $200 per month. A big difference.

Thanks for reading. Would love to read your comments below. And if you have subscribed to Dekmar Trades, would appreciate if you can anonymously leave a comment about what you like or do not like.